Prof. Johan Galtung Left Us


 Hoosen and Vanessa Vawda – TRANSCEND Media Service

17 Feb 2024 – A sad day, indeed!

We are distraught at being informed, a short while ago, on the passing on of Professor Johan Galtung. Thank you for so thoughtfully letting us be part of your lives and sharing with us his sad departure, now that his beautiful soul has passed on and is with the Divine.  While, we never had the pleasure of ever meeting dear Professor Galtung, we both have come to know him virtually in cyberspace, through his publications as well as writing about Professor Galtung in the Peace Journal, he founded, the most relevant Transcend Media Peace Journal, today, during these times of major, global Peace Disruptions.

We appreciate you sharing your grief with us, when we discovered that he was called up to the Lord.

Indeed, a sad and great loss so suddenly.  We will be most grateful if you will please accept our sympathies and kindly convey our sincere condolences to the rest of the family, on the passing of your vibrant Professor Galtung.  He was an iconic, highly respectable, gentleman as well as a dedicated academic, young at heart. A wonderful person and a genuine friend to people he knew, both at home and his circle of friends, as well as total strangers, he had met, as I was informed.  He was also a foundation as well as a pillar of support for Professor Rosa in all his endeavours as a Father, Mentor and spiritual guide to all of us who read his extensive publications, over the decades.

As you know, and will concur, the departure of the family Patriarch is always a great loss, no matter how senior the deceased person was.  It is not only a loss to the immediate and extended families, but also to the community at large.  Years of oral history, tradition, culture and living role model-ship are inevitably lost, forever. I know that you and your entire family, including Professor Galtung’s circle of friends, as well my wife Vanessa and I, will miss the dear, caring and community orientated, Professor Galtung, very much and no words of comfort will alleviate the profound grief of family and friends.  The sadness is further compounded by the sudden passing within a short period of time, following his illness and hospitalisation.

In this regard, we pray to the Lord to grant the family solace during the period of bereavement and further asks the Divine to grant his soul, eternal salvation.  He is certainly with the Divine, as well as your good ancestors and is now at peace. Dear  Professor Galtung’s memories will remain with us forever and his happy spirits will be eternally amongst us, all.

We respectfully add and record our heartfelt sympathies, to the multitude of condolences you have undoubtedly received from the greater community, which knew your dear Professor Galtung, to you and the rest of the grieving Galtung Family. We trust that your good family, are comforted by the Lord, who will remove all obstacles in the path of inviting his soul towards eternal salvation, being the moral compass, Professor Galtung, was and will certainly remain in our hearts forever.

Take care and pray that the Lord grants you all peace and comfort on the passing away of the dear, senior family Patriarch, Professor Galtung who served the family and the academic community most dedicatedly, diligently and caringly, with the greatest compassion we have seen during his illustrious life and career, also acknowledging your personal care and dedication, as a worthy progeny, of the inimitable Professor Johan Galtung.

Please do keep in contact and if there is anything we can be of assistance with, please feel free to count us in.

Love, heartfelt sympathies and kind regards to you and the rest of the Galtung family and friends from the both of us.

Thank you, once again for affording us an opportunity to express our sincere condolences as well as knowing him over the years we interacted with him, albeit, virtually.

We pray that Professor Johan Galtung’s soul rests in Eternal Peace, with the merciful Lord.

Take care, keep safe and remain protected.  Happiness is your destiny and will surely follow you all with Lord’s blessings, during this sad period.

Durban, South Africa

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This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 26 Feb 2024.

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