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America’s Unholy Crusade against China
Jeffrey D. Sachs | Project Syndicate - TRANSCEND Media Service, 10 Aug 2020

5 Aug 2020 –

Last month, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered an anti-China speech that was extremist, simplistic, and dangerous. If biblical literalists like Pompeo remain in power past November, they could well bring the world to the brink of a war that they expect and perhaps even seek.

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Europe’s Green Deal
Jeffrey D. Sachs | Project Syndicate – TRANSCEND Media Service, 16 Dec 2019

13 Dec 2019 – The Green Deal announced by the European Commission is a demonstration of European social democracy at work. A mixed economy, combining markets, government regulation, the public sector, and civil society, will pursue a mixed strategy, combining public goals, public and private investments, and public support.

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Donald Trump’s Dangerous China Illusions
Jeffrey D. Sachs - The Boston Globe, 13 Feb 2017

5 Feb 2017 – Today’s China offers a rude awakening for Americans who believe that the United States and the United States alone should dominate world power. Donald Trump seems to count himself among these neoconservatives, and China is their deepest phobia today… If Trump tries to provoke China into a new arms race or trade war, the results will be a huge debacle for the United States and a potential threat for the world.

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The Fatal Expense of American Imperialism
Jeffrey D. Sachs – The Boston Globe, 7 Nov 2016

The far smarter approach will be to maintain America’s defensive capabilities but end its imperial pretensions. This, in practice, means cutting back on the far-flung network of military bases, ending wars of regime change, avoiding a new arms race (especially in next-generation nuclear weapons), and engaging China, India, Russia, and other regional powers in stepped-up diplomacy through the United Nations, especially through shared actions on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, including climate change, disease control, and global education.

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The Meaning of Brexit
Jeffrey D. Sachs | Project Syndicate – TRANSCEND Media Service, 4 Jul 2016

The Brexit vote was a triple protest: against surging immigration, City of London bankers, and European Union institutions, in that order. It will have major consequences.

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The Global Economy’s Corporate Crime Wave
Jeffrey D. Sachs – Project Syndicate, 9 May 2011

Corporate corruption is out of control for two main reasons. First, big companies are now multinational, while governments remain national. Big companies are so financially powerful that governments are afraid to take them on. Second, companies are the major funders of political campaigns in places like the US, while politicians themselves are often part owners, or at least the silent beneficiaries of corporate profits. Roughly one-half of US Congressmen are millionaires, and many have close ties to companies even before they arrive in Congress.

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