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History Made as UN Approves Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons
Tony Robinson – Pressenza Int’l Press Agency, 17 Jul 2017

With a final vote of 122 countries in favour, 1 abstention (Singapore) and 1 against (The Netherlands) the conference to negotiate a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons approves its text. The treaty opens for signature during the UN General Assembly on the 20th of September. It comes into force after fifty countries ratify it.

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Nobel Laureates Cancel Summit as South Africa Refuses Visa for Dalai Lama
Tony Robinson – Pressenza Int’l Press Agency, 6 Oct 2014

2 Oct 2014 – China has permanently portrayed this religious icon for the West as a terrorist-in-exile and it seems that in order to maintain good relationships in the BRICS alliance, South Africa decided to forego the good will of the Nobel Laureates.

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Third World Symposium: Humanists Propose Latin-American Campaign for the Reduction of Regional Military Spending
Tony Robinson, World without Wars and Violence – Pressenza Int’l Press Agency, 12 Nov 2012

Chilean humanist Tomas Hirsch launched the humanist proposal to work in a big Latin-American campaign to reduce military spending in Latin-America and the Caribbean and redirect this spending towards health, education and the quality of life of our population. “We will advance in this proposal and we invite you all to join us,” Hirsch concluded.

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Tony Robinson - Pressenza, 16 Jan 2010

Chicago, 14 Jan 2010 — Today the Doomsday clock was moved back by 1 minute to 11:54 p.m. in a press conference of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. In a move to align the environmental and anti-nuclear movements, speakers pointed out the need to tackle climate change as well as implement strategies for nuclear disarmament […]

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