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Conflating Jewish and Pro-Israel Is Wrong and Misleading
Ari Paul | Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting – TRANSCEND Media Service, 13 Nov 2023

6 Nov 2023 – As protests erupt worldwide against Israel’s ferocious bombardment and invasion of Gaza, US media ponder how this impacts Jewish people. The way this is framed completely mischaracterizes Jewish opinion, falsely acting as if it is unquestionably unified in support of Israeli military attacks.

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While Crypto Bro Scammed Clients, Reporters Scammed Readers
Ari Paul | FAIR - TRANSCEND Media Service, 28 Nov 2022

19 Nov 2022 – Before Bankman-Fried’s transition from financial genius to possible financial criminal, he received little scrutiny in the media.

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The News Is Not That Israel Has Apartheid, but That Amnesty Dares Say So
Ari Paul | FAIR-Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting - TRANSCEND Media Service, 7 Feb 2022

3 Feb 2022 – Does the state of Israel now endorse cancel culture? AP (1/31/22) disclosed that its government called on Amnesty International not to release a report (2/1/22) that defines that nation’s legal structure as a form of apartheid. Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said the report endorses “lies shared by terrorist organizations.”

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Trump’s Tantrum against TikTok Is No Laughing Matter
Ari Paul | FAIR-Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting - TRANSCEND Media Service, 17 Aug 2020

5 Aug 2020 – President Donald Trump has made it clear he would like to ban the video-making app TikTok. Despite being mostly used by younger users to make music or comedic videos, the White House says it is worried about the platform, as the New York Times (8/1/20) explained, “because of the app’s Chinese ownership.”

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