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10 Jan 2022 – Can We Transcend Covid? Some Perspectives on Mass Psychology

I would like to introduce you to TRANSCEND, A Network for Peace Development Environment, near to my heart.  TRANSCEND is an international network of practitioners in the field of conflict transformation based on the work of co-founder Johan Galtung, considered a father of peace studies.


I encourage you to subscribe to TRANSCEND Media Service (TMS) a rare, safe space for intelligent, enlightened writing about Covid and beyond (more info below).

* To Inform, Educate, Create Dialogue
* The Flip Side of the Official Discourse/Narrative

“Again, welcome to TRANSCEND Media Service-TMS. Please help us make it better, as an antidote to the corporate media mono-angle negativism always in search of bombs, violence and catastrophes to report!”  — Johan Galtung

You can subscribe to get the digest every Monday. It is a brilliant collection edited by Antonio Carlos da Silva Rosa, M.A. If you find it valuable and can afford it, donations would be helpful.

I am a guest editorialist. Check out my editorial and other articles about Covid:

Can We Transcend Covid? Some Perspectives on Mass Psychology 

EDITORIAL, 10 Jan 2022 #727 | Diane Perlman, Ph.D. – TRANSCEND Media Service


Bombshell: CDC No Longer Recognizes the PCR Test as a Valid Method for Detecting “Confirmed Covid-19 Cases”

Michel Chossudovsky | Global Research – TRANSCEND Media Service – 31 Dec 2021 – In the Course of the Next Two Days the PCR Test in the US Will Be Declared Invalid. Read more…

World Coronavirus Map

World Life Expectancy – TRANSCEND Media Service – Profile: How does Coronavirus/Covid19 rank among other illnesses? Is it the most lethal? Info, insights, numbers, statistics on health and causes of death. Updated Daily. Read more…

COVID World Data -Total: 307,9M -Dead: 5,5M -Death Rate: 0.01%

Worldometer and Avi Schiffmann – TRANSCEND Media Service

On 10 Jan 2022 (6am GMT):
Total Cases: 307,909,895
Deaths: 5,506,141
Active: 42,816,513
Recovered: 259,587,241
Cases Closed: 265,093,382
Total Vaccinated: 4,656,381,992

Read more…


Covid: A Collision of Historical and Scientific Illiteracy – Kevin Ryan | Dig Within – TRANSCEND Media Service

31 Dec 2021 – People don’t want to acknowledge the fact that we do not live in democratic societies any longer. Yet today the world is fully run by an oligarchy and that oligarchy wants us to be diverted and outraged about superficial things while staying ignorant or silent on issues important to us like the following. Read more…

Covid’s Lesson: When Anxious, Isolated and Hopeless, We’re Less Ready to Think Critically

Jonathan Cook – TRANSCEND Media Service – 6 Jan 2022 – The corporate media is not our friend. The aim of its coverage of the pandemic is not to promote the public good. It is there to feed our anxieties, keep us coming back for more and monetize that distress. Read more…

The Corona Crisis: Is the Tide Turning? “A Rapid General Awakening”?

Peter Koenig | Global Research – TRANSCEND Media Service – 6 Jan 2022 – Early indications are that the tide may be turning, that “peak-covid tyranny” may have been reached. Going into 2022 under these new apparent signs could mean a rapid general awakening, to the point of reaching a critical mass of people who start doubting the going billion-dollar propagated narrative. That would be good. It’s never too late. Read more…

Multiple Articles Questioning Aspects of COVID19 or Vaccines

The Defender and Global Research – TRANSCEND Media Service

I also recommend this excellent article by my friend, David Swanson:

The Pentagon and CIA Have Shaped Thousands of Hollywood Movies into Super Effective Propaganda

David Swanson| World Beyond War – TRANSCEND Media Service – 5 Jan 2022 – Propaganda is most impactful when people don’t think it’s propaganda, and most decisive when it’s censorship you never knew happened. When we imagine that the U.S. military only occasionally and slightly influences U.S. movies, we are extremely badly deceived.


TRANSCEND Media Service-TMS is both a service to other media and a medium in its own right. You are most welcome to use all materials originated here–no copyright, no fees–but attribution is greatly appreciated.

Every Monday we post Videos and Commentaries on current events from various subjects and parts of the world, drawing on the TRANSCEND network, which covers much of the world, and others.

The section Peace Journalism Perspective is inspired by a solution orientation, trying to identify the conflicts underlying the violence–direct and structural–so rampant in the world. Moreover, to search for ways out, a solution, itself in search of agency. The basic point about Peace Journalism is multi-truth, multi-angle reporting, with an inspiring, positive solution-orientation.

There are also links to related websites that may be of interest to our readers, and we are grateful for proposals to the TMS editor.

We send a TMS Weekly Digest to subscribers every Monday.

— Prof. Johan Galtung, founder of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace, Development and Environment

— Antonio Carlos da Silva Rosa, M.A., editor


Diane Perlman, PhD   is a clinical and political psychologist, devoted to applying knowledge from psychology, conflict studies and social sciences to designing strategies and policies to reverse nuclear proliferation, to drastically reduce terrorism, reduce enmity, and to raise consciousness about nonviolent strategies for tension reduction and conflict transformation. She is a visiting scholar at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University, is active in Psychologists for Social Responsibility, the TRANSCEND Network for Peace Development Environment, and on the Global Council of Abolition 2000. Some of her writings can be found on her websites,  and Email:

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