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Michael Brenner – TRANSCEND Media Service

4 Jan 2024 – Every resolution, I guess, has its exemptions. Hence, the irresistible impulse to draw attention to a singular example of lying by omission committed by the usual suspects.

So, now the White House has rebuked Israeli leaders for inflammatory ‘talk’ about the mass deportation of Palestinians (to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, inter alia). However, I have a clear memory of published reports on Blinken’s mission to Cairo and Amman a week or so after Oct 7 where he aggressively urged President Sisi of Egypt and King Adullah of Jordan to open their borders and accept hundreds of thousands of displaced Gazans.

He reportedly offered: to cover the costs of ‘tenting’ the refugees AND to write off billions in Egyptian debt owed the US. This is a matter of public record which, nonetheless, I took the bother to have confirmed by informed persons. President Biden, on his tour of the Middle East shortly thereafter, scheduled meetings with the two leaders with the matter of receiving expelled Palestinian was on the agenda.

Sisi and Abdullah canceled the meeting in the wake of the bombing of the al-Shifa hospital  – thereby avoiding being pressed to comply with the U.S. dictate.

Yet, I see no reference to this by anyone anywhere. If you have seen mention of this glaring contradiction, I’d appreciate your calling it to my attention. The entire incident deserves inscription in the Guiness Book of World Records – in two categories:

  1. Brazen chutzpah, and
  2. Singular success in gaining the complicity of media/punditry while hoodwinking an ever gullible, empty-headed public.
The scheme is reminiscent of Hitler’s early idea of transporting all the Jews to Madagascar. Also, Britain’s current scheme to ship asylum-seeking immigrants to the tropical paradise of Rwanda.


Michael Brenner is professor of international affairs at the University of Pittsburgh; a senior fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations, SAIS-Johns Hopkins (Washington, D.C.), contributor to research and consulting projects on Euro-American security and economic issues. Publishes and teaches in the fields of US foreign policy, Euro-American relations, and the European Union. mbren@pitt.eduMore

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One Response to “Beyond Hypocrisy”

  1. anaisanesse says:

    Of course you are right and I remember reading that , when the “top diplomat of the USA” made those comments. The whole point of all this “retaliation for October 7” was to remove all Palestinians from Gaza 75 years after the Nakba. We see now of course that the West Bank and East Jerusalem are also targeted for large numbers of murders, so it is definitely not “Israel vs Hamas, a shameful lie.

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