Koodankulam Is More Dangerous Than Previously Thought


Warna Hettiarachchi, Lankaweb – TRANSCEND Media Service

Please ask those Indian miscreants the following:

  1. What IAEA standards are they adopting for Reactor safety? What Safety shut-down/Alarm and monitoring are they planning to deploy on moderator and control rods (for Neutron absorption/control)? Remember what happened when those safety measures were overlooked in Chernobyl in Russia and caused a Runaway Chain reaction that led to reactor MELTDOWN?
  2. What ambient radiation levels are they considering as “safe”?
  3. Reactors have residual alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation levels, as Uranium and Plutonium break down  via fission reactions as part of Thorium Decay series Any radioactive materials leaked into the ocean will directly affect  all fisherman folks and other people in the North and North Western settlements in Sri Lanka.Take for example the disaster in Japan’s reactors, how they flouted all safety regulations of IAEA despite being an advanced and developed nation with Public Safety as top priority. If any geological or seismic disaster was to strike in the vicinity or a Tsunami is to flood the area, this reactor in South India will devastate Sri Lanka directly. We should EDUCATE the people in the North, North East and North West areas of Sri Lanka and tell them not to be misled by their iconic movie star morons and idiots promising this reactor is safe and it is for a Tamil Nadu cause for greater good of Tamils!!! If we can get them to protest AGAINST TAMIL NADU and INDIA governments on this reactor,  we will gain ground that neither India, nor Tamil Nadu gives a rat’s dropping about the Tamils in Sri Lanka’s North, North-Eastern and North-Western areas!! Let us NOT miss this opportunity to prove India’s intentions!!!
  4. Now, If Uranium or Plutonium or Deuterium/Tritium moderator fluid leaks out, the half life of these isotopes have over Billions of years and will stick around for a LONG time.Our seafood, vegetation, and everything will be affected.
  5. What Sri Lankan Government MUST do right now is to make a STRONG policy statement to those Indian politicians and opportunitists to F-OFF and that we vehemently oppose this move to build a nuclear power plant in direct effect to Sri Lanka. Our dumb politicians must avoid being “diplomatic” with these vote-hungry Indian politicians who gives no shit About Sri Lanka or its people!!! Why do we always kiss India’s Ass?
  6. I have won a major campaign against a nuclear waste incinerator in my city of domicile in Canada in 2006 with my deliberations with Canadian Nuclear Safety Council, with the help of my backgroundin Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Reactor Safety. End result was that after I spoke at Toronto City council chambers, invited by the mayor, the city decided to reject their application with my investigations and reports of safety breaches. What are the measures and steps taken by Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Authority (while we have no nuclear reactors, they only deal withradiation contamination in food imports and isotope maintenance in hospitals)?
  7. If we did not take this SERIOUSLY, and be complacent until disaster strikes, the damage of the disaster will be of greater propensity than the Union Carbide accident in Bhopal, India,when Methyl Iso-Cyanate gas leaked out and the American company didn’t give two hoots about the innocent people that were killed for corporate gains was bigger issue to India.

India is KNOWN for cheap fixing and run operations all over with their highly corrupted social and legal system.


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