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Unhinged GDP Growth Could Actually Destroy the Economy, Economists Find
Kate Aronoff – The Intercept, 10 Dec 2018

5 Dec 2018 – In order to grapple with the harsh reality, governments need new ways of measuring welfare and well-being that don’t rely on GDP growth.

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Fossil Fuels Are a Threat to Civilization, New U.N. Report Concludes
Kate Aronoff – The Intercept, 15 Oct 2018

On Monday [8 Oct], the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a daunting report: we are on track for around 3 degrees Celsius of warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions. We will see coastal cities swallowed by the sea, global food shortages, and $54 trillion in climate-associated costs as soon as 2040.

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Vulture Funds Stand to Make Millions in Wake of Hurricane Maria
Kate Aronoff – The Intercept, 1 Oct 2018

28 Sep 2018 – Vulture funds scooped up hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Puerto Rican debt after Hurricane Maria hit.

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Disaster Capitalists Take Big Step toward Privatizing Puerto Rico’s Electric Grid
Kate Aronoff – The Intercept, 30 Oct 2017

26 Oct 2017 – The board that oversees Puerto Rico’s finances has taken its most conspicuous step toward privatizing the island’s power grid, a long sought-after prize that has been put on a plate by Hurricane Maria. Noel Zamot’s marching orders for Puerto Rico’s power supplier are clear.

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Hurricane Irma Unleashes the Forces of Privatization in Puerto Rico
Kate Aronoff, Angel Manuel Soto and Averie Timm – The Intercept, 18 Sep 2017

12 Sep 2017 – Vultures circling the wreckage of Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Irma are closing in on a long-sought prize.

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Canada: Kinder Morgan Corp Leaves Burnaby Mountain in Win for Pipeline Protesters
Kate Aronoff – Waging Nonviolence, 2 Feb 2015

On the morning of November 28 [2014], after weeks of sustained protest, energy infrastructure company Kinder Morgan packed up the equipment it had planned to use in the construction of a new pipeline on Burnaby Mountain in British Columbia, and left without finishing the job.

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