Bravo Trump–No to CIA!!

EDITORIAL, 19 Dec 2016

#459 | Johan Galtung

A President-Elect of the USA saying he wants no more intelligence briefings is like–like what?  Hearing a priest about to be ordained saying he needs no more, not Bible readings, words from God?

Whatever this “intelligence” may be is it intelligent?

Information about the “capability, intention and circumstances” of foreign (CIA) and domestic (FBI) actors: nothing wrong about that. With a good balance between friendly and hostile intentions; 80-20? It sounds more like 1-99, though. Outer and inner worlds are scanned for threats of violence, not for opportunities of peace. The focus is on security, not building cooperation. That may be done by conventional diplomacy–where does Trump stand on that? The US “intelligence community”–19 big organizations–looms higher. To disregard threats damage a top politician more than to disregard opportunities.

The net result is institutionalized paranoia.  Trump might have compared the “intelligence” about Russia with his own impressions, and found it gravely wanting. Of course, they may both be wrong. Or right.

The reader will find ahead a table that has appeared in this column before: 15 conflict cases, with peaceful and violent ways of handling them.  In the comment the focus is on loving USA vs hatred.  Trump’s goal is Making America Great; not Big like a Big power, but as a Great Power; not “again” in the old way, but as his foreign policy ideas communicate, in totally new ways.

To be a Great Power is not the same as being a Big Bully.

So these fifteen ideas are offered again, this time more humbly, not critically.  Regrettably Russia is not even on this list.  Syria is, whether Putin and Trump end up with something similar or not.

IS came later; by this column seen IS as spiritual rather than military, focused on Mecca.  The advice has been meeting IS violence protectively with defensive defense and negotiation. A task for Trump?



REAL      R



Encourage local saving banks

Publish M2  Check Fed Reserve

Tax speculation  Drop bonuses

Outlaw basic needs speculation

Democratic control of central banks, state or private

Mixed world currency

More F than Real growth

More money than value

Serving loans not people

Countries in debt bondage

Globalization through

privatized central banks

US$ world reserve currency

TERRORISM Identify their just goals

Publish Atta  Who did 9/11?

Extra-judicial execution

SOCO-Drones  Covert war



Palestine recognized; and

A two states solution; and

A Middle East Community MEC Israel and 5 Arab neighbors

1967 borders with revisions;

and Org for Sec Coop West Asia

Tail wagging dog:

Israel wagging USA;

AIPAC wagging Congress

Judeo-Christianity is

anti-islam.  Danger:

Extreme US anti-semitism

LIBYA Self-determination for parts, Federalism with democracy Continued anarchy

Unitary state illusion

SYRIA Self-determination for parts,

Federalism with democracy

Attack; SCO response?

split Syria, rule parts

IRAQ Self-determination for parts,

(Con)federalism with democracy

Kurdish autonomous communities

Withdrawal only:

no rebuilding,

no compensation

IRAN Conciliation for 1953,

Middle East nuclear free zone

Cooperation on non-fossil energy

Attack, SCO response?

No Iran nuclear arms

Controlling Iran oil?

PAKISTAN Pashtun autonomy, drop Durand  Self-determination in Kashmir

Indian-Pakistan-Kashmiri parts

Building a Durand fence

Extrajudicial execution

SOCO-Drones  Covert war

AFGHANISTAN A Central Asian Community

Federation  Local autonomies

OIC-UNSC joint peacekeeping

Nonaligned, no bases

Withdrawal only;

no rebuilding,

no compensation

keeping troops, bases

KOREA Peace Treaty with N Korea

Normalization USA-N Korea

Korea as nuclear free zone

Marginalizing N Korea

US-SK military exercises

Breaking agreements

CHINA Open high level dialogue

Mutual learning in economics

Civil and economic rights

Encircling, sub-satel-navy


civil rights only

JAPAN Japan in NE Asian Community

Good relations to USA, APEC+

USA pulls out of Okinawa

Impeding conciliation

Keeping Japan as client

Subverting A9

AFRICA Welcome African Unity

Build with China E-W rail road


Military intervention

LATIN AMERICA Welcome CELAC integration

Equity Latin Carib-Angloamerica

Normalization USA-Cuba

Military intervention

Supporting coups

CIA micro-management

WORLD All human rights conventions,

across state borders

National self-determination

Dialogue of civilizations

Stronger UN, with parliament

Civil-political only,

within state borders

Unitary state models

Western universalism

US exceptionalism

The right column is sadly familiar; new cases are queuing up.

The left column also carries sadness.  Nothing radical, more like common sense translated into political practice, to the relief of the parties concerned, the USA, and US relations to the world.  USA wants to be loved, but reaps hatred with right column politics.  Turn left.

Trump has a good distance to go in his relations to Iran and Cuba as a key to Latin America-Caribbean.  Did he nonetheless listen too much to CIA, on those two major issues?  Direct encounters with Raúl Castro may bring to his quick mind a very different Cuba; so may direct talks with the spiritual and political leaders of Iran. Trump’s Russian contacts could be helpful in both cases: Iran has borders with the former USSR and Cuba significant relations with Russia since 1958.

However, the most important case for Trump may be the first in the table: US economic relations to the world.  To the right are well known US policies, all of them now proven as failed or discredited; to the left some ideas that may or may not coincide with Trump Thought.

Crucial is the US “Federal Reserve” Bank, basically a club of about 70 of the largest banks in the USA. Self-controlled, not by the legislative, nor the executive, nor the judicial power of the USA.

It relates to central private banks abroad and directs US federal policy rather than vice versa.  Thus, at some time in the 1990s US blacklisted seven countries with central state-owned banks: Iraq-Iran, Lebanon-Libya, Syria-Sudan-Somalia; fought in six, pressured Iran.

The private central banks then come together in Basel under Swiss auspices, in the Bank for International Settlements, BIS, a pivot the USA wants to use for global financial control.

Now, where does Trump land on this?  If he had the courage and the wits to attack one sacred US cow, the CIA, he may do so to another that also has grown out of proportion, the Federal Reserve.  What the Federal Reserve does, however, is also business–and may also fail.  Being in charge of Executive power he might like to enhance that power and not be waged by a tail.  That may also apply to Netanyahu’s Israel: buying senators etc. may no longer be in.

Well, this is future talk.  But that future may only be one month away.  History is accelerating and more under Trump than ever.


Johan Galtung, a professor of peace studies, dr hc mult, is founder of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace, Development and Environment and rector of the TRANSCEND Peace University-TPU. Prof. Galtung has published 1670 articles and book chapters, over 450 Editorials for TRANSCEND Media Service, and 167 books on peace and related issues, of which 41 have been translated into 35 languages, for a total of 135 book translations, including ‘50 Years-100 Peace and Conflict Perspectives,’ published by the TRANSCEND University Press-TUP.

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34 Responses to “Bravo Trump–No to CIA!!”

  1. Leejah Singh says:

    Dear Mr Galtung

    Much to ponder.. May be good, may be bad. CIA has been vocal – but more dovish on several issues than State and Defense.

    Trump took a leap by reaching out to Taiwan. Compromising the one-China policy supported by CIA. Angering Beijing and angering many left and right otherwise in the US.

    CIA has also been much more on the “agreement-side” of the Iran issue. Brennan – wisely – has strongly advised against tearing up the Iran deal. It may be that dismissing CIA – at least for this – is a bad idea. A lot will depend on the quality of the work of Trump’s closest advisers. Ex-DIA head Flynn will be running much of the show. For good or bad.

    I don’t really understand the part about central banks. There is a lot of (disproven) conspiracy theories around “ownership” of the central banks. What kind of evidence is there for the particular state/private ownerships?

    • Thomas Krogh says:


      “What kind of evidence is there for the particular state/private ownerships?”

      We’ll see. The whole “privatly owned central banks” claim is one of the more prevalent conspiracy theories in line with the “jews controlling the media” and similar Galtung-approved nonsense… ;-)

    • Kweshun More says:

      The only person bringing up OWNERSHIP here is you Krogh. GTFOHWTOBS

      • Thomas Krogh says:


        “The only person bringing up OWNERSHIP here is you Krogh.”

        Uhm no. Read Galtung again. Slowly this time: “US blacklisted seven countries with central state-owned banks:”



  2. Thomas Krogh says:


    “It relates to central private banks abroad and directs US federal policy rather than vice versa. Thus, at some time in the 1990s US blacklisted seven countries with central state-owned banks: Iraq-Iran, Lebanon-Libya, Syria-Sudan-Somalia; fought in six, pressured Iran.”

    Which “central private banks”? Could you provide a list??

    • more says:

      The list is in wikipedia. Galtung should not have to waste his time educating idiots like you.

      • Thomas Krogh says:


        “The list is in wikipedia.”

        A list of the worlds “central private banks”? Uhm no. Why are you lying?

        “Galtung should not have to waste his time educating idiots like you”

        LOL. Every time you whine “”idiots” or “shit” we know we have hit home.

        But of coruse we both know why Galtung wouldn’t document his claims.

  3. Per-Stian says:

    Think we’ll be tearing our hair out rather than cheering on Trump, given all the lunatics in Trump’s cabinet. That said, it’s a little depressing to see the list on the right and compare it with the left. The left column isn’t particularly revolutionary, but they sure are better options than the madness we are too used with.

    Imagine if people acted like (major) states do.

    Actually, some do. And they’re generally in jail.

  4. Leejah Singh says:

    Dear Mr More

    No I do say that I do not know how to use google. I just say that your links do not refer to what you think.

    There is no reason to be rude.

  5. more says:

    Some people do not know how to use google.

  6. Leejah Singh says:

    Dear mr More

    Obviously google is neither your nor my friend as I have not been able to find the requested information, and your links doesn’t contain it either.

    If you are unable to provide the information just be honest and say so.

  7. Leejah Singh says:

    Dear Mr More

    Would you be so kind to share the outcome of your googling? I would (still) like to see the information that seems to be so elusive.

  8. Jon Haas says:

    @Singh – if you expect mr galtung and mr galtungs sycophants to document anything you are hopelessly naive. They work in the realm of conspiracy theories.

    • more says:

      Spoken as a true Galtung Archnemesis.
      One correction though: googlospiracy would be more accurate.

      • Jon Haas says:


        “Google it” is something conspiracy loosers screen when their lies are exposed. In the real world people document their claims.

  9. more says:

    As to the real world: the USA killed more than 20 million in 37 countries only after 1945 WWII; and has intervened 248 times militarily in other countries since Thomas Jefferson started in Libya in 1801. 20 million killed means 200 million bereaved–family, friends, neighbors, colleagues. They do not take easily to this type of US leadership.

    • more says:

      relax and google.

    • Thomas Krogh says:


      Just eat it up. And throw it back to the galtungistas next time they ask for evidence for anything.

      Vistor: “Galtung is an an…….”
      Galtungista: “Prove it!”
      Visitor: “google it”
      Galtungista: “But but but….”

      Hours of fun! :-D

      • more says:

        You seem to enjoy having conversations with yourself using a variety of pseudonyms. You should be worried. If I knew you offline I would seek help for you.

  10. Thomas Krogh says:


    I’ll hate to break this to you, but I write under my own name only. My i suggest that you suffer from not only paranoia but a measure of projection as well? :-)

    Seek help “deldano”. You are not really well. Seriously.

  11. Gary Corseri says:

    At first I was happy to see that Mr. Galtung’s latest column had generated some 31 comments. Unfortunately, too many of these comments are ad hominem attacks on other columnists or on Mr. Galtung.

    I have disagreed with Leejah Singh on occasion, but I don’t find it necessary to be dismissive or insulting. And, Leejah reciprocates my consideration in kind!

    Can we elevate our discussions? How can we ever expect to have any kind of peace and harmony in this world if we can’t even talk in a civil manner? Can we get out of the college freshman bull-sessions and take our discussions into the highest levels of debate? If information is requested, it can be happily furnished. No decent editor would accept an answer like, “Just look it up!” when requesting details or logical development from a writer.

    I do think we can strive to do better, can’t we?

    • more or less says:

      Mr. Corseri,

      I’ve spent much time observing the people who are posting here. Some are malevolently monotopical to the point of deserving no better than ridicule and scorn. Free speech allows this kind of feedback. And also indicative of a certain psycho-type are the responses generated by the stimuli provided.

      You are factually wrong in assuming that the objective of a Krogh for instance is to elevate the quality of ongoing discussions in here. Study the triggers he responds to and the types of inputs he shares. A pattern becomes clear which indicates either obsessive compulsion or malevolent intent or both combined. I do not see why this kind of vicious stuff ought to go uncontested.

      And to be honest, I didnt get that private central banks stuff either so what did I do? I googled all sorts of stuff trying to comprehend and I have found copious reading on the issue. This is why these rather transparent posts here get on my nerves.

      Respectfully wishing you festive respite

  12. Werner T. Meyer says:

    Today’s Guardian brings a Little Christmas present:

    The United Nations security council has adopted a landmark resolution demanding a halt to all Israeli settlement in the occupied territories after Barack Obama’s administration refused to veto the resolution.

    A White House official said Obama had taken the decision to abstain in the absence of any meaningful peace process. ”

    A lame duck US president and things start rolling.
    Now IMAGINE a world without an US (imperial) president.


    Werner T. Meyer