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EDITORIAL, 15 Jan 2024

#831 | Antonio C. S. Rosa – TRANSCEND Media Service

Dear friends, this note is to let you know that unfortunately this week our TMS Weekly Digest will be seriously lacking.

The reason is that last week I was taken to the Emergency Room twice—and am getting ready to go back again shortly—due to an aggravation of the scoliosis on my column. The pain is excruciating and incapacitating as I lose flexibility and movement. Due to inflammation, pain killers don’t work. I pray and hope to get better.

I apologize to writers and readers for this inconvenience and hope things come back to normal ASAP. I have been utterly unable to work.

With a heavy heart, I count on your understanding.

Thank you!



This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 15 Jan 2024.

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18 Responses to “Notice from the TMS Editor”

  1. Kees van der Veer says:

    Sorry to hear about your health problems, Antonio. Wishing you a soon recovery!

  2. Daisuke Nojima says:

    Dear Antonio, I wish your soon being released from pain and recovery!
    In this kind of problem, people in East Asia would see a good acupuncturist; if it could work on your present situation?
    (Transcend Japan, EPU2008)

  3. Richard Rubenstein says:

    Antonio, I’m so sorry that you are suffering from this scoliosis. Along with all your other friends and admirers I wish you a respite from the pain and a full recovery. Sending healing thoughts and fondest regards,


    • Baher Kamal says:

      Antonio dear! Fully sharing Richard Rubenstein’s and other friends sincere wishes for speedy recovery. Warmly, Baher Kamal

  4. Harriet Heywood says:

    Dear Antonio,
    So sorry to learn of your pain and wish you a speedy recovery from it. I look forward to your newsletters, and hope you are back to your pain free self soon.
    Best wishes,
    Harriet Heywood

  5. Eva Tennfjord says:

    Querido Antonio! All my best wishes to you. And thank you for the magnificent work you do for all of us! You are a beautiful soul! Love from Eva from Norway.

  6. Poka Laenui says:

    Aloha Antonio.
    With this greeting of Aloha, I am trying to send you the warmth of these islands as you probably remember them as you spent those times of your life under the tutelage of Professor Johan Galtung. I do send you the warmth of our friendship over these years, although we have not met personally, and wish to extend my hope for your recovery. As your circumstances change and you find yourself in my Hawaii vicinity, please let me know and I will extend to you all the assistance I will be able. As for me, my current travel limits are somewhat restricted as well. Aloha a hui hou.
    Poka Laenui

  7. amedeo cottino says:

    Caro Antonio, mi dispiace molto. Nono devi scusarti. Conosco quel dolore. Ti vogliamo presto in salute.
    Un abbraccio


  8. Roger Kotila says:

    My wife suffers the same medical condition as you, Antonio. It’s not fun. She’s in chronic discomfort with bouts of acute pain. However, with the help of pain medication she is able to function almost normally. In her case, surgery was not advised. And thank God we have Medicare and a pretty good back-up insurance plan or here in the USA you become financially ruined from medical bills.

  9. erika degortes says:

    Dearest Antonio, please take good care of yourself! Your work is so precious but you, yourself, are much more! Best wishes, erika

  10. Janyce Konkin says:

    Dear Antonio, I am sorry to hear that you have been suffering from this distressing condition. I can only begin to understand your pain (as someone with minor scoliosis and arthritis in my lower back). I hope whatever treatment is available to you will succeed in returning you to equilibrium as soon as possible. I, too, shall send my healing prayers and best wishes for a serious recovery. I would also like you to know that I also look forward to the TMS updates every week and GREATLY appreciate all that you do to keep us informed. Your work is very important to all of us. Thank you and best wishes in recovering.

  11. anaisanesse says:

    Thinking of you Antonio and best wishes for your speedy recovery.

  12. Baher Kamal says:

    Antonio dear! Fully sharing Richard Rubenstein’s and other friends’ sincere wishes for speedy recovery.

    Warmly, Baher Kamal

  13. Caroline says:

    Dear Antonio,
    Wishing you rest and healing. The work you do at Transcend is vital and is much appreciated. Thank you. Blessings.

  14. Per-Stian says:

    Sorry to hear about your illness, Antonio. Hope you get well soon :)

  15. Hoosen Vawda says:

    With Genuine Wishes for Comfort and Healing
    Dear Professor Carlos Antonio Silva Rosa
    We hope this message finds you in moments of peace amid the challenges you, the good Professor Rosa, are facing. We recently learnt about your ill health, particularly with scoliosis, and we wanted to take a moment to reach out and let you know that you are in our thoughts.
    It deeply saddens us to hear about the pain and discomfort you are enduring. We can only imagine how challenging each day must be for Professor Rosa. Your strength in the face of such adversity and impediments, is truly inspiring, and we want you to know that your well-being is of great importance to all of us.
    During times like these, we wish there were more we could do to alleviate your suffering. Please know that you are not alone on this journey. We are here to offer any support or assistance you may need, whether it is a friendly conversation, assisting in cyberspace, or just being our comforting remote presence.
    May you find moments of relief and respite amid the difficulties, and may each day bring you closer to healing. Your courage and resilience are admirable, and we believe in your ability to overcome these challenges, as you have undoubtedly done over Professor Rosa’s arduous life.
    Sending you heartfelt wishes for comfort, strength, and, most importantly, a swift recovery. If there is anything specific you would like, or medically assist with, please do not hesitate to let us know. Your well-being is our priority, and we here for you. We both echo the sentiments of hundreds of members and readers of the Transcend Media Journal and pray that Professor Rosa is literally, back on line, expediently for the benefit of “Global Peace Propagation”, during these troubled and tumultuous times. Thank you for sharing your medical matters with all of us. Rest assured, our collective cyber-support, good wishes and prayers for healing are there, and ongoing.
    Warmest regards,
    Hoosen and Vanessa Vawda
    Durban, South Africa
    Global: +27 82 291 4546

  16. Akifumi Fujita says:

    Dear Antonio-san,
    I do hope you will be up and about soon. But please keep in mind that your health comes first.
    Sincerely yours, Akifumi

  17. Udaya R.Tennakoon says:

    I am sorry to hear dear Antonio. I feel it much !!
    I may bless you and soon recovery

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