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China Builds as the USA Bombs: This Study Proves It
Alex Lo | South China Morning Post – TRANSCEND Media Service, 12 Feb 2024

1 Feb 2024 – On Washington’s telling, Beijing is spreading authoritarianism through producing goods and building infrastructures as the US promotes freedom and democracy by bombing and selling weapons. Remember George Orwell? “War is peace. Ignorance is strength.” Reality is easily turned upside down.

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NATO’s Stealthy Expansion into Asia-Pacific Can Blow up Region
Alex Lo | The Transnational - TRANSCEND Media Service, 15 May 2023

8 May 2023 – A proxy war in Ukraine is not enough for NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg, who clearly thinks his mandate extends to containing China in its own backyard.

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Must the United States Demonise China?
Alex Lo | South China Morning Post – TRANSCEND Media Service, 29 Jun 2020

26 Jun 2020 – Simply existing as a prosperous power is enough to make China an enemy, which must be isolated, contained, if not destroyed, like a disease. Hong Kong is but another factor in this hegemonic calculus.

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Oil Plunges below Zero for First Time in Unprecedented Wipeout
Catherine Ngai, Olivia Raimonde and Alex Longley | Bloomberg - TRANSCEND Media Service, 27 Apr 2020

20 Apr 2020 – Of all the wild, unprecedented swings in financial markets since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, none has been more jaw-dropping than today’s collapse in a key segment of U.S. oil trading:
* U.S. crude trades at lowest level in data going back to 1946.
* Crude in U.S. trades more than $40 below zero at lowest level.

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How US Media Dish Out Their Own Propaganda on China and COVID-19
Alex Lo | South China Morning Post - TRANSCEND Media Service, 13 Apr 2020

12 Apr 2020 – Their stereotypical framing of China’s actions against the pandemic verges on parody and caricature, portraying even innocent and uncontroversial measures in the most insidious light possible.

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Test Subjects
Alex Lockwood – TRANSCEND Media Service, 23 Mar 2020

Frances, Emily and Amy were all aspiring scientists, looking forward to a future in which they could make a real difference to human health. Testing on animals, they had felt, was a necessary part of their research. These three scientists all slowly came to question the validity of animal testing and now look to share their stories.

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