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Pentagon Goes Rooting for ‘Extremists’ among Its 3.6mn Trained Killers
Helen Buyniski | RT - TRANSCEND Media Service, 8 Feb 2021

6 Feb 2021 – The US military is making a big show of cleansing its ranks of ‘extremism’ – because nothing says tolerance like raining fiery death on innocent strangers at the command of a guy who just stepped down from Raytheon’s board. With “domestic extremists” now officially the enemy du jour in Washington, the top order of business has become finding some.

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Technology Was Supposed to Make Us More Capable. Instead It Has Made Us Scarily Dependent
Helen Buyniski - RT, 30 Sep 2019

25 Sep 2019 – The promise of technology, we were once told, is to liberate us to achieve our true potential. But it’s becoming clear that our current technological direction is only making us hopelessly dependent on technology.

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The New EU Copyright Law Closes the Book on Free Speech Online. That’s a Feature, Not a Bug.
Helen Buyniski - RT, 8 Apr 2019

26 Mar 2019 – The controversial copyright law facing a final vote in the EU parliament is less about copyright than it is about hammering a final nail in the coffin of the freedoms the internet once promised. Yes, Article 13 is that bad.

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