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12 Jan 2020 – The hypocrisy of the United Nations Chief, Antonio Guterres, is even more remarkable than that of his predecessors. He says “the world cannot afford another war”, as if countries played War Games only when they have an excess of funds and can afford an armed competition.

Mr Guterres knows very well no war in history, not even the two international Olympic Games we call World War ONE and TWO, took place because countries ‘could afford them’. On the contrary, countries left in a state of total bankruptcy in World War I, happily entered World War II. On the other hand, the richest country of them all in those days, Switzerland, did not enter the Games.

Guterres knows very well what warmonger Winston Churchill said about World War II:

“The war was not about fighting Nazism or Fascism; it was about conquering new markets for the military industry”.

In 1946, Churchill said to Harry Truman:

“Of course we could have avoided this war, but we didn’t want to.”

I hope the world will wake up and destroy, bankrupt the Death Industry thus frustrating the ambitions and immorality of many politicians, diplomats and bankers, and helping all working in the Military Industry to find other jobs.


Alberto Portugheis is a member of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace Development Environment. By profession a concert pianist and pedagogue, he is an active peace campaigner, whose anti-military stance earned him a nomination for the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize. As a result, Portugheis wrote Dear Ahed…..The Game of War and a Path to Peace – a book that has received critical acclaim.  Another successful book followed: $$$$$s In Their Hearts. In 2015 he founded the Movement HUFUD-Humanity United For Universal Demilitarisation, which has many followers worldwide.  In 2018 HUFUD Latin America was born, based in Bogotá, Colombia. In Portugheis’ writings, speeches, thoughts, ideas and reflections transpire his desire “to make people think” and not take for granted what they read or hear, “no matter where.”

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One Response to “UN – Iran – USA”

  1. Gary Corseri says:

    Well-said, Alberto Portugheis! I especially like your quotes by Churchill–one of the great hypocrites of the last century, one of the great pretenders!

    I don’t know enough about Antonio Guterres, the UN Chief, to know how to take his statement that “the world cannot afford another war.” The word “afford” here is not necessarily about the monetary expense of war. It could also refer to the expenditure of blood, lost lives, lost minds and limbs. If Sr. Guterress is referring to the later, he is certainly correct.

    I think there’s some validity in calling the World Wars of the 20th Century “Olympic Games.” Such terminology stresses the way the masses get sold a bill of goods about “making the world safe for democracy,” our “fanatical enemies,” fighting “for God and Country”! It all becomes a disgusting enterprise in which the more thoughtful and more conscious among us wonder: “Oh what fools these mortals be!”