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Impacts of India’s Transit Warfare against Nepal
Professor Bishnu Pathak – TRANSCEND Media Service, 19 Oct 2015

The present crisis of Nepal, rather than being homegrown, has been imported from India. All agitating Tarai-Madhes leaders accepted that they are being backed by India. There is a huge voice to take stern action to Ambassador Rae against the Goebbels’-style reporting.

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Post-Earthquake to Relief Fund: Roles of Aid Agency, Nation in Nepal
Professor Bishnu Pathak - TRANSCEND Media Service, 8 Jun 2015

About six-dozen nations-states assisted on humanitarian aids and supplies in post-quake survivors. Among them, military with sniffer dogs from 18 countries arrived soon in Nepal. Nepalese Government failed to assure and maintain disaster aid diplomacy. Aid agency’s lost hope shall only be regained if a new national Government is formed soon.

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