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 – ONLINE and ONSITE COURSES September 2012




Peace is the outcome of all such human interaction based on equal and mutual benefits. —Prof. Johan Galtung

Since wars begin in the minds of human beings, it is in the minds of human beings that the defences of peace must be constructed. —UNESCO Constitution



ONLINE and ONSITE COURSES September 2012

Academic Director: Professor Dr. Dietrich Fischer



SIX CASES: West vs. Islam, Afghanistan, G.I.P.S.I[1], The Americas, Sabona, Middle East

Term: September 28th.  – December 20th 2012

 Addressed to: The course is addressed to participants from all disciplines interested in peace  and  conflict  resolution,  including  NGO  members,  diplomats,  government officials, politicians, international civil  servants, teachers, students, journalists, social workers, lawyers, officers, psychologists, professors, artists.

Curriculum: The course spans 6 weekends, covering a total of 12 weeks, from Friday 28/9 till Thursday 09/12. Written course material will be available on Fridays, the on-site course is on weekends from Friday pm till Sunday pm, there will be assignments, written answers expected on Thursdays with responses right afterwards. The participants will be divided into groups with chat rooms –mixing TRANSCEND Peace University and TRANSCEND Peace Institute participants– to write a collective answer. For the on-site course there are additional trainings at the Galtung-Institut.

TPU & TPI will organize Skype or other forms of interactive contact with experts on the conflicts and, when possible, parties to the conflicts, through direct Skype contact with the participants.


Module 6 Weekends – 6 Modules (on – site) – Fall 2012
1 28-30 September 2012: West vs. Islam: From Violence to CooperationAssignments issued on Monday: 01.oct.2012

Responses due on Thursday ten days later: 11.oct.2012


2 12-14 October 2012: Afghanistan: Beyond the Western Chess GameAssignments issued on Monday:15.oct.2012

Responses due on Thursday ten days later: 25.oct.2012


3 26-28 October 2012: G.I.P.S.I: Greece-Italy-Portugal-Spain-Ireland – The Decline of the West?Assignments issued on Monday:29.oct.2012

Responses due on Thursday ten days later: 08.nov.2012


4 09-11 November 2012: The Americas: A declaration of IndependenceAssignments issued on Monday:12.nov.2012

Responses due on Thursday ten days later: 22.nov.2012

5 23-25 November 2012: SABONA – Conflict and Peace in Daily LifeAssignments issued on Monday: 26.nov.2012

Responses due on Thursday ten days later: 06.dec.2012


6 07-09 December 2012: Middle East: The next World War? Israel-Palestine, Arab Revolt, Iran, SyriaAssignments issued on Monday 10.dec.2012

Responses due on Thursday ten days later:20.dec.2012


Registration: You can enroll online, for further information click here.

Though the course is taught in English we pay special attention to applicants who experience difficulties with the language. Special modules can be organized, under request, in Arabic, Fanti, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish.

Degrees: There will be diplomas for both courses for successful completion (meaning having participated in all assignments), with detailed description of the course content issued by TRANSCEND International.

Costs:  To be paid in advance of the course or module.

Fees for the on-line course: € 500 for OECD participants, € 250 for non-OECD. In addition it is possible to take individual modules online for €100 per module for OECD and € 50 for NON-OECD

Fees on site: € 250 per module, which includes the online part for that module.

Those who register for all 6 modules on site pay only 1000 euro for all 6 modules, including the online part.

When To Apply:  You can apply at any time before the beginning of a the program. Please note:

  • The number of participants per course is limited.
  • Your registration becomes official the moment we receive your fees and not when we receive your application.
  • This means that in order to secure your spot on the course it is strongly advised to transfer the fees at soon as possible as the maximum number of participants can be reached any moment. If space is left, you will be admitted. Those who need a visa are advised to apply as early as possible.

For more information and applications,please consult, or write to <>, or call us at 0049 7624 9129137. We will be happy to be of assistance.


[1]Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ireland.


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