Women’s Day and Local Events in India


Dr Ravi P Bhatia – TRANSCEND Media Service

The Women’s Day was celebrated on 8 March with the usual enthusiasm by wishing Good Wishes and  sending endearing messages for the welfare and emancipation of women all over the world. A few persons wrote and published beautiful poems on the occasion. As on other such days — Fathers Day, Valentines Day etc., many companies selling beauty products or jewelry or footwear reached out to the well to do women advertising their products at reduced prices. All on expected lines and all for the so called empowerment of women.

Other stories have also appeared in the social media. One such was about the discrimination faced by women students living in College or University hostels. They have pointed out the discrimination they face in the timings by when they should return to their Hostels: if men are allowed to return by 10 or 11 pm, why should the women be forced to return by 9 pm?

They have also complained about the dress code they face. Why cannot they wear jeans and mini skirts in their  colleges?

Other facts have also come to light regarding the victimisation many women face both at home or at work places — lack of security, lesser pay packets, hurdles women face to break the so called glass ceilings– their difficulties in reaching the top positions in the organisations they work.

These issues are not uncommon at all . But some unusual events have also made headlines. One gruesome battering by a rod and killing of a man by his wife. Who reported this murky murder? A four-year-old girl who saw her mother battering her father to death. The child is now a prime witness of the police in prosecuting the woman.

Another unfortunate incident took place in the capital of Delhi. A poor woman who was in labour, and whose family could not afford to hire a taxi or call an ambulance to take her to a neighbouring maternity centre, gave birth to a bonny baby girl right on one of the streets of Delhi.

But to end on a positive note. A 16-year-old young woman in a small village in north India, used to do the make up  for free, of brides getting married, was given an award on the women’s Day by the village community in recognition of her efforts.

God bless this young woman and let us hope that when she herself becomes a bride,  some local women will dress her up and get her ready for this unforgettable day of her life.


Dr Ravi P Bhatia is a member of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace, Development and Environment, an educationist and peace researcher. Retired professor, Delhi University.  ravipbhatia@gmail.com


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