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Standing Rock Water-Protectors Waterboarded While the Cleveland Indians Romped
Paul Street – CounterPunch, 31 Oct 2016

Native Americans suffered their own Holocaust on the lands that were swallowed up as the United States. By some estimates more than 15 million First Nations people inhabited North America (most of them on land later seized as U.S. territory) before Columbus. Thanks to white-imposed disease, displacement, eco-cide, and murder, the number of “Indians” alive in the United States fell to less than 250,000 by 1890.

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Anthropocene or Capitalocene?
Paul Street - TeleSur, 2 Nov 2015

Analysts argue with good reason that it is more appropriate to understand humanity’s Earth-altering assault on livable ecology as ‘Capitalocene.’ After all, it is only during the relatively brief period of history when capitalism has existed and ruled the world that human social organization has developed the capacity, inner accumulation, and growth-mad compulsion to transform Earth systems. And kill them.

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ISIS Is US: The Empire and the Evil Genie It Released
Paul Street - CounterPunch, 21 Sep 2015

Choosing ISIS and the Saudi Kingdom over Assad and Iran—in the Name of Democracy – Rosa Luxembourg got it right: it was socialism or barbarism. Adding in the problem of climate change, the Pope appears to agree with Istvan Meszaros’ ecological update of Rosa for the warming 21st century: “or barbarism if we’re lucky.”

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Trumpet of Conscience: Remembering the Officially Deleted Dr. King
Paul Street - CounterPunch, 27 Jan 2014

The Trumpet of Conscience does not jibe well with the conventional domesticated and whitewashed image of King that is purveyed across the nation ever year during and around the national holiday the bears his name.

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Paul Street - ZNet, 21 Mar 2010

Anthony Dimaggio, When Media Goes to War: Hegemonic Discourse, Public Opinion, and The Limits of Dissent (New York: Monthly Review, 2010) The “propaganda model” that the leading left U.S. intellectuals and academicians Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman developed over two decades ago to analyze the content of foreign policy news and commentary in the United […]

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