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The CIA Has Been Taking Over for Decades—Even Former Presidents Tried to Warn Us
Lee Camp | ScheerPost – TRANSCEND Media Service, 3 May 2021

26 Apr 2021 – For generations the Intelligence Community has been a runaway truck–crushing everything in its path, creating coups around the world, killing thousands, and intruding on the lives of average citizens. Even the president who created the CIA and dropped atomic bombs on people, even THAT guy felt the CIA was a grave danger just after he saw a president get whacked live on prime time in Houston. I wonder why.

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Two Massive New Leaks Show Dirty Underbelly of Empire
Lee Camp | Consortium News - TRANSCEND Media Service, 19 Oct 2020

12 Oct 2020 – Most Americans don’t know reality. They know their personal reality, which is detached from the real one. Shhhh, don’t tell them about the Blue Leaks and the Syria PR Leaks. The mainstream media’s virtual blackout must mean they aren’t supposed to know.

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What’s the Difference between ‘Villain’ Assange and ‘Intrepid’ Woodward?
Lee Camp | Consortium News - TRANSCEND Media Service, 28 Sep 2020

23 Sep 2020 – The completely fair super awesome trial of Julian Assange is a beautiful blend of the works of Kafka, Stalin and Joseph Heller. The next time you see a mainstream-media talking-head fawn over Woodward, just remember that if they had any backbone, any moral core, they would be fawning over Assange instead.

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One Man Could End World Hunger, but He Won’t
Lee Camp | Truthdig – TRANSCEND Media Service, 8 Oct 2018

3 Oct 2018 – We all know the Lex Luthor-looking head of Amazon is the richest human in the world. Did you notice I said Bezos “achieved” a net worth of $150 billion, and that seems like a normal way to phrase it? However, would you say, “Jeffrey Dahmer achieved eating the hearts of 10 different people?” No, that would sound odd to you. Yet having $150 billion is nearly as sociopathic, and still we use terminology as if it’s GREAT!

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USA’s Military Drops a Bomb Every 12 Minutes and No One Is Talking about It
Lee Camp | DWF News – TRANSCEND Media Service, 23 Jul 2018

20 Jul 2018 – And that’s odd, because we’re technically at war with—let me think—zero countries. So that should mean zero bombs are being dropped, right? Hell no! You’ve made the common mistake of confusing our world with some sort of rational, cogent world in which our military-industrial complex is under control.

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