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TRANSCEND News, 12 Dec 2022

Antonio C. S. Rosa | Editor – TRANSCEND Media Service

12 Dec 2022 – Dear Readers, Friends, Supporters, this is the first time that TMS fails to be updated since its inception on 3 Mar 2008. The reason: I have been infected with COVID and bedridden still without prognosis; my very first bout with the condition.

The real incapacitating factor, according to a doctor, is that all the muscle pain that accompanies the condition concentrated solely on my back (I have scoliosis). Powerful opioid painkillers are needed to bring some short-term relief. Working has been out of the question. Reminder: I shall be 77 next February.

The Editorial, TRANSCEND Videos and Research Paper will appear by default. The rest of the materials submitted by writers will be published next week—hopefully!

This note is meant as an explanation and an apology. I just hope things go back to normal ASAP. Please bear with us through yet another challenge.

The TMS Team feels deeply grateful for your unconditional support thorough the years. We shall prevail! God bless.

Antonio Rosa

Antonio C.S. Rosa with Prof. Johan Galtung in Norway circa 2008

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13 Responses to “COVID Notice”

  1. Enzo Gargano says:

    I nostri più cari auguri di pronta guarigione!

  2. Ravi Bhatia says:

    I am sending you my sincere wishes that you get well soon and be ready to help reduce the uncertainty and violence that pervade all sections of society today

    Hare Krishna from India

  3. enrico peyretti says:

    Caro Antonio, i più calorosi auguri di pronta guarigione, e solidarietà per il fastidioso inconveniente di questi giorni. Più che mai apprezziamo il tuo intenso lavoro nel momento in cui devi sospenderlo per qualche giorno. Grazie! Enrico Peyretti

  4. Daisuke Nojima (Transcend Japan, EPU 2008 Summer) says:

    Dear Antonio,

    I feel very sorry to know you are suffered by COVID19; please do take care for all.
    I and Transcend Japan all appreciate your continuous efforts on publishing TMS every week, however please concentrate on your recovering of health, now.
    We are looking forward to seeing your healthier shape!

  5. Hoosen Vawda says:

    Dear Professor Antonio Rosa
    Greetings from Durban. We are indeed so sorry to hear that the inimitable Professor Rosa is ill disposed this week. We pray to the good Lord to grant His servant and that of the entire humanity, Professor Rosa, an expedient recovery from the global illness. We further beseech the Lord to grant Professor Rosa relief from his intractable pain and relieve the temporary incapacitation with His Divine cure so that Professor Rosa can continue his excellent and ongoing efforts in propagating and ensuring that humanoids do not repeat the mistakes of the past in inflicting further suffering on fellow humankind.
    My wife and I pray that Professor Rosa will be well soon and be fully active once again. We both feel that the Lord has given you this Covid illness, as a measure, to allow Professor Rosa to rest, recover and be fully recharged for the Christmas and 2023. It is the Lord’s mechanism to grant Professor Rosa a respite from the frantic, weekly editing, production as well as publishing the TMS Peace Journal, since 2008, indeed an inordinate period of relentless activity in the pursuit of spreading the gospel and message of peace, globally. Professor Rosa deserves this biological period of rest by Divine providence to rejuvenate
    God Bless
    Hoosen and Vanessa
    South Africa

  6. rosemerry says:

    Sincere good wishes to you Antonio. I am in France and am fed up with the whole covid-19 affair!!!! I am lucky not to have had it at all and feel sad that you have been hit with it.One point I hate is the emphasis on vaccines (for the rich countries of course) and the lack of attention for those countries that cannot afford the vaccines and who struggle on with natural immunity eg in Africa. Profit-making (with the help of the European Commission underhand tricks with Pfizer) has had a very big impact .

  7. Dear Antonio,
    Having only recently recovered from a severe case of whatever it is — Covid or a horrible annual flu — and still left with a dry hacking cough after 2-1/2 months, I commiserate with you and your current illness. I sincerely hope that much rest, and more rest, and more rest, along with your regular healthy lifestyle, drinking lots of fluids, will help to bring you a quick recovery. You must listen to your body and not push yourself beyond limits. While we all appreciate TMS Weekly articles (and I definitely do), we appreciate you and the work you do far more. So take it easy and we’ll look forward to when you can return. All the Best!

  8. zWishing you all the best says:

    Hi Antonio —
    I am sorry to hear that have become so sick. I hope you get the best possible care and recover very soon. Let me know if I can help in any away.

    And thank you for republishing my paper on the benefits of hunger. started a nice discussion.

  9. Baher Kamal says:

    Saddened to hear this, Atonio dear. Sincere good wishes to you, for a quick recovery. We all need you. Hugs, Baher

  10. Baher Kamal says:

    Good morning Antonio dear! Hoping you are feeling a bit better today and, once more, wishing you a quick recovery. Hugs

  11. Hassan says:

    Wish you a quick recovery Antonio. Be well !

  12. CJ Hinke says:

    My dear Professor, TMS has provided much inspiration for the Thai nonviolence movement, under military dictatorship since 2014 with no end in sight. Thank you.

    Don’t need to push yourself. We’ll be waiting.

    Wishing you a complete & speedy recovery.

    CJ Hinke
    Nonviolent Conflict Workshop (NVCW)

  13. My dear friends, THANK YOU much for your kind, thoughtful, encouraging messages and wishes for my recovery. I am back in the struggle, 3 weeks after the fact; not at 100%, but close.

    Antonio C. S. Rosa
    TMS Editor