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People everywhere have many things in common, one of which is to enjoy life to the maximum possible. If it were possible, everyone would love to live forever, to explore and enjoy the mysteries of the universe, and to be productive in accordance with one’s talents and capabilities. This has been the focus of attention of many writers over the centuries. Needless to say, there are many points of views, which were expressed in different ways depending on a variety of cultures and religious beliefs.

Cracking the Rainbow Code

In the year 2009, Dr. Jens Jerndal, originally from Sweden, published a very inspiring book entitled: Cracking the Rainbow Code. Its purpose was to access the secrets of creation, as he puts it. This renowned scholar has always considered himself as a world citizen, one who truly belongs to all nations. For the past several years, he demonstrated genuine interest in education, economics, international law, political science, diplomacy, business, astrology and holistic medicine. He firmly believes that every human being yearns to learn about the realities that surround us.

The spiritual side of life cannot be taken lightly, since life has two vital aspects consisting of the spiritual as well as the material. Many books written about the realities of the universe tend to ignore the spiritual aspect of anything that exists. In this regard, Dr. Jerndal takes over from where others leave off. He has tried to provide us with an access to the secrets of creation. Most of our scientists nowadays concentrate on the creation of destructive super-technology that makes everyone a loser and no one a winner.

The problem with technology at this stage of history seems to lie here. For some reason or another, it has fallen into the hands of those who are merely concerned with their own selfish interests, regardless of the consequences that may follow to the detriment of many. This book deals with a meaningful universe, with a purposeful creative humanity, and with the energies and technologies of the future. It deals with the uniqueness of every human being.

The importance of this book lies in the fact that it deals with each one of us in relation to a creative and vibrating universe. Most of the problems we face in the world stem from the fact that our priorities are not set up in a proper order. Our focus does not seem to be directed in the right place and quite a number of our conclusions do not seem to be logical at all. We have developed the habit to label everything and to put everything into a small box created by our mind. We need to keep in mind, like St. Thomas Aquinas said, that quidquid contingens est causam habet – anything that exists must have a purpose.

Designated Purpose in Operation

Of course, that would apply to each one of us. We did not pop up here from the midst of nowhere by chance. There was a designated purpose and our job is to find it as to become more useful and beneficial to the rest of humanity. This book enables us to embark on a new road to the pursuit of reality as God sees it, that is, without any misconceptions. We must be ready to de-hypnotize ourselves from false beliefs as to see the realities that surround us objectively. In His divine plan of creation, God wanted us from the outset to be his valuable partners in moving things forward.

Each one of us has the power to make the world in which we live more beautiful, more enjoyable and a much better place for habitation. To this end, this book is meant to establish a lively and interesting dialogue where we could share our deep inner thoughts with pride and confidence. The book starts with the story of a dreaming child that tends to identify a dream with reality. This is due to the fact that such a dream looks so vivid and clear that, if frightening, the child would not want to get back to bed where he had this experience. At times we fail to realize that not all that glitters is gold.

Consciousness is a very important element and it cannot be taken lightly. In fact, we are aware of a certain reality when we become conscious of it, that is, when we fully understand its eventual presence or existence. Ascetical writers view God as the source of everything that exists. It explains why God is also viewed as pure consciousness, which embodies emotion and intelligence. The appreciation of elements that surround us is normally expressed by love.

Moreover, intelligence may be viewed as transcendent and it is capable of making objective value judgments. The human will reveals purpose with a sense of direction. It is essential in providing relative value judgments. Our world functions on quite a few principles known as polarity (Earth’s magnetic field), binary (Earth’s rotation), cyclic (Earth’s seasons), spiral (Earth’s relation with the sun) and vibrational (providing different physical objects).

The power of thought was well defined in the involved book. Very often the human mind associates events that may appear similar even through sounds. When justified, this may prove to be asset. However, when not justified this may turn to become suddenly somewhat upsetting. The various parts of the brain have unique functions. For example, the left half of the brain is lined with linear thinking and reasoning, with the ability to make an analysis. On the other hand, the right half of the brain is linked to love, friendship, grief and fear. It deals with survival issues and spiritual values.

Holistic Medicine and Coordination
The area on holistic medicine is very interesting. Nowadays more people are resorting to this kind of medicine which is viewed as both natural and healthy. In the sphere of communication, language is viewed as a code and we need to be somewhat careful when we communicate on a global scale since some words or sounds in one global area may differ greatly from the same words and sounds in another global area. For example, the word and sound “gift” in English means “present or reward” while in German the same word and sound means “poison.”

One of the contributions made in this involved book lies in demonstrating how mythology, which does not seem to be taken seriously nowadays, has made a substantial contribution in the way of human thought. The book’s author illustrates this by devoting a chapter on Orpheus and Apollo’s Lyre. The concept of our planet and its relationship with the sun, our galaxy and the entire universe has been controversial for a long time. We are all aware of Galileo’s theory that the world moves around the sun and not the other way round.

Yet, spiritual authorities of the time who witnessed the sun rising from one side, turning round and setting down on the other side condemned Galileo’s theory, which later proved to be absolutely true. Quite a few illustrations are given including the story found in ancient Buddhist lore of the jeweled net of the Hindu God Indra. It consists of many gems each of which reflects the others. The story shows that one individual gemstone reflects the whole universe.

In the spiritual sphere, each human being reflects the entire human race which explains why the Master Teacher of Nazareth said: “Whatever you do to the least of my brethren you are doing it to me.” We need to understand and realize that we are all a part of a big puzzle. Each one of us separately does not seem to make much sense. However, when we are all assembled properly together then each one of us proves to be a precious and indispensable element. There are no two human beings or trees alike. Each one carries unique characteristics.

Very often we are confronted with illusions like when we watch a magician making things appear or disappear. When something appears on the stage from the midst of nowhere, it did so because it was already there in the first place. Hence, we should be careful to distinguish between reality and illusion wherever we happen to be. Similarly, scientists are intrigued when they come to the study of cells, molecules and atoms. Their functions had puzzled some scientists to the extent that they felt moved to pursue a deeper and more extensive research in this area.

Astrology, Materialism and Democracy

For a better understanding of the universe, astrologers came with the concept of the Zodiac signs. People born under a certain Zodiac sign are expected to share in common several elements. Even here, all those born under the same sign still retain their individual characteristics. For many centuries religion and science were viewed as incompatible. However, in more recent times these two elements were found to be compatible after all, that is, they tended to complement each other.

In fact, the book’s author has devoted one chapter on the eventual relationship between science and religion, which may be found to be quite inspiring. He also makes an interesting comparison between materialism and democracy. In materialism we find a world composed exclusively of material objects. They just exist for an immediate purpose and nothing else. After death everything is over. There is not such a thing as after-life. This was the philosophy of Horatius who said: Nunc est bibendum – now is the time to make merry.

Democracy is viewed as a system where decision is taken by a group to elect or appoint someone that is deemed to be beneficial to many. Like Dr. Jens Jerndal remarked, the person selected is usually the one who happens to be most popular with the group, one who may not necessarily understand the nature of the problems involved in the job offered. This explains why in countries that claim to have democracy do have so many surmountable problems. Charisma and popularity are fine but such qualities are not necessarily a guarantee of the execution of a good job.

Since the human being is composed of soul and body, it is always an asset for those who assume any public responsibility to be not only competent for the job they are about to handle but also spiritually oriented. With some exceptions here and there, spiritually oriented people may provide themselves better with the opportunity to see things into truer perspective, even though we learn from history that conflicts are often triggered from fear, greed or envy.

One of the problems facing our earthly community is violence that has virtually gone out of control. In some countries, the military has been turned into a cult of violence as explained by Dr. Jerndal. However, the facilities of today’s information technology have made dialogues easier and communication faster. Unfortunately, children in the western world, especially the USA, witness too much violence on TV, which force them to develop a negative view of the world. Something needs to be done to bring this advertized violence under control.

Ending Struggles and Wars

Nowadays, the struggles and wars that are taking place everywhere could be brought to a stop slowly but surely through an education for a peaceful and prosperous future. War-minded political leaders try to control their people through fear, which is viewed as the result of ignorance. Although democracy remains a beautiful idea, in practice it lost completely its original significance, as demonstrated in the USA, which is governed by those “who have enough money, power and public exposure to run a successful election campaign.”

Most of these have proven to be stakeholders in big industry, mafia people, drug lords, and film stars. All of these have shown that at least they have one thing in common. They all lack needed skills to govern. Besides, the churches cannot do much about it since they seem incapable on the whole to see clearly the total picture of the problems facing the nation and the world from 360 angles.

The involved book deals with the Rainbow Code and how to crack it. This refers to the principle of resonance, which opens the secrets of our physical universe. From this we may learn immensely. In recent years, for example, organ transplants have become a great break-through in medical achievements. We need to keep on moving forward toward a better and more successful future without ever giving up.

While retaining anything that is positive and constructive, we need to eliminate anything that is negative and destructive no matter how long it takes. The maladies we face, including struggles and wars, could be brought under control keeping in mind the perennial saying: When there is a will there is a way. In view of what has been stated, we may realize that all of us are confronted with the great opportunity to contribute toward making sense of life.

This book was printed in the USA. To order copies of this book: Cracking the Rainbow Code by Dr. Jens Jerndal one may contact: Xlibris Corporation, Phone: 1-888-795-4274, Web:, E-Mail: Also, one may order this book online from Amazon or from Barnes and Noble.


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