Let’s Face It: The Human Race Is Stark Raving Nuts

IN FOCUS, 14 Feb 2022

Michael J. Talmo - TRANSCEND Media Service

9 Feb 2022 – For over two years our third planet from the Sun has been in the grip of a mass hysteria called COVID-19. This death cult created by a small cabal of psychotic billionaires and corporate elites has deceived most of the world into believing that a virus discovered in Wuhan, China has caused a global pandemic that forced governments to crash economies with lockdowns, impose unhealthy and useless rituals on their populations, such as masks and social distancing, along with unnecessary vaccines that aren’t conventional vaccines, don’t prevent COVID-19 infection or transmission, and have turned out to be toxic and deadly. Never mind that no one seems to have samples of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that supposedly causes COVID-19 nor any of its variants. Never mind that none of the diagnostic tests, PCR, rapid antigen, etc., were developed using an actual virus, don’t look for actual viruses, and can generate huge amounts of false positives. But pay no attention to the facts—just blindly believe and obey. And most of all: be afraid—be very afraid.

But is such a global deception possible? Is it possible to fool the entire world?  According to the Bible it is. Revelation 12:9 says that the devil deceives the whole world; II Corinthians 4:4 calls Satan “the god of this world;” in Luke 4: 5-7 the devil takes Jesus up to a high mountain, shows him all the kingdoms of the world, declares they are his to give to whoever he wishes, and that he will give them to Jesus if he will worship him. Jesus rejects the offer, but never disputes the Devil’s claim of ownership.

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I’m spiritual, but not religious. As a pantheist,  I don’t see God as a being in the sky with a personality. But I do believe in the power of evil which many envision as Satan just as I believe in the power of good which most people call God. But I see these as energies rather than entities. Or to use the sci-fi lingo in Star Wars, “The Force” (God) and the “The Dark Side” (Satan). Both of these energies exist inside and outside of us and which is stronger in our lives and in the world depends on the choices that we make individually and collectively.

There are different degrees of delusion. I personally think that we are all mildly delusional to some extent which isn’t really harmful. But when someone starts to deny objective reality, and professes things that are blatantly untrue they can then go anywhere from really off-the-wall to batshit crazy. People like this aren’t always dangerous, but they can really creep you out.

Example: from 2003-2015 I ran a coed support group in New York City. A few years into running it, a guy came in who was convinced that being circumcised as an infant caused him  irreparable trauma and that any circumcised man who had intercourse with a woman was raping her. He referred to his circumcision as “When I was cut.” He identified as bisexual, but hated woman and usually referred to them with the four letter C word. He wore a cowboy hat, high black leather boots with spurs, wore a padded vest, and carried a cattle prod. If he lived in an open carry state he probably would have been packing a gun. I saw him as a pathetic frightened man which is why he felt the need to wear protective gear. I tried to reason with him. I even pointed out that I was circumcised at age 20 and didn’t think this way. But nothing I said penetrated his fantasy world. All I could do was tell him to leave and never come back. As for my circumcision, it was for a medical reason and, trust me on this, IT HURT LIKE BLOODY HELL.

If one person is dangerously delusional we call it insanity. If just about everyone is dangerously delusional it gets cloaked under the banner of morality, science, patriotism, and cultural wisdom. We find it easier to understand the insanity of one than the mass insanity of billions. We find it easier to understand and mourn the death of people who die at the hands of serial killers like a Jeffrey Dahmer or a fictitious one like Hannibal Lecter than the mass death of millions at the hands of the far more dangerous psychopaths in government and other positions of power. We see the crazy in others, but fail to see it in ourselves.

The Human Brain Is Deeply Flawed

We humans can be rational and brilliant in some areas, but totally irrational and downright dumb in other areas. We can be loving and kind yet brutal and sadistic. We can be selfless and brave yet cowardly and selfish. A big reason for these contradictions in human nature is evolution. We had to develop certain instincts in order to survive the primitive world that we evolved in. Problem is those survival instincts, also known as cognitive biases and logical fallacies have and are causing a lot of suffering in the modern world and could ultimately lead to our destruction.

Among the many biases lurking in the human brain that lead to illogical thinking and behavior are:

Agent Detection: causes us to see hidden forces, meaning, and purpose where none exists. It was an important survival mechanism for our primitive ancestors. If they saw the bushes rustling while walking in the jungle it could be the wind or it could be a predator. Better to err on the side of caution and run like hell, climb a tree, or prepare to defend oneself. If a volcano erupts better to pay homage to it by leaving flowers on the mountain, or maybe tossing some animals, or even a few people into it so it doesn’t get angry anymore. The idea that everything happens for a reason, and that the big scary universe with all it’s wonder and uncertainty must be appeased and thanked for all it gives us and for all it could do to harm us leads to the formation of religions which give us a sense of comfort and security. Agent detection is still useful in uncertain situations, such as when walking down a dark street and sensing danger.  But it can be disastrous when authority figures in government and religion frighten us into thinking there are demons, microbes, and whatever else waiting to get us if we don’t follow their irrational rules and rituals.

Bandwagon Effect: causes people to believe or do something because other people are doing it. This evolved due to the fact that like most primates us humans are social animals. We don’t have the strength speed or natural weapons of a tiger or a bear, as in fangs and claws, so banding together in groups ensured our survival and in the modern world still does. Thus, most of us are tribal. We want to belong, to fit in, because if we are ostracized from the group the primitive recesses of our brain will tell us that we will be alone and won’t survive. So, the majority of people are hard-wired to adapt and go along with cultural assumptions. This is also known as groupthink.

Appeal to Authority: similar to the bandwagon fallacy, but relies on believing and following the dictates of experts and authority figures without verifying if what they are claiming is true. This can be tricky because someone who is an expert in a given field logically seems to be the person to listen to. But in today’s corrupt sociopolitical system many experts be they doctors, scientists, journalists, activists, or politicians are stooges and shills who have sold out to corporate interests. So, it’s important to see if there are other qualified experts in a given field who disagree with the official consensus and why by looking at the evidence they have to back them up. Also scrutinize freelance writers like myself and other journalists to see if we are just making unsubstantiated statements or if we are citing solid scientific evidence. But Don’t just automatically believe someone because they are an M.D., a PhD, or if they hold a lofty position in government or journalism. The Apostle Paul said it best in I Thessalonians 5: 21: “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.”

Poisoning the Well Fallacy: same as ad hominem fallacy, red herring fallacy, and association fallacy. Instead of debating the merit of a person’s argument, an attempt is made to discredit them with a personal attack or ridicule. The purpose is to make the audience react with anger, hate, disgust, or fear so their brains will shut down and they won’t be open to what the person is saying. It uses the irrelevant (red herring) to distract the audience. There are many ways to do this. Call the person a drug addict,  refer to a past crime they may have committed and paid for, denounce them for the people they associate with, call them or someone they know a pedophile, refer to some other controversial views they have that has nothing to do with the topic being discussed. The only time it isn’t illogical or unethical  to bring up someone’s lifestyle, past, or who they associate with is if they are lying or being a hypocrite. Like condemning gay people when they themselves are gay. Or if they are pushing for vaccine mandates, but have financial ties to the vaccine manufacturers.

Confirmation Bias: compels people to seek out, interpret, and recall information that confirms what they already believe. The scientific method was invented to eliminate bias as much as possible in order to arrive at accurate conclusions. It was designed to counteract the distorted way that the human mind processes information. But you have to be careful with this one due to the massive corruption that now exists in science. A majority of studies in the scientific literature claiming that some drug is safe and effective, such as COVID-19 vaccines, compared to a minority of studies that show they aren’t doesn’t invalidate what is true. It’s like claiming that since Hercules was famous throughout the ancient Greco-Roman world and even today he must have really existed—he didn’t. Hercules is a myth just as the safety and effectiveness of COVID vaccines is a myth. What matters is the quality of scientific studies, not the quantity.

Availability Heuristic: a cognitive bias that functions as a kind of mental shortcut. It enables us to make quick decisions and overestimate the frequency or prevalence of something. It allowed our primitive ancestors to make quick decisions which their survival depended on. And in some situations making quick decisions can still be vital to our survival. But in the modern world this bias can be manipulated by the media and government to make us believe something is more prevalent and or more dangerous than it really is. So, if you’re a cop and all you deal with are criminals you could easily mistrust everyone, if you’re a doctor who encounters lots of sick people you might think that disease is more prevalent than it is. If the media bombards the public with stories about terrorism, robbery, COVID-19, and whatever else, people will be manipulated into believing these things are more prevalent than they really are.

Emotional Reasoning: makes you think how you feel about something makes it true. “I believe therefore it’s real.” But while your feelings and passion about something may be real, what those feelings and passions are being directed at may not be.  A husband or wife can feel jealous because they think that their spouse is cheating on them; people can be loyal to a politician, or a religion, or an economic policy, but their feelings about any of these things doesn’t make their belief true—especially if objective evidence to the contrary shows that what they believe isn’t true. In other words, our beliefs   are formed by emotional reactions which we later try to rationalize with our intellect. Example: rationalizing religious beliefs. This has led to a huge phony academic system called apologetics. There is Muslim apologetics. There are apologists in Judaism. But none are more sophisticated and elaborate than Christian Apologetics. This is because the greater religious freedom we have enjoyed in the Western world allows for more criticism of religious dogma. Unlike Christianity, Judaism has little interest in winning converts and in many Muslim countries criticizing Islam can get you killed. So, Christian Apologists had to adapt by becoming a whole lot better at it.

There Are Different Kinds of Christian Apologists: Evidential, Classical, Presuppositional, Narrative, Archaeological, to name some. But they all serve the same purpose: defend the faith at all costs. Their whole schtick is reinforcing what believers want to believe. They have no interest in what is true.  Desire replaces truth. Basically, they are religious con artists who will omit facts, make up evidence, deny real evidence. cherry-pick data, quote mine,  cite outdated scholarship from the 19th Century, and speak with confidence and authority which non-critical thinkers mistake for truth. Many of the better known apologists have PhDs and other degrees—some legitimate and some not. There are even degrees in apologetics.

Most religious people are happy to just believe and live and let live. But there is a minority of fanatics who can’t do this. Instead of admitting that no one can really prove God exists, that no religion can prove it’s the one true religion, and just let people believe what they want to believe, these zealots double down and want to impose their beliefs and taboos on everybody else. This is how “under God” got in the Pledge of Allegiance back in 1954—it wasn’t there when Francis Bellamy created it in 1892. This is how “In God We Trust” was put on all of our money in 1957. This is why we have a plethora of sex taboos imposed on consenting adults like making prostitution illegal.

In the same way, corrupt doctors, scientists, and government officials, or in this case COVID  Apologists, will lie, and cheat, and persecute others to keep the phony pandemic going. Truth doesn’t matter—only desire to maintain the false narrative. They use the same tactics and fallacious reasoning as Christian Apologists.

In a January 2021 interview, historian and philosopher Dr. Richard Carrier, PhD (see 1 hr. 6 min mark), explained:  (the blanket draped on Dr. Carrier’s shoulder is because the heat in his home went off)

“The smarter you are the more capable you are of rationalizing a delusion…The problem is not intelligence, the problem is epistemology…The smartest person in the world can believe the most ridiculously false things and believe them adamantly…because if you don’t have the right method, the right critical method for assessing information and deciding what to believe and what not to believe…then it doesn’t matter how smart you are. You are going to be completely vulnerable to being seduced by false information.”

Dr. Carrier went on to explain that we also have to have the will and passion to apply critical thinking skills and avoid fallacious reasoning on a consistent basis. Again, this has nothing to do with how smart you are. And unfortunately critical thinking skills aren’t taught in our schools which are really training camps to condition people to fear authority. Authoritarian manipulative governments don’t want critical thinkers. They are more concerned with teaching what to think instead of how to think.

Bottom line: we all make superficial assumptions in some areas because it is impossible to know everything. But when it comes to huge earthshaking issues like COVID-19, world war, or remaining vigilant to what our government is up to, it’s important to not do this since we now have the technology and weapons of mass destruction that are destructive enough to wipe out the entire planet.

Experts Don’t Know Everything They Are Experts In

People who are experts in a given field or area may not be experts in all of it. This is because any given area of science or medicine is often vast and complex so it’s usually impossible for any one person to know everything about it.

Example, back in 1998, I met a woman through New York City’s Village Voice Personals. I was living in New Jersey. Our relationship lasted a few months. I remember the year because on our first date we were supposed to go see Tom Hanks’ blockbuster film “Saving Private Ryan” which came out in 1998. But we didn’t get to see it because I got stuck in one of New York City’s infamous traffic jams.

Linda, not her real name, was an RN who designed educational programs on AIDS for pharmaceutical companies. She had two masters’ degrees, made a six-figure annual income, that’s over 170 thousand in today’s dollars, and had a posh apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. She was a recognized expert on AIDS. Her articles were published in the scientific literature and she co-authored text books on AIDS that were 2” thick. Next to her on paper I looked like a schmuck. She also knew all the big honchos in the War on AIDS including Anthony Fauci and had been to his house for dinner.  If I had continued to see her I might have eventually met Fauci and his wife. Isn’t that a thought?

Anyway, I was part of the alternative AIDS movement, wrote published articles on the topic, lectured on it, and like COVID-19, considered it a total scam. My area of expertise was the virology and the tests—especially the antibody tests. I was upfront with Linda. Before we even met I told her on the phone that my views on AIDS were the opposite of hers and that since HIV had never been isolated it didn’t exist as far as I was concerned. Not everyone in the alternative AIDS movement felt this way. Most thought that HIV existed but was harmless. But neither of us had a problem with our differing views and she suggested we discuss it some time in the future.

A few weeks into our relationship we had our discussion. Linda told me that I was wrong about HIV not being isolated so I pointed out to her that various websites were offering money to anyone who could prove that HIV had actually been isolated and does exist. One of those websites was Continuum in the UK. They were offering 1000 pounds ($3,000 in American money back then).

Since the WorldWideWeb had only come out in 1991, and very few people in those days owned PCs, I was still computer illiterate. But Linda wasn’t. She had the internet. We went to the Continuum website and it turned out that virologist Dr. Peter Duesberg, the man who launched the alternative AIDS movement, was trying to claim the prize. He was debating German virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka  and scientist Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos leader of a research team in Perth, Australia. It was her research team that published the first scientific study in Biotechnology, sister publication of Nature, questioning the existence of HIV in 1993.  The paper with its 161 references can be accessed here.

The debate between the three scientists was highly technical and Linda made the following admission: “This is over my head. I don’t understand what they are talking about.” But I did and had to explain to her in lay language how the term viral isolation has been perverted and no longer means having to find an actual virus. Upon doing so she said, “It really hasn’t been isolated. I’m really angry. Please understand, I was just regurgitating what I was told.” In other words, she believed, not knew, HIV existed because she was told that it did. As a nurse, her specialty was care giving, not virology.

In spite of this, Linda continued to work for the AIDS establishment. But I respect the fact that she was humble enough to admit the truth which is more than I can say for most people. In fact, I have found that the people who yell the loudest and get the most angry when their false beliefs are challenged when it comes to AIDS, COVID-19, Religion or any other subject usually never bothered to study the topic. In other words, I have found that those who know the least argue the most. This an example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect: being too stupid to recognize one’s own stupidity.

People Are Afraid of Freedom

The Dark Side has cast its evil shadow upon this world for a long time. It feeds off of the fear and hate of others. Fear has created a world of authority fearing submissive sheep who will put on a mask, take toxic drugs, and pull their pants down in Macy’s window if need be in order to keep their jobs and fit in. Security is valued over freedom. Social conditioning has made the majority afraid of freedom because they have been conditioned to fear their natural feelings and thoughts. The conditioned self has replaced the real self which ultimately leads to hate and self-loathing.

Spend enough time in the dark and the light will hurt your eyes. So it is with people who have lost  contact with their deeper truth. They are living in darkness. Society has numbed and dumbed them with illegal and prescription drugs along with other forms of artificial stimulation. And if ordered to do so many will obediently kill and torture others. Fear and hate retards their humanity. This is why Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) strongly emphasized in his many books that authoritarian tyrannical governments  and institutions are reproduced by the people themselves.

The Great Awakening vs. the Great Reset

We have a choice folks. And at this time in history the most monumental choice humanity has ever had to make.

First, heed and never forget the words of Klaus Schwab, head of the Wold Economic Forum:

“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.”

Schwab is right. But we don’t have to choose his “Great Reset.”

COVID-19 is also an opportunity for a Great Awakening. More than any other event in history, it has  shown that people in positions of power are too corrupt, too irrational, and too stupid to be trusted.  They have demonstrated that they are far more dangerous than any disease real or imagined could ever be. So, let’s take COVID-19 as an opportunity to get rid of the current system because if we don’t it will continue to find new ways to scare and con us into surrendering our freedom. And we must recognize that we have surrendered too much of our freedom already.

Corporations have gotten too big to fail, governments too powerful to curtail, and billionaires too wealthy to jail. So, first and foremost, we must take away their power and do away with their instruments of oppression which include, but are not limited to the following:

The Department of Homeland Security’s inane, inept TSA. This is one of the most useless agencies ever created.  Get rid of it. We don’t need to go through cancer causing porno scanners, take off our shoes,  and get sexually molested to get on a plane any more than we need to wear masks.  Enough of this nonsense already. Let’s start protecting our 4th Amendment rights.

Get rid of passports. In a 2016 article, Business Insider reported that throughout the early 20th Century and as late as 1963 world leaders considered doing away with passports. Back then they recognized that passports were “a serious obstacle to freedom of movement.” I think we should revisit that  discussion. The problem is, as stated in the article, that people get used to oppression in their lives and think they need it if it goes on long enough. And because we have allowed regular passports and TSA groping and snooping, they now want to impose masks and COVID vaccine passports not just for international travel, but for every aspect of our lives. The time has come to say no to all of it.

Get rid of all compulsory vaccinations in schools, the military, and on the job–not just the COVD  vaccines, but all vaccines. Vaccination should be voluntary and one’s personal choice. The human race has survived and thrived for 300,000 years  without them. No government, business, or doctor has the right to tell anyone what to put in their body. Arguments that some deadly plague requires forced vaccination or it helps protect people from disease are based on accepting the underlying narrative. But what if the underlying narrative is wrong? What if it’s just a sales pitch to sell vaccines and promote a political agenda? The risk is too great so end all medical mandates. All health departments and other government officials should be allowed to do is advise and suggest.

Get rid of vaccine liability protection. Hold companies accountable if their vaccines kill and injure people. No more EUAs (Emergency Use Authorization) for vaccines. An EUA should only be for a drug that might save a dying person’s life or for someone who is suffering with a low quality of life. Vaccines to prevent disease do not fall into that category.

Get rid of all standing armies—especially the police. And to all the authoritarian personalities who think the cops can do no wrong wake up. Most cops are supporting COVID-19 restrictions. They stand lined up against the people. They are there to protect the fascist corporate system, not We the People.  Replace them with a militia consisting of civilians who serve for a month and then rotate back into the citizenry. This will avoid the us versus them mentality of professional soldiers.  All we need is a navy and an air force for protection against foreign invasion. And even for a citizen police force, end qualified immunity. Any government official or cop who breaks the law must be held accountable like everybody else. No special privileges.

Because the wealthy have power as in vast amounts of money they can be every bit as dangerous as some bureaucrat who sits in this or that office. A huge corporation can be just as dangerous as this or that government agency.  Get rid of big corporations and the oppressive arm of big government. Get rid of big institutions and bureaucracies like the WHO (World Health Organization) and the CDC (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention). Such bureaucracies and institutions only wind up becoming corrupt and self-serving—we don’t need them. Do away with the deep state and corporate cabals. Ban all forms of shadow government. Get rid of all billionaires so they can’t use their wealth to corrupt governments—allow them to have no more than say 10 or 20 million dollars.

And finally, recognize that all oppressive government measures, whether the excuse is to protect  us from disease or some other manufactured crisis, are designed to divide us, to make us hate and fear each other, to pit us against each other. Don’t fall for it. Don’t allow them to divide us. Get on the right side of history folks. Get with the program. Say enough is enough and resist.

Thanks to mass protests all over the world the phony COVID narrative is beginning to crumble and a number of countries like the UK are ending their oppressive policies. At the massive protest in Washington, D.C. last January, Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav had this to say: (see 19 min 9 sec mark)

“People are being pushed around, denied normal interaction, and they’re just following it like sheep. That’s what happened in Germany essentially. All Germans were not evil. But most of them, the vast majority, simply went along. The German people elected a tyrant who took away their freedom and controlled their lives. But the German people were obedient. Their failure to resist the tyranny resulted in the genocide of millions of people.”

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has shown us that the majority will continue to stand by and do nothing.

Also realize that politicians and bureaucrats who have imposed these restrictions will hope that once they lift the restrictions that people will forget the evil they have done and even praise them for liberating them. They will also try to blame lower downs on the bureaucratic totem pole for the destruction and death.  Don’t fall for it. Don’t let them go quietly into the night. Arrest and jail all of them. Make them pay dearly for the crimes they have committed.

Some writers have speculated that there must be some external agent other than us humans driving this global insanity. And this is understandable. It’s hard to believe that people could be so self-destructive, evil, and incredibly stupid. Some say it’s the work of the devil. Others have suggested the manipulation and even replacement of world leaders by space aliens and inter-dimensional beings. Who knows? But maybe, just maybe, it’s just us after all. Maybe us humans are just plain nuts.


Michael J. Talmo has been a professional writer for over 40 years and is strongly committed to the protection of civil liberties. He also did three music videos on COVID-19: The Masker Mash, COVID Vaccine Man, and The Corona Globalists. He can be reached at michaeltalmo@aol.com.

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