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Palestine: This Time, the International Criminal Court Is Watching
Mark Kersten | Al Jazeera - TRANSCEND Media Service, 31 May 2021

27 May 2021 – The ICC cannot bring peace to Israel-Palestine. It cannot end apartheid. It is not the solution. But it should be part of it. Every hour that passes offers only more evidence that the ICC should continue its investigation and, ultimately, issue warrants for those responsible for international crimes in Palestine. The court is watching. Perpetrators ignore this fact at their peril.

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The ICC Was Wrong to Deny Prosecution Request for Afghan Probe
Mark Kersten – Al Jazeera, 22 Apr 2019

12 Apr 2019 – Judges at the International Criminal Court have denied a request to open an investigation into atrocities committed in Afghanistan. US officials will never end up before ICC judges, but speaking truth to power could still boost the court’s credibility.

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