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“Look, Mummy. There’s an airplane up in the sky.”

A child voices this opening line of “Goodbye Blue Sky”—a song from the eleventh studio album by the English progressive rock group Pink Floyd, released as a double album on November 30, 1979. The album is called, The Wall.

Thirty-four years later, perhaps Pink Floyd’s creative genius, Roger Waters, might write something more along the lines of:

“Look, Mummy. Chemtrails up in the sky.”

Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering

“SAG” for short.

Edward Teller is sometimes called “The father of the hydrogen bomb”. Another of Teller’s children was born via this:

“While scientists continue research into any global climatic effects of greenhouse gases, we ought to study ways to offset any possible ill effects. Injecting sunlight-scattering particles into the stratosphere appears to be a promising approach. Why not do that?”

Thanks again, Dr. Teller, for fathering another satanic child—the spraying of metallic aerosols to deflect sunlight and cool the Earth. Though Teller was unable to secure funding for his research, sunlight-scattering particles are being sprayed into the stratosphere right now, have been for years. Insidious consequences are piling up like snow on the slopes of Mt. Shasta, alarming people especially in NATO countries around the world. Meanwhile, apathy, ignorance and distraction of American masses help to keep this taxpayer-funded covert government operation a…Conspiracy Theory!

The original patent for, “The Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding For Reduction of Global Warming” was issued to Hughes Aircraft in 1991, U.S. patent #5,003,186. It involves spraying into the upper atmosphere a “…very fine, white-talcum-like aerosol of aluminum oxide, barium oxide and other oxides…” to reduce global warming.

Contrails, Chemtrails?

A best friend of SAG is something common under the right conditions: contrails. Hot jet exhaust can produce contrails, streaks of condensed water vapor that readily dissipate. But for people occupied beyond paying attention to happenings above their heads…chemtrails, contrails, what’s the difference?

Apparently it doesn’t matter how many pictures, videos, testimonials of people involved, and evidence from the stratosphere to the ground verify that SAG is already an enormous operation, many people don’t want to believe their government could be such an enemy of the common good.

Another line from The Wall: “Mother should I trust the government?”

And since SAG is linked to anthropogenic climate disruption (“global warming”), millions of people automatically dismiss the whole schmeer—they don’t want it to happen.

People that know the least about climate dynamics, especially climate as opposed to weather, often seem to have the most profound prejudices regarding global warming.

Wing and tail nozzles of planes,, often unmarked, spray metallic aerosols that can persist all day…even coalescing into haze that covers much of the sky after heavy spraying; these are chemtrails.

Contrails are more like your breath on a frigid day.

Something interesting about “chemtrails” being the folksy term for primarily metallic-oxide aerosols…there is evidence of various chemicals, self-replicating nano-fibers, even biological ingredients such as human pathogens in the SAG “clouds”.

Let’s focus on the sunlight-scattering oxides of aluminum, barium, strontium, titanium and other metals. Aluminum seems to be causing the most obvious damage on the ground.

In this ABC news video of a crashed SAG spray plane, please notice the extensive pools of an “…aluminum-like substance” bled from the wreckage. The tail omega is the plane’s only obvious marking. The crash happened on May 18, 2011, at Point Muga, California.

Here in Spokane, Washington, for many that remember what the sky looked like when airplanes sometimes left dissipating white streaks of vapor across blue sky, SAG’s heavier spraying days are very disturbing. Chemtrails have been obvious for years. California seems a main target, and that brings us back to Mt. Shasta in Northern California.

Whatever SAG sprays in the sky ends up the ground. The whole Mt. Shasta region offers snowballing evidence of SAG fallout damage. People are witnessing rapid ecosystem breakdown—trees, vegetation and wildlife dying.

Heavy spraying can decrease output of solar energy systems by up to 60%.

Tests of water from Lake Shasta’s Pit River Arm tributary reveal levels of aluminum over 4,000 times the maximum allowed for drinking water by the State of California; snow samples from Mt. Shasta have shown 60 times the maximum.

Bark of dying trees in the area contain aluminum, titanium, barium, strontium….

Soils normally in the pH range of 5 to 5.5 have tested between 6.5 and 7.5—over ten times the normal alkalinity, a signature of aluminum.

The Mt. Shasta City Council refuses to have their water tested; surely, Mt. Shasta being the source of a burgeoning bottled water industry is not the only reason.

Conspiracy Theory

Dr. Teller fathered the hydrogen bomb, and SAG—science fiendishly employed against the common good.

Another dazzling scientific coup (social science) involves Power’s Perception Managers (PPMs). They manage public perceptions, sculpt reality for the masses. Perhaps even eclipsing their success at programming the public in ways that make the public think they are coming up with their own ideas…the PPMs’ ultimate mother lode, success “beyond wildest dreams”—without further ado, the winner is the popular term: “Conspiracy Theory”.

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary definition of conspiracy:

1: the act of conspiring together 2:a: an agreement among conspirators b: a group of conspirators (see also, cabal)

conspire: to join in secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act which becomes unlawful as a result of the secret agreement b: SCHEME

PPMs know that folks tend to resist thinking for themselves. In this regard, conspiracy theory, a veritable modern American “institution”, is majestic. When threatened with various social blacklisting just around the corner from thinking for themselves…not to mention the responsibility of awareness…folks need only bark, “Conspiracy theory!”

No thinking required, responsibility relieved. And not only that, being a quick-draw with the term conspiracy theory is like having a Teflon shield against any sticking of such PPM epithets as, “truthers”, “preppers”, “chemmies”—even the comprehensive “conspiracy theorist” and its dread “tinfoil hat” accessory.

Considering the meaning of the term conspiracy, when it comes to the exercise of power over the people (government of, by and for the elite), can you think of anything that is not a conspiracy? Even just one thing?

If Americans spent more time thinking for themselves and less time worrying about what other people think, perhaps the term “common good” would not be such a sick joke, and blind debunking would not be such a growth industry.

Owning the Weather

A 1996 United States Air Force report titled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” states: “In 2025, US aerospace forces can ‘own the weather’ by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing on development of those technologies….”

The full report listing a wide variety of weather modification and weather weapon capabilities is available on the official USAF website.

Also of interest is this video from GeoEngineering Watch titled: “Military to Own The Weather In 2025 – Chemtrails HAARP Space Weapons

The USAF even has a training manual for chemtrails.

For those confronting chemtrails with open eyes and an open mind, some of the best information is on government/military official sites.

Also for those inclined to pay attention, there’s the sky. And damage on the ground is more obvious every day.

9/11 proved to power that, if the packaging, fear ensemble, shock factor and perception management are finessed just right, the American public will swallow any elite atrocity—doesn’t even matter if it’s executed right in the public’s face. So, absolute contempt for the common good demonstrated by the elite…we earn it.

It’s even fashionable for elites such as Jeb Bush to call taxpayers “fodder units”. OFUs, that’s us…one American taxpayer equals one fodder unit.

How do the elite get away with denial of things like chemtrails—even keeping such atrocities buried in conspiracy theory? We let  them.

In 1787, Alexander Tyler of the University of Edinburgh wrote that all “democracies” go through eight stages, 200 years being the average cycle time. The stages are:

From bondage to spiritual faith;
From spiritual faith to great courage;
From courage to liberty;
From liberty to abundance;
From abundance to complacency;
From complacency to apathy;
From apathy to dependence;
From dependence back to bondage.

The United States is a textbook oligarchy dressed up with certain democratic illusions. But we seem to have the same trajectory as Tyler’s “democracy”…and are dallying, solidly embedding into apathy after well over 200 years.

As for bondage: the New World Order flies at us on the wings of our apathy.

And regarding the sunlight-scattering wall SAG sprays around the planet…another line from Pink Floyd’s The Wall:

“Mother did it need to be so high?”

Rand Clifford lives in Spokane, Washington. His novels, Castling, Timing, Priest Lake Cathedral, and many earlier articles are published by StarChief Press. Contact for Rand Clifford:

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3 Responses to “Goodbye Blue Sky”

  1. satoshi says:

    First of all, thank you, Antonio, the editor of the TMS, for posting this very important article. You select and post very important/critical articles on the TMS website every week. The above article is also one of the most critical articles in the current situation of the world.

    Although the main discussion in the above article is about SAG, the article contains some other relevant contentions or subjects, including chemtrails (conspiracy theory) and oligarchy, each of which is also a critical issue.

    Let me briefly point out three issues, among others, as follows:

    First: It is debatable whether HAARP can be considered as part of “chemtrail” issues although it can be considered that HAARP may be categorized as part of aerosol/atmospheric engineering issues. Let me refer to refer to HAARP a bit more. The primary function of the HAARP antennae is to heat up a certain portion/area of the atmospheres, including the stratosphere, the ionosphere or other part of the atmospheres. By doing so, the HAARP antennae damage or change the condition of the aimed portion/area of the atmosphere. If the HAARP damages the ozone layer, for instance, what will happen to us humans on the earth? We all know that. Then, it takes at least 100 years or far more years for the ozone layer to be restored. What if the HAARP antennae will heat up a certain portion/area of the ionosphere, for instance? A disturbance in the ionosphere will occur, then. And what will or might happen next? It depends on how intensively the ionosphere will be heated up. However, to heat up the ionosphere artificially might produce potentially dangerous consequences. Read a textbook of “atmospheric electro-dynamics”, that of “plasma-physics”, that of “nuclear-physics” and that of “seismology” – all closely related. Or, read relevant articles and/or see a video on HAARP published in the TMS. Check the Archive.

    Second: Recall the fact that the United States is a State Party, ratified on 17 January 1980, to the “UN Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques”. Does the United States still have the intention or the will to observe that treaty?

    Third: As to oligarchy, this is what the “so-called New World Order” really means today. A handful of the top elite group of people is to dominate the whole world, the whole planet Earth. “The original, positive prophecies of a Golden Age seem to have contorted, over many thousands of years, into the perverted concept of a New World Order – in which an elite, multinational power group wishes to greatly reduce the earth’s population and bring the people under the control of a worldwide dictatorship.” (David Wilcock) Imagine that a handful of the top elite multinational power group of people establish a World Federal Government, the replacement or an evolution of the United Nations. The achievement of the global dominance. A new era – and perhaps a New World Order as well – will begin. Ideal in terms of democracy? Who, then, guarantees that the World Federal Government will democratically manage the regime? Who guarantees that the World Federal Government will democratically rule the peoples on this planet? Look at the UN. Look at the EU. What would you expect from the World Federal Government, if established? More democratic management than the UN or the EU? More democratic rule over the peoples in the world? Plato dreamed of the philosopher king’s rule — essentially one or a handful of people to rule the world although what Plato was dreaming was probably drastically different from the so-called New World Order. Plato dreamed the philosopher king’s rule over the people, perhaps because he was disappointed by the democracy of the Athens then. Jesus said, ”People are sheep.” After finding no reason to punish Jesus, Pilate asked who should be crucified Jesus or Barbra, and overwhelming numbers of “sheep” replied, “Jesus to be crucified.” Jeb Bush said, “People are fodder units.” Fodder units elected his brother to be the President of the United States for two terms. Compere those two cases in terms of democracy. What do you think? (For Jeb Bush, both sheep and tax payers are fodders. For him, is the United States a country of “foddercracy” rather than of democracy?) However, even if democracy has disappointed you, do you have any better alternative? (Instead of the philosopher king’s rule, would you prefer the super-computer’s rule over the people, for instance? Then, who prepares its computer program or who hires computer programmers for that super-computer? From whose view point will the computer program be prepared? From Jeb Bush’s view point, for instance, or other elite people’s view point? From sheep’s, fodder units’ or common people’s view point or some other people’s view point? From what view point will the program be prepared? From democratic or oligarchic view point or what else?) Hans Kelsen, a supporter of democracy, said that the ideal democracy existed only in the world of gods. Alas, we are humans.

    Some important references for the TMS readers:

    The European Parliament Report, A4-0005/99; dated on 14 January 1999: Although this report is 14 years old, the discussions in the report are still critical issues for people in this contemporary age:

    Belfort group of citizens prepared the report on chemtrails, entitled “CASE ORANGE”:

  2. satoshi says:


    William Cohen’s words below have already been quoted in many occasions. Nonetheless, allow me to quote here by using this opportunity because his warning is very critical. See this video, especially around 05 min. 30 sec.:

    “Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”
    – Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, April 28, 1997

    It seems that Cohen refers to HAARP whose antennae emit powerful radio wave beams (electromagnetic waves) at a certain portion/area the ionosphere, for instance, to heat it up. As mentioned in my comment above, the primary purpose of the HAARP antennae is to heat up the aimed portion/area of the atmospheres. The disturbance in the ionosphere (or the stratosphere or other part of the atmospheres) seriously affects the climate and relevant conditions on the earth.

    In his article, Reverend Desmond Tutu argues, “Nuclear weapons do not discriminate; nor should our leaders.” The effect of HAARP, if used for military purposes, is the same or far more than that. (The same thing can be said of “chemtrails” as well.) On this issue, I hope the TMS readers will read the European Parliament document that I mentioned in my comment above.

  3. satoshi says:

    Re: Contrails/Chemtrails

    As mentioned in my comment above, it is highly recommended that the TMS readers read, or browse through if not read, the report, prepared by the Belfort Group, a Belgian citizens’ group of environment watch, entitled, “CASE ORANGE”. It is a very important investigative report on contrails/chemtrails. Among 328 pages in total, the main part of that report begins on page 7 and ends on page 70; the rest of all the pages are appendixes. It can be said that the main part of the report outlines the main issues on contrails/chemtrails, while the appendixes present detailed data and relevant information on each issue and some discussions based on them. This report provides the reader with many surprising facts and insights on the subject.

    The full text of 328 pages, including the cover page, of that report can also be downloaded from this website:

    For your information and convenience, let me cite the whole part of the executive summary from that report as follows:


    This unclassified research paper has been compiled on request of the Belfort Group, a Belgian environmental watchdog. It highlights the specific problems associated with contrails emitted by aircraft, the manipulation for geo-engineering or defense purposes of some of these trails by the United States government and the subsequent effect on quality of life. In order to force public debate on the subject this document has not only been transmitted to embassies of states that organize weather manipulations projects, news agencies and interest groups in this field but also to organizations in countries that are not considered as allied forces by the United States and NATO.

    Contrails are not the harmless emissions of aircraft at high altitude that only have an esthetic impact on the sky as meteorologists suggest. They do not only contain huge amounts of water vapor, but also significant amounts of Carbon Dioxide, Nitric Oxide, Sulfur Oxide and soot that have a significant impact on public health. In that respect it is noteworthy that derogations for emissions of Hydrocarbons and Carbon Monoxide have been granted for engines of some military aircraft, which exceed civil regulatory levels in a very significant way. Chapter 3 contains a detailed description how contrails are formed, its detailed chemical composition plus a very interesting case study of the KC135 tanker & E-3 Sentry (AWACS) aircraft, the latter being operated on a Luxemburg registration without complying to civil standards.

    Persistent contrails have a devastating impact on eco-systems on Earth. They develop in men made Cirrus cloud that can cover a significant part of the sky. It is scientific evidence that those aviation-induced clouds already occupy 3 to 5% of the sky in Europe and this figure increases by 1 to 2% per decade. As these types of clouds are not classified as such by the WMO, the World Meteorological Organization, there is obviously no tendency to research this subject thoroughly and subsequently civil aviation authorities and other government bodies write the thesis of ‘chemtrails’ off as a hoax. Nevertheless it is proven that the existence of these persistent contrails has a negative impact on temperature and they can alter precipitations levels. It also induces the dehydration of the stratosphere. Chapter 4 provides a summary of the most striking results of scientific research on this subject.

    Given the extensive history record of weather manipulation projects, conducted mainly by the United States armed forces, the relationship between men made contrails and its impact on different climatologic parameters creates a scientific basis for a weather manipulation system. Chapter 5 contains a detailed overview of the major weather modification operations in human history, starting from relatively innocent endeavors such as cloud seeding with silver iodide over ionospheric heating to large-scale geo- engineering projects through commercial aviation. Patents, previously classified documents, order forms for Barium and maps with daily spraying schemes irrevocable denote the existence of a global military sponsored and governmental approved project for alteration of the upper troposphere for global control purposes. The technical details, including the nature of the seeding material and its possible impact on public health, are also included in chapter 5.

    Finally the investigation group, which wants to remain anonymous until further notice, comes to the final conclusion that atmospheric seeding for the sake of military interests and a global business model has a devastating impact on eco-systems on this planet and quality of life in general. This practice is therefore considered as unacceptable.