Weird Chemtrail Sky


Antonio C. S. Rosa, editor – TRANSCEND Media Service

Chemtrails make crazy-looking skies. HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)?

This short video was made in Arizona by a private citizen.

Chemtrails – Frequently Asked Questions


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One Response to “Weird Chemtrail Sky”

  1. satoshi says:

    Unusual clouds and a streak appeared on the video above. It is most probable that the streak was produced by a jet plane, possibly of contrails/chemtrails. It can be understood that the video depicts one of the most horrible combinations of the cutting-edge technologies of the contemporary WMDs. How many people are aware of the meaning of this symbolic dreadful scene?

    As to contrails/chemtrails, a part of aero geo-engineering, visit: . In brief, they are spraying poisonous chemicals in the designated areas.

    What about the unusual clouds, then? A bit of explanations might be necessary as follows:

    Although it can hardly be determined what these clouds really are and why occurred, it is deemed that these clouds are the result of the “unusual or abnormal state” of the troposphere and/or the upper-spheres. Generally, one of the causes of the unusual or abnormal state of the above mentioned spheres is the sudden and significant changes of the temperature. When the temperature of the stratosphere changes suddenly, the normal route of the jet stream also changes, which may cause various climate changes.

    The HAARP antennae are called the “ionosphere heater”. If the ionosphere is heated up by powerful electro-magnetic radio waves, the sudden and significant increase of the temperature in the ionosphere affects the other spheres, including the stratosphere and troposphere.

    If the ionosphere is heated up, huge numbers of plasmoids are created in the same sphere. These plasmoids can be discharged from the ionosphere especially if the amount is too much for the ionosphere to contain them. The discharge usually appears as the transient luminous events (TLEs) including various kinds of sprites, blue jet, lightening and more. TLEs are visible to the eye from the ground but not necessarily always visible, depending on the weather near the ground. TLEs are electronic discharging phenomena. Accordingly, if the clouds in the video were caused by the unusual increase of the temperature in the troposphere and its upper spheres, it is highly likely that these clouds contain extremely high voltages of electricity as well.

    It is deemed that the unusual shape of the clouds in the video was caused because of at least two reasons: (1) because of the unusual and unnatural way of the increase of the temperature in the troposphere and its upper spheres and (2) because of the extremely high voltages of electricity (= full of plasmoids) in these clouds.

    As such, it can be speculated that the strange clouds in the video could be produced by unusual and unnatural heating, probably by the use of the HAARP antennae (= the ionosphere heater).

    Note that plasmoids and hydrogen causes a nuclear fusion reaction that produces a gigantic amount of energy. If the plasmoids from the clouds or discharged plasmoids from the ionosphere react with hydrogen on the earth, a nuclear fusion occurs as mentioned. The result is that a tremendous amount of energy is produced on the ground. If this energy appears as kinetic energy, and if this energy is an enough amount of energy to shake the ground, it actually shakes the ground, which is called an “earthquake”.

    Some people call the strange type of clouds appeared on the above video the “so-called HAARP clouds”. If lightning or any other TLE appears in the sky, be aware that plasmoids might be discharged to the earth from the sky, say, from the ionosphere in this case. If lightning appears on or above the horizon of the sea, for instance, plasmoids (in the lightning) might react with hydrogen in the sea water. Note, however, the nuclear fusion reaction occurs only when the amount of plasmoids is tremendously huge. If the amount of plasmoids is huge, the temperature of them is high enough to cause a nuclear fusion. The temperature of the surface of lightning is approximately 3,000 °c and that of inside the lightning reaches 5,000 °c or more. With that high temperature as such, the nuclear fusion reaction could occur.

    If the nuclear fusion occurs in the sea, and if the epicenter of the nuclear fusion is offshore, an earthquake and tsunamis might occur from the epicenter of the nuclear fusion. Then, both the earthquake and tsunamis might attack the coastal area of the land.

    If the so-called HAARP clouds appear in the sky, be vigilant. And if strong lightning (or any other TLE) also appears in the sky, especially above or on the horizon of the sea or a lake (where there is full of water that contains hydrogen), be very careful. As mentioned above, the nuclear fusion reaction occurs only when the amount of the discharged plasmoids is huge enough. Therefore, it is not necessarily that an earthquake will occur every time if lightning/TLE appears on or above of the sea or a lake. Nonetheless, be careful because, unless you have a plasma detector, you never know which lightning/TLE contains a sufficient amount of plasmoids that could cause a nuclear fusion reaction with hydrogen in the water on the earth. (A plasmoid is a deviate of plasma.)

    Note, by the way, that if HAARP is used as a “weather modification/natural disaster causing weapon”, the “accurate measurement of plasma” (including the composition, the density, the temperature, the velocity, etc.) in the ionosphere becomes one of the key factors for the use of it. One of the most efficient ways to measure plasmas in the ionosphere is to measure them from a satellite (equipped with a plasma detector). In fact, NASA has already been doing it over the years. That means that those countries that have satellite technologies are able to use HAARP as a weapon in the practical manner. Those countries include the United States, Russia, China, the European Space Agency (ESA) member countries and Japan. In fact, the United States, Russia, China, some of the ESA member countries and Japan have HAARP facilities in their own countries although these countries may claim that the use of HAARP facilities is for scientific and civilian purposes. In addition to their own facilities, HAARP facilities are located in various parts of the world today. See

    The nuclear armed race was conducted in the bi-polar world, while the HAARP armed race is being conducted in the multi-polar world. The nuclear armed race was conducted in the Cold War exclusively for military purposes, while the HAARP armed race is being conducted under the name of non-military – scientific and civilian – purposes. Technologies, especially contemporary technologies, have no clear borders between military and scientific-civilian purposes.

    Perhaps it can be said like this: If a mushroom type cloud was a symbol of the nuclear weapon age in the Cold War (but the nuclear weapon age is not yet over), the combination of the HAARP clouds and a jet streak of contrails/chemtrails is a new symbol of new WMDs in the contemporary multi-polar world. It seems that humans are intellectual enough to improve technology to destroy both themselves and this planet, but are they intellectual enough to improve technology to bring about peace, prosperity and beauty to themselves and to this planet?