One on One – Johan Galtung

TRANSCEND VIDEOS, Music Video of the Week, 10 Jan 2011

Riz Khan – Al Jazeera

Johan Galtung, considered the father of peace studies, discusses why he dedicated his life to waging peace in the world.


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2 Responses to “One on One – Johan Galtung”

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  2. Zain Mahmood says:

    Dr Galtung, I found your input in the @AJEnglish episode on Libya devoid of any real insight into the Libyan situation. Your tired argument about mediation is void since Gaddafi is hardly a man to listen to reason. A few weeks of dutiful “mediation” would have seen thousands dead. I am also surprised you didn’t mention the Libyan people’s wishes in this matter. They asked the UN to help, Arab League and AU failed to step up. FYI Gaddafi’s “revolutionary charm” is non-existent for a new generation of Arabs. Your suggestion that the western allies are hypocritical since “they are helping just one side” is laughable. How dare the UN take the side of the freedom-loving people of Libya against a murderous dictator?