How to Steal a Country?


Walid Salem – TRANSCEND Media Service

6 Jun 2018 – You start by appropriating  pieces of land in different places, followed by occupying the land and the territory, and then grab the country, change its space and landscape. All of this to be usually done on the name of modernization, and the transformation from underdevelopment to civilization.


In order to do so, you get the support of a mother country, or mother Countries, who will give you supporting declarations, and offer you financial support and control over the so called “state land” and some economic privileges as well.


In the case of Zionism, it will start in the Pre-1948 by taking the state land with the British support, and buying some pieces from big owners here and there, up to six percent of the land of Palestine till 1948. The British to help by allowing the Zionist settlements to build their own economy, and their independent security forces, also by granting them the monopoly over the new companies of electricity and Dead Sea products established in the 1920’s.


After 1948, the new State of Israel to declare most of the land of Palestine after it was ethnically cleansed, as an absentee and state land. That was followed by taking the crucial portion of the land of Palestine by expropriation. These lands to become the land of “Jewish people” owned firstly by the The Jewish National Fund (Keren  Kayimet),  and later most of the lands were moved to the ownership of the “ State of Israel Land Authority”.

Much easier!

Zionism started then by taking small part of the land by purchase in the pre- 1948 period( not more than six percent), followed by appropriating the majority of the land after 1948, coinciding the establishment of Israel that inherited the country that was called Palestine, and inherited its territory, space and the landscape as well.


In the post 1967, the 1948 emerging state started establishing the settlement of Gush Etzion directly after the 1967 war, while a settler movement called Gush Emunim (The Block of the faithful) started Kiryat Arba,a and the settlements in the heart of Hebron followed by other settlements in other places of West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem reaching today the number of 636,000 colonial settlers.

Also Easy! If you appropriated the big part of the country in 1948, why then not to continue and appropriate it all!

While East Jerusalem is De Jure annexed (According to the Israeli law and in complete violation to the international law), the Area C is a De Facto annexed, and in its way to be De Jure annexed. The plans for that annexation are ready.

Uri Ariel the Minister of Agriculture suggested last year annexing Area C, and deporting its population to areas A and B. His suggestion ( which is also the proposal of his boss in the Jewish Home Party Mr Naftali Bennett), became  already a plan that is under implementation as a new B’tselem report this week indicated in regard to the collective evacuation of the Bedouins  from the areas around Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley and Hebron. Also the Knesset Committee of Civil and Security Affairs, discusses in their 4th of June meeting what it called as the “Palestinian strategic takeover of Area C”. Adding to that the new laws to enforce the Israeli law on the colonial settlements, prevent the Palestinians to submit cases directly to the High Court of Justice, and the new military order released in the last weeks which will accelerate the process of Palestinian houses demolition in Area C. All of that was followed by the new declarations for building new settler colonial units in area C, and in East Jerusalem.

Saeb Erekat, the Head of the PLO Negotiations Department  said yesterday in the anniversary of the 5th of June 1967 that the occupation that continued over 51 years already” Was transformed to Colonialism”. A new situation emerged then which will require a different kind of therapy both by the Palestinians and by the international Community.

It is noticeable that this unilateral approach to create” The whole Israel land” as a fact in the ground is combined as well with the plans for the “Completion of Israel inside its 1948” territory. In this regard one can see the resolution of the 37th Zionist Conference of 2015 that steps should be taken to “Zionize” the Negev and the Galilee. The Israeli High Court resolution of last April to evacuate Um Al Hiran village in the Negev is just one of the last signals of that process, followed two days ago by the decision of the Minister of Housing Yoav Galant to build new five Jewish settlements in the Negev. Besides that one can see the attacks on the Palestinian Knesset members and the attacks against the Palestinian demonstrators such as what happened in Haifa two weeks ago.

Very very easy: You displace and following you replace. Also you keep attacking and oppressing the “Leftovers”.

The question is: What is the end story of this displacement/ Replacement intertwined process?. It is noticeable that the Palestinians are still to be considered not as human beings, and nor as a people. But since 1897 they were and still considered to be as merely an obstacle on the face of the expansion of the Zionist project. This obstacle must be removed where ever it makes a problem according to this perspective. This is the way that it goes.

Extremely Easy!

Today we reached a point were Gaza, the tiny Strip of 360 square kilometers, and resided by more than two million of which the majority are 1948 refugee, is considered to be in the best cases the place where the Palestinian State will be established while surrounded by all the restrictions that we see, while West Bank will follow to path of Jerusalem of getting annexed to Israel as a whole or at least two third of it (Area C).

Very Easy plan of one party unilateral dominance on the expense of the other party, and as such a recipe for one option only, which is the continuation of the antagonism for another one hundred years or so as much as Zionism does not recognize the Palestinians.

Let us notice: Despite all what Zionism did since 1897, the Palestinians inside Palestine are already now a majority of the population of the historical Palestine without the 1948 and 1967 Refugees being included. Will the Zionist solution be by considering them as a “demographic threat” to get rid of? Or it will reach a point of looking for reconciliation? The second option does not look to be likely!


Dr. Walid Salem is a member of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace Development Environment. He was born in East Jerusalem in 1957 and teaches democracy and human rights at AlQuds University. He is a writer of thirty books and training manuals, and tens of research papers on Democracy, civil society, citizenship, refugees, and Jerusalem. He is also a consultant, evaluator, and trainer for several public and private bodies. Salem trained more than thirty thousand Palestinians on these issues since 1990, and, since 1993, he is the Director of The Centre for Democracy and Community Development, East Jerusalem. He is the Coordinator of Middle East Citizen Assembly as regional network of experts and activists on citizenship issues that include participants from 19 countries from the region since 2004. He has lectured at several international conferences and seminars about democracy, Jerusalem, refugees, and development in Palestine.

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One Response to “How to Steal a Country?”

  1. Satoshi Ashikkaga says:

    This is a well written article! One of the points here is “the theft” began far before the State of Palestine was founded, even before Israel was founded, and even before the Balfour Declaration!

    So, what’s next? A possible answer: the expansion of the theft – i.e. the expansion of the territories of Israel, in accordance with the verses 18-21, Chapter 15, Genesis, the Hebrew Bible (= Christians call it, “The Old Testament”): “18.That day Yahweh made a covenant with Abram in these terms: ‘To your descendants I give this country, from the River of Egypt to the Great River, the River Euphrates, 19.the Kenites, the Kenizzites, the Kadmonites, 20.”
    Genesis, 15 – Bíblia Católica Online Leia mais em: and see this map:

    Are you aware why the United Sates is promoting war after war in the Middle East around Israel? And its results? One of the main results is to create more Arabic/Islamic refugees abandoning their homelands. Vast areas of abandoned lands around Israel! And to destabilize the Western countries as well! Who will possibly and eventually take over these abandoned lands around Israel after the war and after the departure of the US Military Forces from these areas? Remember what the Rothschilds did to Palestine just before and especially just after the Balfour Declaration! Let the United Sates recognize or declare that these areas are “no man’s lands”? And the Rothschilds will be happy again? Or the Israeli government might declare that these lands are the so-called Occupied Territories?

    Not only the Rothschilds, Trump has also worked as a real estate mogul. Even before becoming the US President, he sent his daughter to Israel: Real Estate Mogul Donald Trump’s Daughter Ivanka to Visit Israel:


    For your reference:


    – The Jewish National Fund: How the Land Was ‘Redeemed’: The JNF’s historical concept of exclusively Jewish land is wholly anachronistic.:

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    – “The Political Significance of Land Purchase,” Keren Kayemeth LeYisrael [JNF] – The Epstein Letter:

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