Danger of Global War: On the Edge of Global Crucifixion & Martial Law


James Albertini | Malu ‘Aina Center for Non-violent Education & Action – TRANSCEND Media Service

“I think this is the most dangerous moment in American-Russian relations since the Cuban Crisis.”

– Stephen Cohen, Professor emeritus of Russian studies at Princeton University and New York University


There is a dangerous possibility of a U.S. – Russia hot war in Syria by accident or design, including a false flag triggering event created by the U.S. and/or one of its allies. In addition, the U.S. and NATO are surrounding Russia with missiles within minutes of their targets and the U.S. orchestrated a coup in Ukraine right on Russia’s door step.

If the possibility of a U.S. – Russia hot war which could quickly move to the use of nuclear weapons and global destruction is not bad enough, we have a similar Pacific/Asia confrontation building between the U.S. and North Korea. The U.S. has moved a carrier ship and accompanying warships into nearby waters, has placed killer drones and Navy Seal Team 6 Special Ops assassins in Korea and put U.S. troops on high alert. In the event the U.S. attempts to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un or attacks North Korean nuclear sites, there is the high likelihood that North Korean cannons along the DMZ will fire on Seoul, a city of more than 10 million people, and nuclear missiles may even be fired on Tokyo. A missile doesn’t have to be very accurate to hit a city the size of Tokyo.

In the event of a hot war with either Russia or Korea, the likelihood of a rapid escalation to the use of nuclear weapons is very real. It is even conceivable that the U.S. will attempt a pre-emptive nuclear first strike on Russia and/or North Korea under the illusion that it can “win” a nuclear war. Be assured, that if citizens of the world do not rise up to stop this madness now before it escalates further, when the missiles fly and the death toll mounts Martial law will be declared for those who survive.

Lord Have Mercy!  May Sanity Prevail! No More War!

  • Mourn all victims of violence
  • Reject war as a solution
  • Defend civil liberties.
  • Ground the Drones!  Say No to War!
  • Mourn all victims of violence
  • Defend civil liberties
  • Oppose all discrimination, anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic, anti-Hawaiian, etc.
  • Seek peace by peaceful means through justice in Hawai’i and around the world.


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6 Responses to “Danger of Global War: On the Edge of Global Crucifixion & Martial Law”

  1. Dear James Albertini,

    With all the Peace efforts put together, those of the Pesidents and Prime Ministers of all powerful countries and of all countries members of the United Nations, war HAS TO COME. It is the inevitable Law of business. Manufacturers od weapons, munitions, tanks, grenades, bombs, rockets, mortars, Apaches, air-fighters, warships, drones, submarines, etc, are NOT Charitable organizatiopns. Thet are all Businesses. They MUST sell what they p[roduce. If they don’t, they cannot pay their rmployees, they’ll simply go Bankrupt. They all count on politicians organizing business for them; this means: WARS, small or large. To make sure politicians promote their business, they promote politicians. Big military corporations are among the biggest donors to political parties. You scratch my back, I scratch yours, the saying goes.

    Peace will only come when the people of the world open their eyes, minds and hearts and tell politicians “enough is enough” !!!! “none of us like wars, why do you impose them upon us?” “we didn’t bring children to the world for you to order them to kill people or for you to take them away and deliver them back to us in a coffin”.

    Peace in a militarized world is nigh IMPOSSIBLE.

    President HUFUD (Humanity United for Universal Demilitarization) http://WWW.HUFUD.ORG

    • Dear Alberto, tks for your thoughtful comment. However, it would be a mistake to post the blame totally in producers of combat hardware.

      There wouldn’t exist armies if there were no soldiers to fill their ranks. Generals and their peers do not die in combat; they need cannon fold to do their bidding.

      My point is that humanity must evolve to being less aggressive, inhuman, primitive, bellicose, cruel, shortsighted. It must stop believing in killing(s) as a solution or means to resolve conflict(s). Violence is the smoke, we must put out the fire, the underlying conflict(s). Not easy, considering there are 8 billion heads on the planet.

      A knife serves many good purposes but like everything else in nature it can also be used to do harm. Think about it. If we abolish all military toys existing today, the macho men and heroes will go kill each other with arrows and bows. Get my drift? Then you will fight those who build such weapons. Perhaps outlawing knives, machetes as well? Endless…

      Just making a point. Of course I agree with you insofar as putting these rascals, arms producers, out of business for good. But for that to happen, my suggestion comes first. Food for (more) thought.

      Take care.

  2. Gary Corseri. says:

    Alberto and Antonio–Thank you for your wise comments. (I’ve actually read them first–before Mr. Albertini’s piece, which I’ll get to soon.) I believe both of you, Alberto and Antonio, are making sound points. No argument. No “which comes first, the chicken or the egg?” argument about the need to control the weapons’ manufacturers and the need to evolve human understanding, capacity for empathy, friendship, etc. We need BOTH. Simultaneously.

    One approach that would include both viewpoints would be taking the profit motive out of war! Nationalize all of the war-making industries! Wouldn’t that be a sensible project for the “progressive Left”–instead of supporting warmongering candidates? Wouldn’t it work as well for “Libertarians,” who reasonably complain about the aggregation of wealth and power? (And where huge profits are concerned, there will always be collusion and corruption between the corporations and the government–i.e., what Mussolini defined as Fascism!

    How is it ever ethical for private industry to profit from killing? Where are the organized religions, the “blessed” peace-makers?

    Most humans are too-easily led, distracted and overwhelmed by daily struggles to survive. A very few become super wealthy and super-jealous of their power to control the masses.

    Darwin wrote about “natural selection,” which the Brit imperialists misinterpreted as “survival of the fittest,” which was further misinterpreted to mean: Go and steal the resources of the “undeveloped” world–enslave and control. But, subsequent to Darwin’s ORIGIN OF SPECIES was his DESCENT OF MAN, stressing the role of culture in shaping our humanity and our history.

    Johan Galtung has written articles and books and plays about “cultural violence” as one of the 3 points on the triangle of violence; i.e., “direct,” “structural” and “cultural.” In this 21st Century of Distractions, we must wonder with Job: “Where can wisdom be found? Where is the place of understanding?”

  3. Dear Antonio,

    Thanks for your thoughts. Let me tell you, we wouldn’t have any need for soldiers if politicians didn’t have Armies at their disposal, to carry out their “business”.

    I don’t “post the blame totally in producers of combat hardware”. The blame goes to the WEAPONS. Tell me, if we are not going to use them, why bother making them? do you really think politicians are that stupid, they would promote military research and manufacturing, Armed Forces, etc, if their plan was PEACE?do you think politicians can afford receiving donations from military manufacturers and pay them back by sending their business into Bankrupcy?

    Your point about “humanity must evolve to being less aggressive, inhuman, primitive, bellicose, cruel, shortsighted.”, is totally incoherent with human nature.If Armed Forces, if Militarism could produce such humanity, we should be giving a gun to every child at school, to guarantee harmony and continuous Peace in the classroom.

    NOBODY thinks, as you believe, that “killing(s) is a solution or means to resolve conflict(s).”, but every politician thinks “we have an Army; let’s take advantage of it. We’ve been training them for years, let’s see the results”.

    You say “Violence is the smoke”, but for me, having studied History and havin personally lost many relatives and friends in wars, it is not smoke at all, but the hideous, very palpable, reality. The millions of post war graves are not smoke.

    You say “we must put out the fire” which is precisely the reason we have wars. If politicians and their henchmen, (Armies) did not ignite the fire in the first place, there would be no fire to put out.

    You say “Not easy, considering there are 8 billion heads on the planet.”, but it is the opposite, VERY EASY. 99% of the world population does not want wars. So why do we have them? it seems that you’ll understand me only if you became the owner of a bomb factory or the President/Prime Minister of a country.

    Of course a weapon can have good uses. In sports, in hunting, etc, but Governments don’t bankrupt themselves buying tanks, mortars, rockets, bombs, torpedoes, Apaches, bombardiers, warships, drones with killer laser, in order to send their soldiers and marines on holiday. What’s the purpose of training a war pilot to throw bombs that destroy life and buildings from great height at supersonic speeds if you don’t intenf to invade or attack?

    Armed Police is of course OK, to stop a criminal, thief, rapist, etc, who runs faster than the Policeman.

    You talk about “the macho men and heroes will go kill each other with arrows and bows.”
    a) if there are no Armies, it means no Armies. Whether using arrows and bows or guns, Armies could not exist. If there are no Armies, it means there can be no “heroes”. For a hero is the one who kills on behalf of his Government. As to “macho men killing each other” this we have always had and will always have. However, like everybody who takes the law into his own hands, killing, or simply attacking, is a crime, a crime punishable by Law. This is why we have the Police, attorneys, judges and prisons.

    Official Armies make killing a perfectly legal activity. In fact, the more a soldier kills, the higher his chances of becoming famous, a was hero, a successful politician, etc.

    Your suggestion of “…….putting these rascals, arms producers, out of business for good.” can only be done by LAW. I speak with MANY politicians. They all say the same “Alberto, you’re so right….but…… and proceed to explain the economic reasons and benefits and why, if they stopped military research, production and trade they’ll be in trouble.

  4. Dear Gary,

    I have read your thoughts. Thank you for your contribution to this dialogue. Allow me to say, I have the impression you idealize politicians and Governments. A nationalised military industry makes politicians even more corrupt. As an example take former Soviet Union. Several politicians have become multi-millionaires thanks to the military industry and Russia has created and intervened in many armed conflicts. As for the billions in M-G war planes they sell, believe me. the first beneficiaries are the negotiating politicians. The first Russian in charge, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Yeltsin, in his first interview abroad, (London, UK) promised he was going to make Russia the second richest country in the world. Asked how, he replied “we’ll become the second largest military manufacturer in the world.

    Well, Russia did develop their National Military Industry. Results? those involved in the manufacturing and trade are multi-millionaires, buying exclusive properties in Europe.

    You ask “Where are the organized religions, the “blessed” peace-makers?” your questiopn confirms my thoughts about you. A great spirit. Remember wars started well before politicians existed, when religious corporations ran countries. Armies belonged to the Jews, the Catholics, the Orthodox, Islam, the Reformists/Protestants. Kings and Queens lost their Empires – or their heads – for adopting the “wrong” Religion. The Crusades, the Crimean Wars and countless others were all religious wars, each religious Corporation competing to be the biggest, strongest, wealthiest. Why is the Vatican a Citadel? why are the main mosques built as citadels? Religion is the No.1 teacher of violence. Have you studied the history of Spain in the 5th 6th centuries? the army of the Bishop of Salamanca fighting the Army of the Bishop or Cardinal of León.

    Only 300 years ago, Protestants and Catholics in France were killing each other, cutting each other’s tongue, pulling out each other’s eyes, etc, etc. In Ireland, Catholics and Protestants have been at war fore nearly 600 years.

    We have the invasion of Muslim armies to conquer half of Europe, then the Christian response, the Crusades, to decimate the Muslim population. We have the Crimean wars, (millions killed) between Catholics and Orthodoxs.

    Perhaps you should also study the share-holding in the military industry. The number of shares owned by religious corporations is among the highest.

    Look at all armed Forces, always with priest, rabbi or imam attached to them and when there is war, they all bless the weapons !!!!!!

    Religion and Peace don’t go together !!!!

  5. Gary Corseri. says:

    Thank you for your response to my off-the-cuff comments, Alberto.

    Let me clarify this point you made about my input here: “I have the impression you idealize politicians and Governments.” Actually, I try not to “idealize” anybody!

    Soon after commenting here, I caught a bit of the old Spencer Tracy-Ingrid Bergman movie, “Jekyll and Hyde.” One of the classics–based on Stevenson’s masterpiece novel. Generally speaking, I suspect we humans run the gamut between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in our characters. (Some may be mostly Jekyll and some mostly Hyde, but, in general, we are quite a mixed-up lot!)

    So, I credit Antonio with stressing the need to evolve, and applaud Johan Galtung’s dialogical approach to these thorny matters. And, I certainly agree with you that the historical record has been dismal (even abysmal) in terms of the warmongers vs the “peace-mongers”!

    There may be one glimmer of hope for our species. It is a very faint light on the horizon: We are much more connected than ever. In spite of the Internet trolls, in spite of the imbecilic politicians and the Hyde-drooling war-profiteers, we can learn and teach so that we do not (to paraphrase Santayana) fail to learn the lessons of the past…and repeat them!

    We are less than 5 minutes from Doomsday! We had better get our house in order, and ponder the words Lincoln quoted from the (sometimes) “Good Book”: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”