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Cambridge Analytica and the End of Elections
Nanjala Nyabola – Al Jazeera, 27 Jan 2020

18 Jan 2020 – The latest Cambridge Analytica leaks show just how compromised voting – one of the pillars of democracy – has become. The future of elections is at stake, and this is just one part of the emerging picture.

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The Eternal Fruit of Toni Morrison’s Iroko Tree
Nanjala Nyabola – Al Jazeera, 16 Sep 2019

Toni Morrison was and forever will be an inspiration for those who seek to set their imagination free.

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What Libya’s “Slave Auctions” Tell Us about the Humanitarian System
Nanjala Nyabola | IRIN – TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Dec 2017

The CNN film was a shock. But it’s nothing new: racism is at the heart of the refugee and migrant crisis. It’s Time to Talk about Race and Racism

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Why Do Western Media Get Africa Wrong?
Nanjala Nyabola – Al Jazeera, 6 Jan 2014

There are fundamental differences in how Western and African media cover African events. Ask Africans what they think and have them tell their own stories, instead of co-opting them to undermine or reinforce existing narratives among the Western audience.

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