Attack on Syria


Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh – TRANSCEND Media Service

14 Apr 2018 – Today was the day that international inspectors arrived to examine the unproven claim by the US/Israeli backed terrorist rebels that chemical weapons were used in Ghouta (‘white helmets’ were known previously to have manufactured media events. Videos below).

Today at 3 AM the US, UK, and France attacked targets in Syria with >103 missiles (71 of them were shot down by Syrian air defenses, old Soviet Era weapons).

Russia, China, Bolivia, and Iran condemned the attack as a violation of the UN Charter and Russia is now considering supplying Syria and “other countries” (perhaps Iran and Lebanon?) with S-300 and other advanced air defense systems. Originally Russia said it will target missiles and their launch facilities which could have led to WWIII. It seems there was some sort of “understanding”:

  • US/UK/France target unused fields and facilities with no damage for domestic propaganda purposes (to appear tough and satisfy the Israel/Zionist lobbies who have been pushing for war like they did in Iraq, Yemen, and Libya and now pushing for war on Iran).
  • Russia and Syria also get a propaganda “win” having shot most of the missiles using “old” Soviet era weapons and Syria gets to get more advanced weapons.

They lied to us about Yugoslavia, about Ukraine, Iraq, Libya, and now they lie about Syria and Iran. If these lies continue, World War is the price not just for bankruptcy of US taxpayers (already $21 trillion in debt) but also for millions of lives lost.

Recent report of Chinese analysts being examined by Evgeniy Satanovskiy–Russian leading expert in the field of Middle East:


British and American forces have been destroyed on a large scale in the Ghouta region, with the 22nd regiment of the SAS, those surviving the pinpoint Russian bombing, that is, having to flee on buses in disguise. This is the reason for Skripal plan and the chemical weapons false flag.





Mazin Qumsiyeh, associate professor of genetics and director of cytogenetic services at Yale University School of Medicine, is founder and president of the Holy Land Conservation Foundation and ex-president of the Middle East Genetics Association. He won the Raymond Jallow Activism Award from the national Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee in 1998. He is co-founder and national treasurer of Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, and has written extensively about the Middle East. Qumsiyeh is a member of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace Development Environment, author of Sharing the Land of Canaan and Popular Resistance in Palestine, a professor at Bethlehem University and director of the Palestine Museum of Natural History in Bethlehem.


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