Breivik: Living In the Historical Present (Part II)

EDITORIAL, 18 Jun 2012

#222 | Johan Galtung, 18 Jun 2012 - TRANSCEND Media Service

The police explores concrete logistic collaborators and-or ideological support; like Peter Mangs in Sweden, the “laser man” who killed what looked like immigrants, wrote a rightwing manifesto and an autobiography; or “Fjordman” with 111 mentions.

Breivik was a member of a Norwegian rightwing anti-immigration party, Fremskrittspartiet–a legal stand in a democracy–but left. He also left the Free Masons, with the following Compendium comment:

“Being a Free Mason myself I know that /the Freemasons are a Zionist organization/ is not only a false claim but actually quite ridiculous.  The Freemasons is not in any way political (I wish the organization was, believe me) and it is true that they have a positive view on Jews.  However, this is from a Christian religious context where solidarity to Jews and Israel is important.  The Freemasons is a Christian only organization and no Muslim or Jew could become a member even if they wanted to.  There are no political bodies within the organization nationally or internationally” (p. 1369).

However, the Freemason lodges Gladio and P2 were behind the 2 August 1980 Bologna massacre, and oaths of loyalty among members may matter.

But Breivik seems to live so much in past history that it attains reality, competing with, even replacing contemporary reality.  His references are numerous.  There are errors; but more important is to understand his reading of the meaning of history, his history.

A cursory look at the frequencies of key words in the Compendium serves as a guide to his concerns and profile, starting with religion:

Judaism-Christianity-Islam 23-227-3357; Moses-Jesus-Mohammed 4-62-77;

Jerusalem-Bethlehem-Mecca/Medina 90-15-130; Jewish-Christian 155-2211

As struggles: Crusades 257, Vienna 163, Tours 60, Lepanto 1.

As participants: (Knights) Templars 221 (Free Masons 4, Mossad 2).

As countries: America-USA 582, Israel 359, Norway-Norwegian 222-262.

As inner enemies: Traitor 277, Culture 1151, Multiculturalism 462,

Mixing 60, Purity 31, marxism 185

As counter-force: (cultural) conservatism 985 (self-description).

The enemy focus is on Islam–concretely, politically, as Eurabia 171 and Caliphate 60–but above all as threat to his racial-cultural purity.

The anchoring is in Judeo-Christianity, mainly Catholic, as the cultural conservative, and as the pure Norwegian, he sees himself.

His historical presentism shows up in naming his guns Gungnir and Mjölnir from Old Norse myths; similar to “You are the beasts of prey. Taliban is the prey. To VALHALLA!” used by Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan (T. E. Hverven, “Inn i det uutholdelige“, KK, 20-04-12).  Breivik refers to the dehumanization of the Taliban, and to himself as a soldier.  The comparison is there, which brings up the point that had he, or somebody else, done what he did, but in Afghanistan, killing Taliban for NATO, he might have received a medal instead of being indicted.

He brings up the siege of Jerusalem during the First crusade called by Pope Urban 2 in 1095; the victor, Godfrey de Bouillon, made Advocate of the Holy Sepulcher on 22 July.  Both are heroes to Breivik as are the Knights Templars founded in 1119 to protect Christian pilgrims visiting the Holy Places, endorsed by the Catholic Church (lifted in 1312).

There is a Judeo-Christian axis of war against Islam in his macro-history. Jerusalem, Salomo’s Temple (basic to the Free Masons), and the lifting of the Ottoman siege on Vienna in 1683 are high points; hence the compendium title “2083: A European Declaration of Independence”, 1518 pp.  In 2083 the traitors will be defeated, and Muslims deported.

But there are also other elements lifted from history.

Thus, in court Breivik brought up nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, August 6-9 1945, 300,000 killed, “brutal, but not evil”, saving millions (actually, by then Japan had decided to capitulate; it was more punishment for Pearl Harbor).  77 killed is also brutal, but not evil, if it can save thousands in civil wars against the Norwegian Labor Party for destroying the Norwegian race and culture through massive immigration.

His reading of history leads him to a double strategy.

First, his 22/7 terrorist act against the “traitors”.  Like many others he has the false social theory that terrorism will unleash a major civil war against the rulers to get rid of the terrorist target.  The Hitler regime was the target for Allied bombing of Germany; the “class enemy” for left wing, British Royal Air Force-RAF terrorism; the US federal government the target for Breivik’s bomber model Timothy McVeigh’s 19 Apr 1995 Oklahoma massacre for Waco. But people turned against the direct cause of their suffering, the terrorists; Germans hated Allies more and the Nazi party had a short revival; they turned against Bader-Meinhof; the Americans turned against McVeigh; Europeans and Israelis against Arabs.  And Norwegians against Breivik, with deep compassion for his victims.  The theory is dead wrong.

His second strategy is equally unrealistic.  After the “traitors” have been defeated a new cultural conservative order will emerge, with military tribunals for deportation of all Muslims, first from Western then Eastern Europe (more problematic because Bosniaks and Albanians have been there for centuries.)  There will be six transit zones on the coasts with barbed wire and guards for those unwilling to leave.  The willing will be given 1 kg of gold; for the unwilling deportation o death. Mosques and Islamic cultural centers will be demolished or converted.

He has a cost-benefit analysis for Belgium (10 percent Muslims of 10.4 million): in Brussels 80 percent of the taxi drivers, 60 percent of public transport, 50 percent of the restaurant industry and 20 percent of health care are Muslims.  The short term effects will be catastrophic; but then money will be saved, crimes will drop by 50 percent, and ethnic European immigrants will fill the gaps.

Conclusion.  Breivik is not alone in this reading of history.  But others kill Muslims abroad, not their compatriot “traitors” at home.

Appendix: Breivik’s Three Conflicts: Some Quotes

ISLAM – “It is significant that one of the few place names on earth that reminds us not of the victory of the winners but rather the slaughter of the losers, concerns a genocide of Hindus by the Moslems.” (p. 13).  “Since the creation of Islam in the 7th century and up to this day, the Islamic Jihad has systematically killed more than 300 million non-Muslims and tortured and enslaved more than 500 million individuals.  Since 9/11 2001, more than 12 000 Jihadi terrorist attacks have occurred around the world–This trend will continue as long as there are non-Muslim targets available and as long as Islam continues to exist.” (p. 39)–Assyrian, Coptic, Maronite, Hindu genocides in the Middle East.” (p. 1366)

“–the “holocaust religion is one of the major factors that are making Europe vulnerable and susceptible to Islamic conquest through demographical warfare.” (p. 1366).

“–we, the pro multi-ethnicity and pro-Israel/Jewish factions, do in fact expect future support from all non-Muslim right wing minority groups and indirect support from the Israel right wing.” (p. 303).

“Islam is utterly incompatible with human liberty–(p. 560); Islam is a totalitarian ideology–(p. 538); “It was only for about 13 years that Islam was peace and nothing but peace” (p. 539); “Islam is a compressed version of all the darkest aspects of masculinity” (p. 352); “The best way to deal with the Islamic world is to have as little to do with it as possible” (p. 330).

RACE“A 2002 study found the prevalence of blue eye color among European-Americans in the United States to be 57.4 percent for those born from 1899 through 1905 compared with 33.8 percent for those born from 1936 through 1951. Blue eyes have become increasingly rare among American children, with only one out of every six–16.6 percent–of the total United States population having  blue eyes.–A century ago, 80 percent of people married within their ethnic group.”

“The key to our survival is to liberalize the strict bio-technology laws and to commercialize and glorify repro-genetics while there is still a sustainable selection of Nordic of 99% purity left (the window of opportunity will be forever lost within 150 years).–we will be able to purify our tribe and add several IQ points to our offspring in the same process.” (p. 1159). “Race-mixing leads to suicidal children with severe mental problems” (p. 1160.

CULTURE – “Western Europe is heading in a direction where they are going to become colonies of their former colonies.–Why do European lack cultural and political self confidence to prevent its own suicide?–My own ancestors, the Vikings, were known to be the most vicious and brutal warriors of the age and would raid significantly more developed cultures even when outnumbered 10 to 1.  Instead of looking at genes we will find the answer if we look at the psychological condition of the modern European.  How did we end up as cowardly eunuchs applauding our own cultural and demographic demise?  The essence is that–we didn’t persecute the Marxists after WW2. If we had executed each and every Marxist and banned Marxist doctrines–the cultural as well–internationalism, extreme feminism, anti-elitism, anti-nationalism) we would not be in the current situation.” (p. 733).             “A multiculturalist is just as bad as a Nazi, which again is just as bad as a true Muslim, a communist or a fascist.” (p.1237).

“So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural marxists-“. (p. 1163).

“conservative culturalists are royalists–genetically identity a suitable candidate from the Fairhair-Hårfagre line–coached by a neighboring royal family for at least three years before coronation.”


 Johan Galtung, a Professor of Peace Studies, is Rector of the TRANSCEND Peace University-TPU. He is author of over 150 books on peace and related issues, including ‘50 Years – 100 Peace and Conflict Perspectives’ published by the TRANSCEND University Press-TUP.

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4 Responses to “Breivik: Living In the Historical Present (Part II)”

  1. David Doerr says:

    Modern organized religions become obsessed with their hierarchies, and the privileged leaders quell any serious dialogue regarding metaphysics. The Catholic Church is a prime example. In the book of The Acts of the Apostles, chapter two, there is twice the mention of how signs and miracles showed evidence in support of the Gospel of the early Church. Now, modern religious sects are so caught up in political issues that they fail to bring to their members a Gospel that involves direct speech to the Heavenly Father – the Spirit. Breivik wants to promote a militaristic solution, yet has little to preach regarding the Fall of humanity from the knowledge of God.
    If Breivik were a true steward of the planet, he would promote knowledge among the teeming poor of every method of birth control – artificial and natural. (Perhaps his loyalty to the Pope restrains him from promoting “evil” artificial birth control, because little babies will not be born, for Christ’s sake!)
    If Breivik really sought to promote constructive stewardship over the planet, then he would promote the idea of settling political conflict through the invocation of the Spirit – for signs and revelations to those whom he believes are “less pure”.
    I suspect that Breivik wants recognition from some group that has no Gospel of knowledge of God – of direct speech to God, with a vision that includes signs and revelations.
    With an increase of 40% in the world’s population during the last twenty-five years, I would place the blame for much of the world’s suffering that results from this demographic reality, on Western political organizations, as much as I would place the blame on anyone else. With the Internet, our Western governments cannot promote knowledge of the wide range of methods of birth control? The most violent regions of the world are those unstable parts of the globe that happen to have very high birth rates. Breivik, if he had known that (and if he really is a Christian) could have accomplished as much towards his goal, had he spent his energy preaching to people the need to slow the birth rates of these desperately poor nations through a process of education. He apparently thought that governments would automatically do that. That was his biggest, most naive, mistake.

  2. Eivind Olsnes says:

    Nice read, but where’s part one?

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