To Be a Life Partner


Dr. Ravi P. Bhatia – TRANSCEND Media Service

When a man and woman get married at a young age they generally feel that we will be life partners for good or for bad — in other words whatever be the circumstances. Similarly, a mother who gives birth to an only child feels and even utters to the child, that I am your mother and I want to remain your mother as long as you live — in other words to be your life partner.

These sentiments are grand but occasionally the life partnership may become too cumbersome and one of the marriage partners or the mother herself may feel differently and sorrowfully wish the relationship may dilute or even come to an end. Yes there is the possibility of divorce, but that is a long tedious process which the couple may genuinely wish to avoid.

For a mother with a wayward child when he grows up, even divorce is not a possibility and consequently they may continue their turbulent relationship as long as possible.

In earlier Mogul times for example, a turbulent relationship could be ended by getting a person killed or banished to a long distance. In India the area known as Andaman and Nicobar Islands with several scattered islands that are quite a distance away from the mainland and is colloquially called Kaalapani. In other words, a person could be banished to such a remote region without the possibility of the person being able to return to the mainland.

Another area is Burma (Myanmar) politically also under the British rule when they colonised India. A troublesome person — politician or a criminal could be locked away — imprisoned in the Burmese capital Rangoon. One last descendant of the Mughal dynasty Bahadur Shah Zafar (born in Delhi in 1775) was similarly banished by the Britishers to Rangoon and was buried in a nondescript grave when he died there in 1862. Only after some years was his grave spruced up to demonstrate that it belonged to a noble man.

The Britishers followed this practice of keeping a political rival in Kaalapani without worrying that he would be able to return and disturb the suzerainty of the Britishers. Earlier when India was under the all powerful Mughal kingdoms, a nasty unwanted person could be quietly murdered without any possibility of revenge.

Now we have a woman Prime Minister in England. Will her rule in England and their few possessions, be more humane and less harsh?

Let us hope so.

You may feel that you and I are good friends but we cannot become life partners.

If you think so, you may reject my new essay. Even so I am submitting it for your perusal.

Good evening my friend.


Dr Ravi P Bhatia is a member of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace Development Environment, an educationist, Gandhian scholar and peace researcher. Retired professor, Delhi University. His new book, A Garland of Ideas—Gandhian, Religious, Educational, Environmental was published recently in Delhi.


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