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Has America Become a Plutocracy?
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr - Newsweek, 26 Nov 2018

21 Nov 2018 – America has spent $6 trillion on war since 9/11. It can credibly be argued that America is now, officially, a plutocracy. My grandfather, Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy, warned that America could not be both an imperial nation abroad and a constitutional democracy at home. That unstable configuration, he argued, would diminish the middle class, yield large chasms between rich and poor and erode our constitutional and civil rights.

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Why the Arabs Don’t Want Us in Syria
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, Politico – TRANSCEND Media Service, 7 Mar 2016

As we focus on the rise of the Islamic State and search for the source of the savagery that took so many innocent lives in Paris and San Bernardino, we might want to look beyond the convenient explanations of religion and ideology. Instead we should examine the more complex rationales of history and oil — and how they often point the finger of blame back at our own shores.

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