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The Ukraine Crisis: Past, Present, and Future?
Charles Webel | The New Presence – TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Apr 2022

Mar 2022 – Is the Ukraine crisis a turning point in world history? And is this also a potential wake-up call for the “liberal U.S.-dominated Western world order,” due to a conflict whose significance is comparable to and potentially greater than 9/11?

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Conflict: Management, Resolution, or Transformation?
Charles Webel, Ph.D. | The New Presence - TRANSCEND Media Service, 21 Feb 2022

14 Feb 2022 – What is a conflict? Is conflict always undesirable? What is the range of human conflicts? What are the reasons for conflicts? And when conflicts arise, how should one optimally deal with them? These general issues have particular relevance for understanding and mitigating contemporary conflicts

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Is Peace Possible?
Charles Webel | UNYP – TRANSCEND Media Service, 2 Dec 2019

Most of us think we know what peace is, but people often have very different definitions of this apparently simple word. And although almost everyone would agree that some form of peace—however it is defined—is desir¬able, there are often forceful, even violent, disagreements over how to obtain it. Peace is like the human project itself—a work (and a word) in progress.

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Assessing the War on Terror
Edited by Charles Webel and Mark Tomass – TRANSCEND Media Service, 27 Feb 2017

This volume is a collection of articles that critically examine the efficacy, ethics, and impact of the War on Terror as it has evolved since 9/11. It will be of much interest to students and scholars of terrorism and counter-terrorism, foreign policy, Middle Eastern politics, security studies and IR, as well as policy makers.

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The Ethics and Efficacy of the War on Terrorism: Fighting Terror without Terror? Or How to Give Peace a Chance
Charles Webel | Tikkun – TRANSCEND Media Service, 5 Sep 2016

Throwing a bomb is bad,
Dropping a bomb is good,
Terror, no need to add,
Depends on who’s wearing the hood.
— Roger Woddis

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Terrorism: Origins, Analysis & Resolution
TRANSCEND Member Prof. Charles Webel - TRANSCEND Media Service, 9 Apr 2012

This course will focus on contemporary international terrorism, including the current “global war on terror.” It will familiarize students with contemporary theories and methods of understanding and preventing terrorism, focusing on international conflicts and conflict resolution.

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