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25 Mar 2022 – Recording of a live call I hosted last week on peace-building. The basic premise we worked with is that all levels of peace and conflict, from the international to the relational to the internal, are interconnected. I think about 2 or 3 minutes of it are “political.” I don’t avoid that level. — that’s called spiritual bypassing. However, we must also be aware of (to coin a phrase) “political bypassing.” What I mean by that will become clear as you listen.


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2 Responses to “Peace Building”

  1. How right you are, Charles, when you say “all levels of peace and conflict, from the international to the relational to the internal, are interconnected.”, although I’ll argue that the ‘interconnection’ is far better at all levels of conflict and war. This is why all countries have Embassies in other countries, complete with MILITARY and TRADE Attachés. This allows for a flowing interconnection in the concocting, planning and negotiation of wars. Often to the last deatail, like where should the war take place? when? how long should it be? how much money do we agree to spend (or waste) of killing each other, destroying buildings and families?

    Trade Attachés are busy trying to sell the Artillery their country produces. Attachés of ‘buying’ countries are busy negotiating which country will offer them the largest ‘commission’. Their well-coordinated work is supplemented and supported by their diplomatic and political colleagues at the United Nations, all countries keen to belong – even if for ONE year only – to the UN ‘War Committee’ known to millions of gullible Peace workers, as the ‘Security Council”. This poisoned institution has spent 75 years fooling the world, all under the supervision, guidance and blessing of their appointed ‘Secretary General”, who like all good secretaries, tries hard to fulfil the war dreams of his employers.

    These United Creators of Death and devastation, specialist also in the art of bankrupting countries, are also the founders of the first serious nuclear research centre – CERN – in Geneva, Switzerland of course, so that UN specialists ensure nuclear engineers go back to their country well trained in the Art of Nuclear Death.

    This perfect international war machine also uses a network of spies, to help the hiding of their criminal and inhumane plans.

    I challenge you to prove the Peace Lobby is so well interconnected, united and effective.

  2. It is foolish to talk world unity without attaining world peace, and it will be more foolish to talk world peace without attaining peace at the individual level. And there is possibility if man is set right, the world would automatically be set right. For more details, one may refer to:

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    Certainly right, we shall never reach peace through security, but we shall reach security through peace.

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