1st Trimester 2023: Shell Profited US$ 9.6 BILLION or US$ 106 MILLION/day

APPEALS, 29 May 2023

Lisa Göldner | Greenpeace Germany – TRANSCEND Media Service

I’ve got bad news. Shell has just made $9.6 BILLION in profit in the first three months of the year. That’s $106 MILLION a day. Just let that sink in. [1]

Shell is raking it in whilst being linked to unlawful activities and extreme weather is wreaking havoc across the world. They’re literally profiting off people’s pain. Please can you sign our urgent petition calling on fossil criminals like Shell to stop their climate-wrecking activities and pay for the damage they have caused?

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Shell is making these eye-watering profits by turbocharging fossil fuel production, despite scientists warning that we need to be keeping them in the ground and boosting renewables. For decades, Shell has spent tens of millions on ‘greenwashing’ in blatant disregard of the science of global warming – but now the evidence is clear for all to see, they’re just choosing to ignore it instead. [2]

But the good news is we have people power on our side. Together we’ve stopped Shell before, so together we can stop them again. Back in 2015, we forced Shell to abandon plans to drill for new oil in the Arctic by taking direct action like scaling their oil rigs and by getting millions of people across the world to stand with us by signing our huge petitions. [3]

And last year, Shell was forced to call off blasting soundwaves through a precious marine ecosystem off the coast of South Africa after groups including Greenpeace Africa took them to court and were helped by a huge petition, signed by hundreds of thousands of people, which grew international support for their case. [4]

But to stop Shell and #EndFossilCrimes once and for all, we’re going to need to take more action than ever before and we need more people than ever to support us. Please can you do your bit to take a stand by signing our petition calling on Shell to stop their climate-wrecking activities and pay for their crimes?

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Last month, new research showed that the devastating droughts gripping East Africa at the moment were made 100 times more likely by the burning of fossil fuels. [5] Countries across Southern Asia have struggled with record-breaking temperatures, causing a surge in heat-related deaths in India, crippling power shortages in Bangladesh and the closure of schools across Thailand. [6]

The climate crisis is here and it’s the fault of big oil companies like Shell who are wilfully ignoring climate science. But history proves that when we stand together and take whatever action we can, we can stop the fossil fuel industry from destroying our planet for profit.

We’re planning to hold Shell to account in the months ahead, so please can you stand with us by taking a moment to sign our petition?


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Lisa Göldner: Lead Campaigner for the Fossil Free Revolution Greenpeace Germany

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