The Trump Presidency: The First Week

EDITORIAL, 6 Feb 2017

#466 | Johan Galtung

Attacking the Affordable Care Act; the “global gag rule” against abortion; the federal regulation and hiring freeze; canceling the TPP; restarting the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipeline; limiting entry with the Mexican Wall; the 90-day travel ban on seven countries; more undocumented people prioritized for deportation; no federal funding for cities refusing to cooperate; communications blackout from federal agencies; Guantánamo torture continued–What does it add up to?

A very strong white state centered on a president with absolute power and control over life (birth) and death (care) of the citizens. Not regulating police racism.  So far, no order on the military.

Fascism? Too early to say; but in that direction. It opens for questions about the inner workings of Donald J. Trump.  Who is he?

A Johns Hopkins psychologist sees Trump suffering from “malignant narcissism“.  A Norwegian historian, Öystein Morten, in a detailed analysis of Norwegian king crusader Sigurd Jorsalafare (1103-1130)–clearly crazy–has a Norwegian psychiatrist diagnose him as suffering from “bipolar depression”, manic-depressive. Is Trump only manic?

This column early on saw Trump as suffering from “autism”, living in his own bubble, speaking his babble with no sense of reciprocity, the reaction of the other side.  The column stands by that.

However, this column drew a line between his words and deeds; denouncing his rhetoric as grossly insulting and prejudicial, but pinning some hope on his deeds.  Wrong, and sorry about that.  After one week, Trump clearly means every word he says, and enacts them from Day 1; even what he once retracted in a New York Times interview.

Combine the two points just made: autism and immediate enactment.  He acts, and from his bubble does not sense how others will react, and increasingly proact. He assumes that others will accept his orders, obey, and that is it.  It is not.  His orders may even backfire.

As many point out, terrorism in the USA after 9/11 is almost nil.  But his actions may change that.  Some Mexicans may hit back, not only against the wall but the border itself, drawn by USA grabbing 53% of Mexican territory in 1846-48, then soaking Mexico in debt and violence importing drugs and exporting arms, even unaware of the harm they do.

Take the seven countries targeted by Trump for collective punishment: Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen; the old seven with state central banks targeted by Bush, with Yemen substituted for Lebanon. All mainly Muslim. Imagine them reacting by cooperating, learning from China to raise the bottom up, starting building a West Asian community with links across the Red Sea, and “Saudi” Arabia soon joining?

If their governments do not do that, imagine the Islamic State doing exactly that? What a gift to the Islamic State/Caliphate!

As a minimum, the 7 might reciprocate and block US citizens’ entry for the same period.  How would that affect US military operations?  Would it force Trump to use force? In fact, are his demands on other countries so extreme, not only in words but in deeds, that there are no more words and deeds left short of force?  Does his extremism limit his range of options, making war as probable as under Hillary Clinton?

And yet what he has done so far, firing and backfiring, is little relative to what other US presidents have done of harm.

Take FDR spending much of his presidencies on beating Japan, scheming to provoke Japan into war, defeat and permanent occupation to eliminate Japan as a threat to US economy and polity.  That policy is still being enacted, now as “collective self-defense.”

Take JFK getting USA into the Vietnam War in 1961.

Take Eisenhower eliminating Lumumba, maybe Hammarskjöld.

They caused devastation of Japan, of Vietnam and set back Africa on its way to freedom, autonomy, independence.  Trump is retracting, contracting, away from others, but not expanding into them.  So far.

The reaction inside the USA has been from judges challenging the legality of the orders and launching court suits. The market has been ambiguous but generally down with heavy protests from Silicon Valley. Trump claims the orders are working.  What else will happen?

It is difficult to imagine that there will not be a CIA response, being challenged and provoked by Trump, not only for accusing Russia of intervening to his advantage.  There are probably at this moment countless meetings in Washington on how to get rid of Trump.  Yet, he has command over not only his Executive, Congress and the Supreme Court, but also over the overwhelming number of states in the union.

US presidents have been assassinated before Trump when the forces against are sufficiently strong.  Could somebody from the Travel ban 7 be hired to do the job, making it look as a foreign conspiracy?

Another and more hopeful scenario would be nonviolent resistance.  Difficult for border officials.  But inside the USA people to be deported may be hidden, protected by their own kind and by others–with care though, Trump also has some good points.

More constructive would be alternative foreign policies by cities, at present not by the federation, nor by most of the states. Reaching out to the seven and above all to Mexico for dialogue; searching for better relations than at present and under Trump. Preparing the ground for something new, under the Democratic Party or not. Not a third party, impossible in the USA it seems, but as general approach. The relation between New York and Baghdad, Tehran, Damascus, Tripoli, Khartoum, Mogadisciu and Sana’a as an example.  Still some space!

There is no greatness in what Trump does, he makes USA smaller. Trying rebirth instead of rust, canceling stupid deals like TPP: OK. But retracting into a self-glorifying strong state is not greatness, it is isolation.  Greatness is not in what you are but in how you relate.  And Trump relates very badly.


Johan Galtung, a professor of peace studies, dr hc mult, is founder of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace, Development and Environment and rector of the TRANSCEND Peace University-TPU. Prof. Galtung has published 1670 articles and book chapters, over 450 Editorials for TRANSCEND Media Service, and 167 books on peace and related issues, of which 41 have been translated into 35 languages, for a total of 135 book translations, including ‘50 Years-100 Peace and Conflict Perspectives,’ published by the TRANSCEND University Press-TUP.

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8 Responses to “The Trump Presidency: The First Week”

  1. J Haas says:


    Is J Galtung implying that the CIA might be plotting an assasination of Trump???

    Even by the admittedly low bar of J Galtung’s USA-hatred and insanities this is hilarious…

    • Derrick Jensen says:

      Obtuse you are. As though elements in the CIA wouldn’t kill a US president if they thought him a threat to US national security. smh. One doesn’t have to like Assange to read Wikileaks and one doesn’t have to hate the US to think they dropped the ball in terms of ethics and principle when they put the japanese into concentration camps, infected negroes with syphillis and dropped two nukes on the japanese and assassinated foreign leaders from Chile to Congo. These are facts. They tell us that the US has dark corridors of inhuman disdain towards other humans in very high places. And as the author points out – It could be an iranian from mexico wearing a tinfoil hat

  2. Werner T. Meyer says:

    Foreign Policy, the medium for Washington pundits discusses the following possibilities to get rid of the Donald quickly:
    – Impeachment
    – The vice president gets a majority in parliament to take over the presidency
    – Military coup (fast way to remove him from the red button

    so why should peace researchers not discuss such options ?

    Werner T. Meyer

  3. Articles In Arab Press Warn About Possible Assassination Of U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump:

    British Politician Warns Trump ‘CIA Is Plotting Assassination’:

    President Trump’s Odds: War, Impeachment & Assassination:

    Will The CIA Assassinate Trump? Ron Paul Warns Of “More Powerful, Shadow Government”:

    Alex Jones: Obama And CIA May Assassinate Trump:

    • Thomas Krogh says:

      Oh the quality of your sources Antonio. Only and Dave Icke are missing out. :-D

      • Internet Troll:

        A person, usually operating under a pseudonym, who posts deliberately provocative messages to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of provoking maximum disruption and argument. They are often paid by nefarious sources but sometime are motivated to do so for their own amusement. They often try to provoke dissension and doubt by writing dis-informational comments to the editor and/or other participants in a given discussion.

  4. Thomas Krogh says:

    Well credit where credit is due. The Rightwingwatch site is actually quite good. Though you probably never checked what it actually says…. :-D

  5. Werner T. Meyer says:

    Immanuel Wallerstein writes commentaries from the World System Analysis perspecive twice a month. In the latest one – he sees 3 points in the Donalds Takeover
    – Conflict with Mexico
    – War in Syria/Iraq with ISIS.
    – He alone is in control of evertything…..

    Point 3 (in German Führerprinzip) is the most frightening item. In National Socialist Germany the word or even the perceived intention of the Führer was EXPLICITELY avove the law.

    Werner T Meyer
    Whole commentary