The Vaccine Passport and the Dynamics of Domination

EDITORIAL, 12 Apr 2021

#688 | Diane Perlman – TRANSCEND Media Service

“Probably never before in history has anything or any event mixed fact, fiction, fear, and confusion like the COVID-19 pandemic of 2019-2020.” – Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

“We are conditioned to believe, not to understand.”  — Marcelina Cravat

“It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled.” – Mark Twain

 Note: I recommend this amazing 19-minute testimony by Dr. Peter McCullough, MD,  the most published person in history in his field as a context for this piece:

The Vaccine Passport (VPP)

The latest in Covid’s 14-month “shock and awe” mission creep campaign is the VPP. Many are persuaded by Bill Gates’s self-serving proclamation that civilization will never emerge from this terrifying pandemic – despite all of human history – until 7.5 billion humans, and some animals, receive a series of shots – including endless boosters for mutations that policies are causing.

These lucrative, patented, experimental synthetic gene injectables are not technically vaccines. I call them VINOs – “Vaccines in Name Only.” Those who opt out of this unapproved experiment are demonized and pathologized as threats to humanity.

Coercive VPP’s are promoted by Big Tech and Big Pharma, not health providers.  Interestingly,  European Plans for ‘Vaccine Passports’ Were in Place 20 Months Prior to the Pandemic. Coincidence?

  • The End of Human Liberty?

          We are warned by Holocaust survivor, Vera Sharav, Israeli citizen Ilana Rachel Daniel, living under Israel’s “Green Passport,” and Naomi Wolf, granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor, author of “The End of America,” and tech company CEO describing potential use of VPP  for surveillance, control, access to personal data, and creation of second-class citizens from which “there is no coming back.” Russel Brand adds Vaccine Passports: THIS Is Where It Leads. Even those in favor of mass VINOs have reason to worry about the VPP. It violates the Nuremberg Code requiring informed consent to medical interventions.

If the concern was TRULY about health we would have quarantined the vulnerable, promoted immune boosting supplements and diets, delivered immune support to front line workers, teachers and all, allowed the healthy to safely develop herd immunity, provided prophylactic and early treatments with ivermectin and other remedies, and allowed those recovered with robust natural immunity to work, be free, and contribute to society.

This would have saved lives and harms, including depressions, suicides, preventable medical deaths, financial devastation and educational setbacks caused by locking down healthy people.

In “Latest vaccine flip-flop gives the vaccine game away, ” Meryl Nass, MD convincingly concludes, “The purpose of the vaccines is obviously not to protect us. The vaccines enrich Pharma. The vaccine passports enable much greater control over the citizenry. There may be additional agendas.  But this is clearly not about our health.”

My Duty to Warn 

I have studied manipulation of fear since college when I wrote about anti-Semitism and protested the Viet Nam War. I pursued psychology to understand the psyche of perpetrators and how society allows this.

Perplexed by the Nazi Holocaust, I was plagued by the concept of inevitabilityPeople could not prevent what they could not imagine. This motivated me to overcome my shyness to become a speaker for Physicians for Social Responsibility on the psychology of enmity, exaggerated threats and the nuclear arms race. Since we knew nuclear war could happen, we could “prevent the inevitable.”

As a clinical and political psychologist, I analyze, diagnose, make the unconscious conscious, and promote therapy. My ethical code requires me to warn if someone is dangerous to oneself or others. I unsuccessfully  warned about the cataclysmic consequences of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The Power of Fear

A compelling narrative saturates the US airwaves. Few investigate hidden forces, abuses of power, and vested interests orchestrating this highly designed drama – not an inevitable path this virus had to take.

Most believe the dominant narrative that censors, disinforms, induces helplessness, ignores immunity, disregards who dies and why, and allows unnecessary harms caused by a lockdown that impedes natural herd immunity among the healthy, creating immune pressure escape and mutations.

Few question the unnecessary destruction of small businesses and transfer of wealth and power to billionaires who induce us to passively wait in terror for Big Pharma to save us.

 A Parallel Universe

A network of conventional, integrative, functional, naturopathic and regenerative doctors and scientists investigate treatments and clinical trials around the world. Most are not well-funded or promoted by lobbyists. Successful, protocols using repurposed, safe, non-patentable (not profitable) treatments are ignored or censored in the US. Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of new, patentable, profitable drugs and VINOs cannot be granted if alternatives exist.

These professionals are not crazy, reckless or stupid. They investigate different bodies of knowledge and facts, including suppressed reports of adverse reactions and deaths following shots. The media calls them “coincidences” and refuses to investigate. Successful protocols that stop cytokine storms and promote recovery are also dismissed as coincidences. Beloved doctors with grateful patients are being censored and having licenses suspended. The public is deprived of their data and wisdom.

Goldilocks Fear – Not Too Much, Not Too Little

We are flooded with debilitating existential fear. People are more dangerous when afraid and more vulnerable to manipulation. People regress and lose higher cognitive functions, capacity for logic, the ability to anticipate consequences and to understand cause and effect.

Too much fear can render people vulnerable to exploitation. Too little allows recklessness. With healthy, optimal fear we can evaluate risks and take appropriate, differentiated precautions, including immune boosting and prophylaxis with diet, supplements and effective treatments on hand. Solutions reduce fear.

In the US, fear is being hyped in ways that cloud thinking and feeling.

Dynamics of Domination 

We are living in a powerful forcefield that creates a coherent, internally consistent, irresistible version of reality, akin to the movie, The Truman Show. How is this done?

  • Mystification 

RD Laing defines mystification  as a “plausible misrepresentation” of reality. “By representing forms of exploitation as forms of benevolence, the exploiters bemuse the exploited into feeling at one with their exploiters, or into feeling gratitude for what (unrealized by them) is their exploitation, and, not least, into feeling bad or mad even to think of rebellion.” 

            Mystification maintains power dynamics of stereotyped roles by inducing confusion and masking truth with false constructions of what is actually happening and what a conflict is actually about, though people may not feel confused. In fact, they may feel quite assured of their position. 

            Laing concluded, “Implicit in Marx’s formulation is that before enlightened action can be taken, the issues have to be demystified.” 

Italian philosopher, Antonio Gramsci described how the ruling class establishes and controls class relations, wielding “invisible power” by manipulating the culture’s ideology, beliefs, values and social norms, maintaining the status quo. People accept the ruling class’s worldview as a natural, inevitable, beneficial cultural norm without question.

TMT is a body of social psychology research. Awareness of death creates profound existential anxiety. To protect ourselves, we mobilize an “anxiety buffering system” providing illusions and meaning systems of transcending death. Confronting with mortality disrupts this anxiety buffer, increases fear and suspicion of outgroups, attachment to one’s ingroup, nationalism, prejudice, and support for violent solutions and greater attraction to charismatic leaders.

  • Submission to Authority 

People regress when afraid and desire an authority they believe will protect them. After 9/11 attacks President Bush’s popularity shot up.

 A Collective Cognitive Disorder

            Fear also impacts cognition. I read long ago that 50% of the US population has not achieved abstract thinking. Much of what people are told is illogical and disprovable.

Hypocognition means “low thinking.” Cognitive psychologist George Lakoff describes “our inability to perceive things that we’re not conditioned to see or comprehend, ideas for which we have no framework.” “Hypocognition” was coined by psychiatrist, anthropologist Robert Levy. He observed in his study of emotions in Tahiti’s Society Islands that people had no words for “grief” and “sorrow.” Since their culture and social systems did not support a healthy grieving process, when loved ones died, they “somaticized,” converting grief, into physical symptoms, describing themselves as feeling “sick” or “strange” after a significant loss.

Steve Bhaerman informs me that Lenape descendent Steven Newcomb, claims his tribe had no word for domination.

  • Black-and-White, Dualistic, All or Nothing Thinking

            Absolutist thinking divides the world into opposites, creating false dilemmas and fallacies that eclipse curiosity and exploration of differentiated, life-saving policies.  Ignorant all or nothing lockdowns cause harm and impede natural herd immunity.

  • Concrete Thinking 

Literal, superficial emphasis on physical objects is the opposite of abstract thinking. Things may not be as they appear. Policies that seem obviously effective, like masks and lockdowns, may be contradicted on the level of microscopic phenomena, immune function, nutritional status, air pollution, viral behavior, natural herd immunity, adaptation and the role of natural progression of pandemics in evolution over two hundred years.

  • Poor Reality Testing 

            “Reality testing” is an ego function of evaluation of the world outside the self. With “poor reality testing” emotions, desires, beliefs and socialization impede accurate perception, evaluation, and judgment of external events. Many assume false beliefs are real.

  • Public Health is not Metabolic Health

Public health primarily addresses contagion and behavior – masks, washing, distancing, lockdowns. It has a significant role, but does not concern metabolic health and immune function. In addition to germ theory, health is impacted by “host resistance” – immune strength and resilience to exposure, and “terrain theory” regarding air quality, richness of soil, and one’s microbiome. The best defense against  the virus is a healthy immune system.

Vaccine Mania and the VPP

            The US media is manic and hegemonically promoting an absolute belief in VINO’s necessity, safety and efficacy. Propaganda and disinformation about disinformation is masterful. People can be forgiven for believing what they are told by everyone all the time.

Fears are validated by manufactured illusions with false positive infections, misdiagnoses, over-attributions of deaths to Covid, as well as up to 80% of unnecessary deaths by withholding early, effective treatments.

Existentially terrified and misinformed, seduced from every angle, most believe that all will suffer forever until everyone gets VINOs. Social life and the survival of humanity depend on the VPP.  They are not informed about viable routes to immunity, health, freedom and survival and how the VPP is a Trojan Horse for surveillance and control of personal data.

Despite rising opposition to the VPP, coercion will be applied by businesses, industries, colleges, airlines, etc., curtailing freedoms for second class citizens without resolving the pandemic. The goal post will keep moving. Pressure will be inescapable. We have a daunting challenge before us.


Dumbed down, fear-induced, concrete, black-and-white, all or nothing thinking about Covid deprives us of categories of knowledge, facts and ways of thinking necessary for enlightened policies that can save lives, livelihoods, capable of guiding us out of this pandemic.

Perhaps rising opposition to the VPP, along with emerging data on lack of VINO’s effectiveness, adverse reactions, and deaths, testimonies by credible doctors, and class action lawsuits for preventable deaths and disabilities, information about withheld treatments and corporate corruption will expose the dance of domination. Repeating R.D. Laing,

“ … before enlightened action can be taken, the issues have to be demystified.” 

A New Reality

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”   Buckminster Fuller

SARS Cov2 is a simple, easily treatable virus. We can reduce fear with education. As facts and lawsuits challenge the dominant narrative, let’s promote a compelling narrative grounded in interdisciplinary sciences leading to a viable endgame. Every respiratory virus has ended with natural herd immunity.

We must identify, protect and treat the vulnerable, encourage immune enhancing lifestyles, supply immune boosting supplements, and provide effective treatments early, open schools and society. Provide educational remediation and support to recover lost businesses. Address all causes of increased mortality among minorities and the poor, including nutrition, environment and healthcare.

Let the VPP provoke its own demise by revealing its true sinister intentions. Let us promote wisdom, truth and justice to heal from our trauma and rebuild society based on health, nature, community and love.


Diane Perlman, PhD   is a clinical and political psychologist, devoted to applying knowledge from psychology, conflict studies and social sciences to designing strategies and policies to reverse nuclear proliferation, to drastically reduce terrorism, reduce enmity, and to raise consciousness about nonviolent strategies for tension reduction and conflict transformation. She is a visiting scholar at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University, is active in Psychologists for Social Responsibility, the TRANSCEND Network for Peace Development Environment, and on the Global Council of Abolition 2000. Some of her writings can be found on her websites,  and Email:

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13 Responses to “The Vaccine Passport and the Dynamics of Domination”

  1. Marilyn Langlois says:

    Thank you so much for this excellent analysis of the power plays of Big Money interests that are trying to lead us into a state of total surveillance, behavioral control and domination via the proposed Vaccine Passport, which must be opposed at all levels. Thank you also for your clear elucidation of the psychological mechanisms being utilized to deceive large swaths of the human population. Let’s keep our eyes open wide!!

    • Thanks so much for your comment. This is an urgent issue. I just read Michael J Talmo’s piece in this TMS – very complementary to my editorial. I am grateful to Transcend for providing a safe space for open dialogue so we can inform each other.

  2. Josh Morana says:

    Funny that a site that used to be dedicated to peace, science and progressive work is now the mouthpiece of right-wing anti-vax and anti-science trumpism.

    No wonder even Galtung despaired of the things argued in his name…..

    • Peter Lomosa says:

      Dear Josh Morana

      I think that TMS in all fairness is trying to maintain a balance between the sides in the debate. I rarely come here, but scanninge over the pages I see a lot of nuance. It is true that there is the occational anti-vax stuff that we also get here in Belgrade (mainly from fascists and trump-supporters) and in my home town of Cape Town, but also the other side of the coin.

      This piece from Mrs Pearlman is righter-winger nonsens, but just skip to other articles

      Kind regards/Peter

      • Don Alexander says:

        Peter Lamosa and Johs Morana,
        You are reacting reflexively, instead of examing the material and considering its factual merits. This excellent and detailed commentary is as close to “Objective scientific truth” as you are likely to find. It’s sad that your political filters only recognize a left-right dichotomy that is simply not at play here. Truth seekers do not hide behind CNN or Fox News shields. If you cannot cite specific errors, your criticism is pointless and unwarranted.

        • Glenn Davis says:

          You know, it has a certain cachet to refer to anyone who questions present policies and presents facts contrary to the billion dollar narrative as uneducated peasants. You can pat yourself on the back on how intelligent you are by believing whatever they tell you, and certainly, so far, enjoy some part of the massive wealth they have accumulated. Fine, for you.

          The facts is there are facts directly contrary to the spoon fed pablum that they would like you to believe. People all the way up to Nobel laureate have put forth extremely intelligent and well documented research that surely proves the herd is being moved not necessarily in our best interest.

          Absolutely no less than the CDC itself stated as a fact that actual Covid and Covid only death were 5-6% of the total claimed. Hundreds to thousands of highly educated doctors have stated verified cures in the thousands or ten thousands. One Romanian pulmonary specialist with 20 years of experience has successfully cured 100% of a thousand patients using a specific antiviral medication, and other advice from her 20 years in the field. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of alternative treatments we will never see in the Western mainstream because of the “no cure, must vaccinate” narrative.

          Please do not just take my word for anything. Look up the Covid death statistics for India and Africa. ( you have to add up the African countries). We “enjoy” a death toll 3-9 times higher than these densely populated mostly Third World continents.

          Solely because we follow the “leadership” you so heartily endorsed.
          Thanks a lot. Obviously we are far superior in response to the Third World. Right?

          Apologies to many, many people of Indian descent.

  3. Alan8 says:

    Advocating herd immunity is irresponsible because it will result in unnecessary deaths, PLUS 10-30% of survivors getting long-term or permanent disabilities (“long-haulers”).

    The Vaccine Passport is a human artifact and is irrelevant to the MEDICAL decisions of how to deal with the virus.

    I haven’t gotten a flu vaccination in decades because of concerns about the toxins typically added (e.g. mercury, aluminum, etc.) But Covid is different, more virulent, and deadlier. And the mRNA vaccines don’t contain these toxins. I got my first vaccination (Pfizer) two weeks ago.

  4. Neil says:

    It is a shame that an organization that was dedicated to reducing and eliminating toxic pesticides from our food system, who was for improving the health of soils, crops, farm workers, and food supply by promoting organic and non-gmo crops has now become a mouthpiece for anti-vaxers and conspiracy theories. There is a pandemic, no matter what you want to call it, and so many lives lost. we will not achieve herd immunity through your nonsense and conspiracy theories. I am out of this site, and won’t donate to it any more. I dont know where the turn came from, but it was a site I truly respected and trusted. Now, it appears like Fox news.

  5. Christoph Meier says:

    An excellent and very objective article by Dianne Pearlann, thanks!

  6. Dee says:

    Excellent article ma Perlman!
    And thank you
    It’s sad to read those comments where name calling
    is their greatest argument
    Yes critical thinking is nearing extinction together
    with the ability or perhaps desire to do objective and independent research. Funny in the first era of human kind
    having easy access to all the information in existence
    people are simply repeating mass media messaging
    I had to go to the library and read through the encyclopedias
    during my formative years! 😃

  7. Susan Lea says:

    Loved the writing, so thank you so much, Diane Perlman! It’s rare these days to read something short and insightful. In 1985, I received an experimental vaccine only it wasn’t disclosed to me as being experimental. I had no choice as I was to travel overseas and it was mandatory, and I didn’t sign away any rights because its experimental status was concealed. Within a few days, I suffered severe pain in and around my heart. I got on a plane and while seated, it felt like my heart had burst. At my first overseas stop, I went to the hospital complaining about my heart, and was given sedatives/psychotropics since I was a woman, and it was presumed I was having complaints related to my hormones or normal hysteria just like all women do. Rather than continuing my journey, I turned around and returned home where I immediately sought care. It was established that My heart had expanded more than twice its normal size and two (2) of my heart valves no longer worked at all. I was immediately put on a heart transplant list. I mentioned the vaccine, but no notice was taken. Two years later, I learned that more than 500 people died of the same vaccine in the month I received it, and the vaccine was discontinued from any use. It took me a year to recover so that my heat worked again. I had noticeable heart murmurs until 2010. In 1986, Congress voted to give Big Pharma total immunity from any liability for their shockingly dangerous vaccines. I have met hundreds of people who have spent their lifetimes recovering from bad vaccines. Like any intelligent person I noticed that autism went from being 1 in 20,000 to 1 in 23 occurrences. I have read the minutes of CDC meetings at which doctors and members admitted to the horrific harm of heavy metals in vaccines, then voted to not throw out any vaccine inventories.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I am so sorry for what you went though, and so glad that you are alive. The truth is coming out. I am connecting to more anymore people around the world and following RFK, Jr, and many others. I am grateful that you found this meaningful. I am aware of the 1986 act. Let me know if you wish to be connected with many of us who are actively sharing information. I hope you are well.

  8. […] Psychologist Dianne Perlman describes the mass fear that has been deliberately engendered in the body politic and public consciousness. This message of mass fear and obedience to authority, repeated over and over again by the mass media, echoed by establishment scientists and politicians, has debilitated the public mind and predisposed the majority to accept the deadly lies that are driving the pandemic and laying down the 1984-style foundations for a Great Reset. Perlman writes: […]