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Brilliant New Film ‘Pray Away’ Picks Personal Stories of ‘Ex-Ex-Gays’ to Expose Faith-Based Conversion Therapy as a Religious Sham
Damian Wilson | RT - TRANSCEND Media Service, 9 Aug 2021

7 Aug 2021 – Conversion’s therapy’s bogus science is exposed in a new documentary in which ‘ex-gay’ Christian cheerleaders admit they’re homosexual and confess they were lying all along as they brought misery to vulnerable young people.

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Letting Filthy Private Jets Go Tax-Free Shows How the EU Prioritises the Mega-Rich Over the Masses
Damian Wilson | RT - TRANSCEND Media Service, 12 Jul 2021

8 Jul 2021 – Despite being hugely damaging for the environment, private planes operated by mi(bi)llionaires are to be given carbon tax exemption by hypocritical bureaucrats who tirelessly push a green agenda. It’s Brussels hypocrisy at its finest.

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Farewell to Anti-Virus Guru John Mcafee
Damian Wilson | RT – TRANSCEND Media Service, 28 Jun 2021

24 Jun 2021 – The Wild, High-Living, Paranoid, Millionaire Genius I Was Glad to Call My Neighbour – The suicide of tech entreprenuer John McAfee in his Spanish prison cell, as he awaited deportation to the USA over tax fraud, draws a curtain on the madcap escapades of the most colourful character I’ve ever come across.

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Two Shocking Headlines That Sum Up Covid: Billionaires MADE $3.9 Trillion during the Pandemic, while Workers LOST $3.7 Trillion
Damian Wilson | RT - TRANSCEND Media Service, 1 Feb 2021

30 Jan 2021 – The economic impact of Covid-19 on regular folk across the globe is as devastating as the physical toll it has taken, but we can’t just blame the super rich(er) for our woes – the true villains are much closer to home.

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