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Atmospheric CO2 Levels Haven’t Been This High in 800,000 Years: NOAA
Kenny Stancil | Common Dreams - TRANSCEND Media Service, 30 Aug 2021

25 Aug 2021 – Based on contributions of more than 530 scientists from 60 countries, the latest report by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found Earth’s atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations and sea levels both hit record highs in 2020.

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‘We Have to Act’: Atmospheric CO2 Passes 420 PPM for First Time Ever in Recorded History
Kenny Stancil | Common Dreams - TRANSCEND Media Service, 12 Apr 2021

6 Apr 2021 – The concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide surged past 420 parts per million this past weekend, according to a measurement at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. Carbon dioxide isn’t the only greenhouse gas scientists are concerned about. Emissions of methane and sulfur hexafluoride have also spiked to “worrying levels.”

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Former President Evo Morales Returns to Bolivia One Year after Being Forced into Exile by Military Coup
Kenny Stancil | Common Dreams - TRANSCEND Media Service, 23 Nov 2020

9 Nov 2020 – Twelve months after being driven into exile by right-wing forces, socialist former president Evo Morales was “received by the very social movements who defeated the coup and restored democracy.”

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