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Dec 2021 – The ideal of a one world global family is one of the underlying moral and spiritual foundations for the values which will be needed to save the world. The Earth Constitution expresses this high ideal by providing a new, visionary governing structure designed for the benefit of the whole world, not just the few. This 15th Session of the Provisional World Parliament (December 10-12, New Delhi) plays a major role for this emerging international movement.

Can 7.6 billion people learn to live together cooperatively, and without war? The 15th Provisional World Parliament under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth (also known as the Earth Constitution) says “yes.” We accept the wisdom of India’s legendary leader Mahatma Gandhi and the famous physicist Albert Einstein, both of whom concluded that we will need democratic world federal union government to create a safe and peaceful world.

War between nations, civil wars, and the threat of a nuclear nightmare hang over all of us. Heartbreaking crises of grinding poverty are contrasted with vast wealth held by the few. Violations of human rights occur routinely in almost all nations, even those claiming to be “democratic.” Perpetual wars, sociopathic rulers, and climate extremes are causing chaos and unwelcome mass migrations.

Very Serious Defects in the UN Charter

Although the United Nations Organization accomplishes many useful and needed services to the world community, the UN Charter’s defects prevent the UN from handling successfully its most important duties — ending war, eliminating nuclear weapons, protecting universal human rights, and dealing more effectively with climate change.

The need for a democratic World Parliament is part of what is needed, something lacking now in the UN organization which gives only 5 nations voting rights. The UN is undemocratic. There are 188 nations in the UN with second class citizenship, denied a meaningful vote in final decision-making on global affairs.

India, despite being the world’s largest democracy with deeply rooted faith in Gandhian nonviolence, is one of the UN members denied voting rights. India, a nation which proclaims “World is One Family” (वसुधैव कु टुुंबकम” is being troubled by its neighbors, yet the current UN governing system is not able to resolve the conflict.

Besides India, smaller nations are also denied voting rights at the UN. Only the UN Security Council’s Permanent 5 (P-5) nations have final decision-making power with the special advantage of the veto. During the UN’s formation in 1945 the Indian delegation was a key part of those who insisted on a review of the Charter after a ten year period (see Article 109-3). This legally required review has yet to be conducted according to the Center for UN Constitutional Research (CUNCR) based in Brussels.

Why the UN Can’t Do Its Job

We must remember that even if India were given veto voting power along with the P-5, the UN still could not end war or stop the very dangerous nuclear arms race. There are too many profound problems in the Charter, defects that the Earth Constitution is designed to correct. Missing in the UN Charter, for example, is enforceable World Law to be applied equally to all nations and their leaders. As a consequence the UN Security Council’s P-5 veto power nations (USA, Russia, China, France, UK) and their proxies openly ignore international law knowing they will not be held accountable. It is a prescription for lawless anarchy at the global level resulting in unimaginable suffering of the families who are the innocent victims of the violence around them.

Military invasions, secret operations to overthrow governments, and illegal economic sanctions are openly utilized against other nations. The UN, whose hands are tied by its Charter, are unable to bring peace. World news is consistently so bad that many people feel it is a hopeless situation. They have given up.

But the exciting news is that, believe it or not, a realistic solution is possible. Professor Glen T. Martin’s new book The Earth Constitution Solution explains why there is hope, and what must be done.

The changes to achieve peace and security will require our political leaders and the world’s citizenry to step forward and support the Earth Constitution and its Provisional World Parliament. They must let the Earth Constitution serve as a living, active symbol to inspire and guide us out of the wilderness.

Rising to World Patriot

Achieving world peace and prosperity can become a reality…if only the community of nations and the public embrace the Earth Constitution and its high ideals for humanity.

World patriotism emerges in a morally and spiritually healthy culture where people sincerely care for the well-being of all people, not just those in their particular tribe or nation. The Earth Constitution expresses this ideal while the Provisional World Parliament acts to make it a future reality in our actual lives.

India, equal in size to China, appears to be the best logical possibility for a leadership role by joining forces with the World Constitution & Parliament Association-India to support a movement to persuade the UN General Assembly to launch a Review of the Charter as required under Article 109-3 signed in 1945 in San Francisco, which is why we call it THE SAN FRANCISCO PROMISE.

A Charter review launched by the UN General Assembly will open the door for the Earth Constitution and the exciting prospect for an urgently needed “new UN.”

It is a matter of great interest to know the contributions of India in this movement such as Sri Aurobindo’s legacy of World Union and the support for the WCPA. Great numbers of visionaries and intellectuals deliberated for decades to draft this new world constitution. The drafting committee had an Indian member and the first signatory is also an Indian.

India has in the past hosted seven PWP’s, including the historic second session inaugurated by the then President of India and presided over by the Speaker of the Lower House of the Indian Parliament.

Let us be clear. The UN is unable to stop the current emerging nuclear arms race. The UN is sidelined by its defective Charter and thus helpless when it counts the most, — for example a world in extreme danger if war breaks out between US/NATO and Russia, or between the USA and China. If war breaks out, India could be dragged into the conflict.

It is in the best interest of India (and all governments) to recognize the need for a “new UN” using the Earth Constitution as its guide and model to replace the obsolete UN Charter.

The current Session of the Provisional World Parliament serves to provide potential future world legislation which would be extremely useful when a ratified Earth Constitution and the World Parliament are activated with the need to work quickly and efficiently to begin to resolve the many global crises.


Roger Kotila, Ph.D. is a psychologist (ret.) with many years of clinical experience with the California Dept. of Corrections doing psychiatric diagnosis and treatment with inmates. President of Democratic World Federalists he is co-editor of DWF NEWS, and editor of Earth Federation News & Views. He supports a “new UN” under the Earth Constitution. Email:

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