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UNHCR Welcomes New Ukrainian Statelessness Law Set to End Legal Limbo for Thousands
UN High Commissioner for Refugees - TRANSCEND Media Service, 27 Jul 2020

17 Jul 2020 – UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, welcomes a new statelessness law in Ukraine which came into effect this week. The law will give thousands of people who lack a nationality a chance to work legally, study and access healthcare among other rights and opportunities, and will ultimately provide a pathway to citizenship, once they are recognized as stateless.

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UNHCR Launches Campaign to Combat Statelessness
UN High Commissioner for Refugees – TRANSCEND Media Service, 12 Sep 2011

Around the world today there are millions of people who are not recognized as citizens of any country. On paper they don’t exist anywhere. They are people without a nationality, stateless. Statelessness may be caused by gender, when countries do not recognize the nationality of a woman due to discriminatory laws. Statelessness may be inherited, by children born to stateless parents. It may be created in newly formed states, such as South Sudan, by intentional or unintentional legislative exclusion of any ethnic groups.

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