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The Real Nobel Peace Prize: A Squandered Opportunity to Abolish War, by Fredrik S. Heffermehl, 405 pp, ISBN 978-82-93903-60-4 Purchase:

The author and his book.

24 Nov 2023 – Alfred Nobel´s prize never happened. The intention of his legally binding testament was to support Bertha “Lay Down Your Arms” Suttner and her fellow champions of peace. But from Day One the Norwegian trustees of the anti-militarist prize failed Nobel and sided with the political powers Nobel intended the prize to combat.

This is how author, lawyer and peace activist Fredrik S. Heffermehl concludes his most recent book, The Real Nobel Peace Prize. His extensive research of internal files shows that the highly secretive awarders almost always were against the alternative, anti-militarist ideas and activists that Nobel intended his prize to support.

In the book, Heffermehl refines his own (the first ever) interpretation of Alfred Nobel´s intention. He shows how a co-operative global peace order based on law and disarmament, the core purpose Nobel had in mind, was always ignored– in later years openly counteracted by the Norwegian committee. In an unprecedented and groundbreaking evaluation of internal committee files, he shows the 112 inspiring luminaries who were cheated of the prizes that, by law, they were entitled to.

The champions of peace Nobel described precisely in his will are entitled by law to both the prestige and the almost $1 million each year in prize money. Nobel went to the core of the war problem and Heffermehl, after 16 years of hard work, is as determined as ever to make the prize the challenge to militarism Nobel intended it to be.


Fredrik S. Heffermehl, cand. jur, LLM NYU, is a member of the TRANSCEND Network and ex-Vice President of the International Peace Bureau. He is the author of The Nobel Peace Prize, What Nobel Really Wanted (Praeger, 2010 – expanded versions in Chinese, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish and [2014] Russian). fredpax@online.no

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2 Responses to “Nobel Peace Prize’s Negative Review”

  1. Suryanath Prasad says:

    Dr. Young Seek Choue: A Genuine Nominee for Nobel Peace Prize
    NOBEL LAUREATES, 19 Feb 2018
    Surya Nath Prasad, Ph.D. – TRANSCEND Media Service

  2. Per-Stian says:

    Thank you for this post. Hadn’t heard about this book, but it looks very interesting.

    Dropped by the website, and read through some of the qualified candidates. Heart sunk at the mention of Daniel Ellsberg, who sadly is no longer with us. A fantastic man, and it’s sad that his voice is now silent. If more people in government and other important institutions even had half his courage, the state of world affairs may not have been quite so bleak as they currently are.

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