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POETRY FORMAT, 26 Oct 2020

Dr. Ravi P. Bhatia – TRANSCEND Media Service

25 Oct 2020 – Today is Vijay Dashmi or Dashehra symbolising victory of Good over Evil on the return of Lord Ram from his exile. I am feeling lonely. So I write this small poem.

Getting born in Lahore in undivided India

Becoming homeless in Lahore Pakistan

Coming from Pakistan in 1947 on bullock cart

No home, learning begging for food as an art


Moving from Moga to Delhi the following year

Again homeless, move from one hutment to another

Get admission in a reputed Christian school

Without knowing a word of any English carol


Move to Karol Bagh, a new locality

Making friends, what a kind fraternity 

Father buys me a beautiful new bicycle 

School distance no problem on my cycle


Learn how to play harmonium 

Play some beautiful tunes on them

Feel happy even without any opium

Makes the day pass away easily 

Even with no Refrigerator, Radio or TV


Today more than half a century later

With TV and all the electric gadgetry 

And a wife who makes tea once a day

but listens to religious gospels all day

Time hangs heavy on one’s soul

Look out before one falls into a hole


So write your obituary about your life’s role


Dr Ravi P Bhatia is a member of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace Development Environment, an educationist, Gandhian scholar and peace researcher. Retired professor, Delhi University. His new book, A Garland of Ideas—Gandhian, Religious, Educational, Environmental was published recently in Delhi.



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3 Responses to “Step by Step”

  1. Gary Steven Corseri says:

    Don’t write your obituary yet, Mr. Bhatia!

    But, for your sake, and the rest of us, do keep writing your life and poems!

    Thanks– GSC

    • Ravi Bhatia says:

      Thank you so much Gary for your kind words

      In fact I keep busy by writing articles and poems in English for TMS

      Write Hindi poems also for myself and audiences in India

      May I ask you where are you located and what is your profession?

  2. Gary Steven Corseri says:

    Glad to chit-chat with you here, Ravi.

    I’m in the “heart of the beast”–Washington, D.C..

    Presently, I’m a writer, truth-seeker, celebrant of natural beauty, and beauty within us and beauty of deeds.

    Past “professions” include teaching (in public schools, prisons and Japanese and US universities), and stints as a grape-picker in Australia and a gas station attendant in Atlanta, Georgia.

    BTW, I’ve been a fan of Gandhi’s since my teen years.

    Thank you for all the good work you do–

    Gary C.