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Satellite Images Reveal Scale of Myanmar’s Rohingya Crisis
Hannah Ellis-Petersen – The Guardian, 29 Jul 2019

24 Jul 2019 – Analysis of satellite imagery has cast further doubt on promises that arrangements are being made by Myanmar for the safe and humane return of Rohingya Muslims, and revealed that the destruction of their villages has continued.

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Brunei Introduces Death by Stoning as Punishment for Gay Sex
Hannah Ellis-Petersen – The Guardian, 1 Apr 2019

28 Mar 2019 – Brunei is to begin imposing death by stoning as a punishment for gay sex, rape and adultery from next week, as part of the country’s implementation of sharia law. Homosexuality has been illegal in Brunei since British colonial rule but under the new laws it is now punishable by whipping or death by stoning rather than a prison sentence. The announcement was met with horror by human rights groups.

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Rohingya Crisis: UN Investigates Its ‘Dysfunctional’ Conduct in Myanmar
Emanuel Stoakes and Hannah Ellis-Petersen – The Guardian, 4 Mar 2019

27 Feb 2019 – The UN has launched an inquiry into its conduct in Myanmar over the past decade, where it has been accused of ignoring warning signs of escalating violence prior to an alleged genocide of the Rohingya minority.

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Khmer Rouge Leaders Found Guilty of Genocide in Cambodia’s ‘Nuremberg’ Moment
Hannah Ellis-Petersen – The Guardian, 19 Nov 2018

16 Nov 2018 – The two most senior Khmer Rouge leaders still alive today have been found guilty of genocide, almost 40 years since Pol Pot’s brutal regime fell. Khieu Samphan and Nuon Chea were leaders of a regime that presided over deaths of at least 1.7 million in Cambodia.

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Rohingyas to Be Repatriated Despite UN Genocide Warning
Hannah Ellis-Petersen and Shaikh Azizur Rahman – The Guardian, 5 Nov 2018

30 Oct 2018 – Myanmar and Bangladesh have agreed to start the repatriation of Rohingya refugees next month, less than a week after UN investigators warned that a genocide against the Muslim minority was continuing.

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