The Bill Gates Multi Billion Dollar Briberies of…


Gary G. Kohls, MD – TRANSCEND Media Service

… Academia, Big Vaccine, Big Pharma, WHO, the NIH/CDC/Fauci and the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset

27 Dec 2020 – Thanks to Dr Betty Martini for the great chart below that illustrates just a part of Bill Gates’ unjust economic influence over the global over-vaccination agendas of so many government agencies, academic institutions, and Big Pharma for the past several decades.

Dr Martini, D. Hum., is one of the most knowledgeable scientists in the world who understands the dangerous toxicities of Aspartame, that ubiquitous artificial sweetener (Diet Coke, that has a multitude of toxic adverse effects.

Dr Martini is also a reliable source of information concerning the pseudoscience revolving around the sociopathic Big Vaccine corporations that are guaranteed to make a killing on the various deeply flawed, experimental, genetically-engineered Covid vaccines that have not been actually approved by the FDA – only given Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from that deeply flawed government regulatory agency that receives a large portion of its annual income from Big Pharma corporations!

Dr Martini’s website is at:


Now of course if might all just be a strange coincidence, yet I have seen enough data published in prior articles to understand that the dots do connect!


Dr Gary G. Kohls is a retired rural family physician from Duluth, MN, USA and a member of the TRANSCEND Network. Since his retirement in 2008, Dr Kohls has written a weekly column for the Reader Weekly, Duluth’s alternative newsweekly magazine. His column, titled Duty to Warn, has been re-published and archived at websites around the world.  He practiced holistic mental health care in Duluth for the last decade of his family practice career, primarily helping psychiatric patients who had become addicted to their cocktails of dangerous, addictive psychiatric drugs to safely go through the complex withdrawal process. His Duty to Warn columns often deal with various unappreciated health issues, including those caused by Big Pharma’s over-drugging, Big Vaccine’s over-vaccinating, Big Medicine’s over-prescribing, over-screening, over-diagnosing and over-treating agendas and Big Food’s malnourishing and sickness-promoting food industry. Those four powerful, profit-seeking entities combine to seriously affect the physical, mental, spiritual and economic health of the recipients of the prescription drugs, medical treatments, toxic vaccines and the consumers of the tasty, ubiquitous and disease-producing “FrankenFoods” – particularly when they are consumed in combinations, doses and potencies that have never been tested for safety or long-term effectiveness. Dr Kohls’ Duty to Warn columns are archived at, among many other websites:,%20MD;;; and

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