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An Exception to American Exceptionalism (Part III)
Valery Fadeev – Oriental Review, 29 Sep 2014

The Myth of Isolation – Much of the international media claim that Russia’s conduct during the crisis in Ukraine has isolated the country, made her a pariah, and that the entire civilized world has turned from her in disdain. Is this really so?

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An Exception to American Exceptionalism (Part II)
Valery Fadeev – Oriental Review, 22 Sep 2014

A New World System: The Moral Foundations – In addition to national interests, which are an eternal component of global politics, there is another factor with much greater impact, and this is the moral basis that underpins the players acting upon the world stage.

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An Exception to American Exceptionalism (Part I)
Valery Fadeev – Oriental Review, 15 Sep 2014

Let us first examine the military and strategic aspects of the Ukrainian crisis from the Russian standpoint. What did Eastern Europe look like at the beginning of 2014? Russia was surrounded by a sea of American military bases.

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