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(Français) Ce que vous devez savoir sur les bombardements à Gaza
Mike Merryman-Lotze | Agence Média Palestine – TRANSCEND Media Service, 18 Nov 2019

Le 12 novembre 2019, les militaires israéliens ont assassiné Baha Abu al-Ata, un membre dirigeant du Jihad islamique à Gaza, et sa femme – déclenchant plus de violence à Gaza.

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What You Need to Know about the Bombings in Gaza
Mike Merryman-Lotze | American Friends Service Committee – TRANSCEND Media Service, 18 Nov 2019

On Nov. 12, 2019 the Israeli military assassinated Baha Abu al-Ata, a leading member of Islamic Jihad in Gaza, and his wife—sparking more violence in Gaza. Shortly after the killing, Islamic Jihad fired rockets into Israel. In response, Israel has launched extensive bombing attacks on Gaza, killing at least 34 Palestinians and injuring many others. One Israeli has been injured as a result of Palestinian rockets fire.

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The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process Is Over – What’s Needed Now Is a Boycott
Mike Merryman-Lotze | OtherWords, Institute for Policy Studies – TRANSCEND Media Service, 10 Apr 2017

With the U.S. now firmly in the pro-settler camp, nonviolent campaigns to impose a cost on Israel’s occupation matter more than ever. The White House is creating new problems in Israel-Palestine, but ordinary people can start setting things right.

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