The Decline and Fall of Norway

EDITORIAL, 15 Nov 2010

#138 | Johan Galtung, 15 Nov 2010 - TRANSCEND Media Service

Tromsö:  The Norway I was born into 80 years ago and grew up in the 20 years that followed is hopefully still there, sedimented in the archeology of recent history.  But there is an overlayer of something alien, distinctly not Norwegian, apparently well rooted as it seems to be blossoming.  Norway as a state of law and justice yields to a police state to the point of fabricating evidence to get rid of a troublesome opposition; a formerly independent country selling not only its soul to the USA also serves that foreign power to the point of treason; and goes East, to war, killing Afghans who never did Norway anything wrong, nor threatened to do so, to serve the US-Norway relation and the US empire to the point of becoming disturbingly similar to how many Norwegians killed Russians who never had done Norway anything wrong, nor threatened to do so, during World War II, on the East Front, to serve Norway-Nazi Germany relations and the Nazi empire.

One conclusion: Norway is de facto occupied by the USA if the essence of occupation is socio-cultural code transfer. A mechanism is the 1949-1999 NATO, obligating the elites to accept US readings of the geo-political map, with lies like the Tonkin resolution, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and 9/11 coming from Afghanistan; and coming to the assistance of the USA when it claims to be attacked, against reciprocity should Norway be attacked–as unlikely today as 60 years ago.

Revelations now abound in media usually obedient to the official line, causing deep unease high up and low down.  That some were surprised is surprising, given US imperial history, and some months ago that the war against terror will be fought in 60+ countries, also without the authorities being informed.

Arne Treholt was the Norwegian no. 2 diplomat in the difficult negotiations with the Soviet Union about the Arctic Ocean, including the dividing line that finally was agreed upon this year.  His good contacts included a KGB general who had functioned as ambassador in Oslo, and Treholt used the contact extensively to convey information and analysis that had conflict dampening impact.  He was a “spy for peace”.

Norway suffered from Cold War polarization psychosis, and he and the no. 1 diplomat, Jens Evensen, were seen as threats to the left-right “above the parties” pro USA-NATO hegemony in foreign affairs.  High up in Oslo-Washington they must have decided to construct him as a spy for the Soviet Union.  For that to hold up in court proof that information endangering Norwegian security had been delivered, and a (substantial) counter flow of money, were needed.  No adequate proof of delivery was ever produced, making the “money proof” crucial.

Enters fabrication: retired policemen burdened by bad conscience report that dollar bills had been bought, stuffed in an envelope and put in his suitcase (they had unauthorized access to his apartment with TV surveillance from a hole drilled with CIA assistance from the floor above), and then took a photo in police quarters, later on in his apartment, faking the date according to the carpenter laying the parquet.

Treholt was sentenced to 20 years for treason, doing 8 1/2.  The punishment frame for false evidence leading to a sentence above 5 years is 21 years; a very serious crime.  A matter for the police, but nobody was imprisoned not to destroy proof, but left free also to coordinate any defense.  A secret police investigating itself is hardly credible, and serious parliament investigation seems slow in coming.

Then came the second revelation, that USA-CIA for a long time had been spying on Norwegian citizens partly using secret Norwegian police personnel–unknown to Norwegian authorities– of course to ensure the safety of the US embassy.  The CIA wants its own information that may be used against Norwegians, for instance to deny them visa?  This they could get from the Norwegian secret police.  CIA also liquidates undesirables, leaving no traces beyond “death from natural causes.” Ominous.

Then the third revelation.  Wars among states decrease as wars among nations increase; the state system going down and the nation system up in salience.  What could make young men kill Afghans when Norway is not attacked?  Constructing Norway as a killer nation, digging deep down in Norwegian archaeology, to the Vikings, invoking their symbols, helmets and Valhalla, with craniums to boot.  Like SS.  Quisling, from the Telemark province, also used the Germanic cult of anything old Nordic for his fascist Norwegian Legion.  Name of the Norwegian Afghanistan ISAF battalion: Telemark.  Ominous.

But a nation of killers has to enjoy killing. “Better than sex”, report soldiers from the battalion, endorphins cascading, evidently; hilarious, also at revenging their fallen comrades (the basic motive in war, according to the massive study of World War II, The American Soldier, vols. I-IV, by Samuel Stouffer et al).  Maybe these Norwegians would benefit more from sexual than killing education, learning sex as mutual and equal joy rather than conquest for pleasure, and maybe understanding what Afghanistan is about?

Diagnosis: Americanization as NATO member.  Prognosis: it will get worse.  Therapy: Cease that membership. Hopefully the fall of the US empire may liberate Norway from its own fall.

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5 Responses to “The Decline and Fall of Norway”

  1. sharade says:

    I was wondering about some of the Norewgian parlement members who sold there souls!!! and serving the down fall of once a great little country of peace (Norway)liars they are, they do it every day, they do it also to the those who elected them, brain washed or dums? I’m not sure.
    they are playing with fire, it will be a matter of time.. at the end they will get burned, like all the impires who past away.. we will all end up in the dark chamber, the quastions is.. free or not free, as jean paul sartre said once.

  2. Amjed says:

    This is intersting, how come a country like Norway support US in its war against terror, I’m sorry but what is terror? killing Innocents is not terror? who is doing that? who caused that? US difined it in their own way, if you ask a Nigirian guy wht is tgerror; he would answer; terror is what the UK oil company do there in Nigiria

    It is you US ans even EU. you guys made the whole world hungry, running behind your greed which will never stop, you are enjoying you time, food, RayBan classes..etc. then, you are the same ppl who intervene in Mideast, Africa, Haiti…etc, and giving them Aid, which originally came from them, isnt it…. there is something wrong happens in the world, things have to be changed.

    Im not anti-western at all, im just a critical thinker.

  3. Dear Dr Johan Galtung.
    it is fumihiko nishino.
    Ilike Norway and read Ibsen well and listen to Grieg.
    In addition, it is the country which it wants to go.
    Thank you.