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The Catalan Crisis Is Not Just about Nationalism
Santiago Zabala – Al Jazeera, 30 Oct 2017

19 Oct 2017- This is a difficult year for Spain. The fact that the EU unconditionally supports the Spanish prime minister’s policies towards the Catalonia impasse is an indication it cannot afford another Brexit. As President Jean-Claude Juncker said: “If we allow Catalonia – and it is not our business – to separate, others will do the same.”

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Why So Many Communist Philosophers?
Santiago Zabala – Al Jazeera, 30 Jul 2012

The destructive nature of neoliberalism has prompted many philosophers to reconsider communist ideas. Reading and writing about Karl Marx does not necessarily make you a communist, but the fact that a number of distinguished philosophers are reevaluating Marx’s ideas certainly means something.

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Being a Communist In 2012
Santiago Zabala – Al Jazeera, 13 Feb 2012

Being a communist in 2012 is not a political choice, but rather an existential matter. The global levels of political, economic and social inequality we are going to reach this year because of capitalism’s logics of production not only are alarming, but also threaten our existence. Unfortunately, war with Iran is likely to begin, public protest might increase throughout the West because of government austerity programmes, and these very disorders will probably be suppressed with sophisticated high-tech weapons.

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Why Latin America Calls On Philosophers
Santiago Zabala – Al Jazeera, 9 Jan 2012

Similar to the World Social Forum of Brazil, both the prize and forum aim to reflect not only upon the social progress that characterises these nations, but also the progress taking place in rest of the world; this is why only thinkers whose position is essentially leftist are invited, that is, those in the service of the weak, marginalised, and oppressed sectors of society.

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