Open Letter to President Barack Obama


Prof. Glenn D. Paige – TRANSCEND Media Service

June 25, 2010

Dear Mr. President,

On the 60th anniversary of the Korean War, as a Korean War veteran, recalling millions of civilian and military dead, I hope you can work with the leaders of all combatant countries and the UN Secretary General to bring the War decisively to an end before all of us surviving veterans are taken away by what Abraham Lincoln called “the silent artillery of time.”

On both sides we did what we were ordered to do.  We fought, killed, were killed, and survived for neither victory nor defeat.  Each side failed to unite Korea.  Each side denied unification by the other.  The Korean people paid the greatest price in blood and tears.

Now as a Nobel Peace Laureate it is time to take action with the other Korean War leaders and the UN to transform the June 27, 1953 Armistice into a true Peace “with malice toward none” to promote progress by the Korean people toward a killing-free united Korea.


Prof. Glenn D. Paige

Author of The Korean Decision: June 24-30, 1950.

Chair, Governing Council, Center for Global Nonkilling


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